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The Ivory Tower

Album: ''The Ivory Tower'' (1996 Demo)
1. The Birth (intro)
2. When You Hear the Wolf Cry
3. Never Sing This Song Again
4. The Sentinel of Life
5. Where the Wind Spreads the Dust
6. Angelsign

Promo 1999

Album: ''Promo 1999'' (1999 Demo)
1. Intro / Neverending War
2. Sons Of Gods

Power Within

Album: ''Power Within'' (2001)
1. Power Within
2. The Journey
3. Lonewolf's Destiny
4. The Fate of a Lonely Bard
5. Reflection
6. Part of a Play
7. Nightriders
8. Dawn of Glory - Neverending War
9. Sons of Gods


Album: ''Nightbreed'' (2003)
1. Metamorphosis
2. Vanguard
3. Screamin' Whispers
4. Endless Circle
5. The Dying of Innocence
6. As Darkness...
7. Saint / Sinner
8. The Fable of Agnor


Album: ''Warfair'' (2005)
1. Once Again...
2. ...Here We Are
3. Hesitant Gathering
4. Honored Expedition
5. The Mirror Mask
6. Semper Casta
7. On the Edge
8. Fatal Conflict
9. The Pledge
10. 6 Must Die
11. Enola Gay (bonus track)



The Hellenic Heavy-Power Metal band of WOLFCRY was formed in September 1992 by Andreas “The Wizard” immediately after the split-up of the band VANGUARD.

In November 1992 the band entered the "Molon Lave" studio to record the track “Angelsign” for a local compilation which unfortunately was never released. Due to several personal problems and line up changes the band went through a non-creative period of almost 4 years!

In August 1996, Andreas "The Wizard" decided to renew and reform the band to record the debut demo called “The Ivory Tower”. Their participation in the compilation CD of the major metal magazine "Metal Invader" increased the popularity of the band resulting in their participation in the Metal compilation CD "Pantora's Metal Box" with two tracks from their debut demo in 1998.

One year later they entered the studio to record the “Promo 1999” CD with two tracks of their freshly composed material. After a couple of years of intense rehearsing and song writing, they recorded their first album called “Power Within”. The album released from the local label “Black Lotus” on November of 2001 and it received very good reviews from all over the world.

In December of 2002 the band with the same line-up entered once again the studio, this time for the recording of their second album entitled “NIGHTBREED” which also released from “BLACK LOTUS RECORDS” in June of 2003 and made the band one of the most successful ones from Hellas in their music genre.

In 2005 two new members joined the band John B. on the second guitar and Nick “Peper” Zanninello on keyboards. With the solid older line up, along with the two new members the band entered the studio in the summer in order to record its third full length album entitled “WARFAIR”. In October of 2005 “WARFAIR” was released by “Black Lotus Records”.

In the beginning of 2007 John B., Simos Kaggelaris and Spiros Triantafillou left the band and they were replaced by Elias Koskoris (guitars) and Nikos Hortis (bass). The story goes on...

The line-up of WOLFCRY as it is now:
Andreas “The Wizard” - Drums
Costas Hatzigeorgiou - Vocals
Nikos Hortis - Bass
Elias Koskoris - Guitars
Nick “Peper” Zanninello - Keyboards

Power/Traditional Metal

Greece (Athens), formed in 1992

Black Lotus Records


Costas Hatzigeorgiou - Vocals (ex-Sentinel)
Elias Koskoris - guitars
Nikos Hortis - bass
Andreas "The Wizard" Kourtidis - Drums
Nick "Peper" Zanninello - Keyboards

Johnny K. - Vocals (Rust (Grc), ex-Dark Nova)
John Georgopoulos - Vocals (ex-Airged L'amh)
Simos Kaggelaris - Guitars
John B. - Guitars (Hybrid)
Spiros Triantafillou - Bass (Obsecration)
Vassilison - Guitars
John - Guitars, Keyboards


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