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"Nightbreed" (2003)

1. Metamorphosis
2. Vanguard
3. Screamin' Whispers
4. Endless Circle
5. The Dying of Innocence
6. As Darkness...
7. Saint / Sinner
8. The Fable of Agnor

1. Metamorphosis

Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou

Waking Up At Nights, I’m The Ruler Of Darkness
King Of The Night
Full Moon Is Rising, My Eyes Are Shining
As I Look To The Light

My Life’s A Misery
My Destiny’s Cursed
Hunted For Eternity
A Private Hell

CHORUS: Metamorphosis (x2)

Thirsty For Blood, I Only Wish For Death
Just To Survive
Who Can Save Me? Only A Silver Bullet
Only A Single Shot

There Is No Escaping, My Desperate Howling
My silent Cry
Trapped In A Body, I Am A Wolf
(A Wolf) With Human Heart

So I Wait For The Time
My Destiny’s Cursed, Hunted For Eternity
A Private Hell

2. Vanguard

Music: Stelios “Allarich” & WOLFCRY
Lyrics: Stelios “Allarich”

Iron Angels Fly Above
Stand And Rule With Iron Hand
The Battle Came With Fire And Storm
Blood And Death Are Coming On

And The Hell’s Fire Grows Up
Spreading Fear

CHORUS: VANGUARD –Looked With Fire In Eyes
VANGUARD – Spartan Warriors Come
VANGUARD – Seen With Ice And Steel
VANGUARD – Sons Of Death Shall Weld

They’re Three Hundred All Alone
Seem Like Born From Death And Storm
Hear Their Anguish Hades’ Fall
One By One Accept Death’s Call

When The Battle Angels
Bringing Death

3. Screamin' Whispers

Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou

The Night Is Falling And The Sunlight Is Gone
The Moon Appears Behind The Hills
A Whisper Seems Like Scream Out In The Dark
Afraid To Face What’s Next To You

A Shadow’s Walking A Few Steps Beside
You Feel Your Feet Starting To Shake
You’re Trying To Walk Away But There Is No Way Out
The Fear Has Captured Your Soul

CHORUS: There’s No Place To Hide
Nowhere To Run To
Is This Your Last Breath?
This Nightmare Will Never End

Agony Reigns Inside, You Wait For The Light
To Save Yourself From All This Fear
And When The Day’s Coming All Seems So Bright
…(But) Beware!! The Night Will Come Again

The Light Came Again But Your Fear Can’t Stop Growing
It Is Haunting You…
And Your Hope For A Better Night To Come
Have Already Gone
…Already Gone!!!

4. Endless Circle

Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou

After The Storm There’s A Calm
After The Rain Comes A Rainbow
After Darkness Is Light
And The Seasons Change Every Time
But There Is Winter… Always All Around

After A Laugh There’s A Cry
After Happiness, Sadness
After The Truth Comes A Lie
And An Oath That You Took Now Is Broken
But There Is No Time… To Realize

All Is A Circle, That Turns Around,
Around Inside Your Head
All Things Are Coming, Again And Again
And Again Inside You Mind

…Will You Survive, From This Crawling Pain?

After The Storm (x2)

5. The Dying of Innocence

Lyrics: Andreas “The Wizard”

Running Alone In The Night
Empty Thoughts In Your Mind
A Power You Cannot Tame
Demons Are Calling Your Name

CHORUS: TERROR – Flies Through Your Soul
FEAR – There Is No Hope
HORROR – You Close Your Eye
PAIN – Innocence Dies

The Blood Is Cold In Your Veins
You’ll Have To Face Their Hate
This Is The End Of Your Life
You Know They’ll Eat You Alive

Flashing Eyes Under The Moon
Hounding The Place Searching For You
Evil Spirits Into The Dark
Nightmare Creatures, They Will Attack

6. As Darkness...

Lyrics: Andreas “The Wizard”

As The Darkness Comes Down
And The Moonlight Appears
This Is When We Arise
And Our Power Reveals

Among Oceans Of Time
Through The Haze Of The Night
With The Wolfpack We Howl
Under Our Sacred Oath

CHORUS: Moongleam Is Shining, Fire Is Burning Our Soul
Nothing Can Stop Us, Our Army Is Marching On
We Are The Rulers, We Are The Masters Of Fate
Hungry For Glory, We Will Defeat And Prevail

Our Victory Calls
(Our) Enemies We Provoke
With Fury We Ride
Like A Thunderstorm

7. Saint / Sinner

Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou

Holding The Cross Tight In His Hand
He’s Praying To Save His Soul Again
The Man Who Avoids The Rules Of Life
He’s Trying To Keep His Self Alive

He’s Done Dirty Deeds Through All These Years
And Now He Is Chasing Away The Fears
Is It Too Late To Realize?
His Soul Is Condemned To Burn In…

HELL, Fire Below The Fall Of Mankind
A Burning Soul A Life So Lost
Though He Fights To Take Control

CHORUS: DAYS, All Full Of Sins And Destruction
YEARS, Filled With Abnormal Reactions
SIGHTS, Man Could Have Never Feared Of
Saint Or A Sinner, The Same Lost Soul

Praying As He Kneels Down To The Ground
It’s Time To Say Clear The Things He’s Done
Hoping For One More Given Chance
To Clean His Soul From All Of These

But He Has Already Lost His Way
And Now There Is No Escaping
Torture And Pain From Now On
His Soul Is Condemned To Burn In…

Weeping And Crying Oh!!
He Lusts For More And Now
Is It Too Late For Him, For Resurrection?
His Conscience Ash To Ash His Body Dust To Dust
His Soul Will Never Be Free Again

8. The Fable of Agnor

Lyrics: Andreas “The Wizard”

When He Was Born One Moonless Night
Under The Stars Alone He Cried
An Orphan Child, His Mother Died
As She Was Giving The Gift Of Life

Fairies Were Gathered All Around
And Took The Child From The Ground
They Raised Him With Their Own Hands
And Every Night Singed To The Stars:

CHORUS: “Lord Of The Forest Bless This Son
Give Him A Brave And Proud Heart
Listen Our Pray Within Our Song
Protect His Soul And Make Him Strong”

The Little Child Became A Man
And Learned To Live With Sword In Hand
His Name Was Agnor The Homeless One
The Fairies Still Sing To The Stars:

It Was One Cold And Rainy Day
When Agnor Heard The Wiseman Say:

So One Gloomy, Winter Day
The Homeless One Went Away
To Find The Golden Sword, And Break The Evil Oath
And Rule The Kingdom Of The World

All The Way He Had To Fight
With The Forces Of The Night
All The Fears Of (His) Youth, And Of (His) Childhood
Gathered In His Pathway

1st CHORUS: The Legend Of The Sword Is Standing High
Waiting For The Call Of A Brave Knight
Looking In The Future And Crying For The Past
Eternal Dreams For Endless Fights Into The Warrior’s Hands


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