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Promo 1999

"Promo 1999" (1999 Demo)

1. Intro / Neverending War
2. Sons Of Gods

1. Intro / Neverending War

Lyrics: Andreas "The Wizard"
Fires Burning High, Battle Has Begun
Wardogs Are Hungry
In The Name Of (Our) Lord, Fighting For Our Land
Battlefield Is Red

In The Battle We Ride, For Salvation We Fight
For The King And Our Land, We Stand Together As One
Iron Will In Our Hearts, Blades That Signs In Our Hands
Blood And Death Our Allies, Taste Our Dragonfire

CHORUS: Wings Of Freedom By Our Side
We Will Now Burn The Sky
Evil Eyes Haunt The Night
Waiting For Our Final Time To Die
See The Fire In Our Eyes
Cry For Our Sacrifice
Riding On The Twilight
Screaming Our Proud Battlecry

For Victory We Ride, "Freedom" We Cry
The Swords Are Bleeding
Arrows Fly, Horses Kneel
The Sun Will Now Cry

Battleaxes To The Wind Killing Spirit In Our Veins
Bones Are Broken
Blood In Our Hands, Flesh torn Apart
Neverending War

2. Sons Of Gods

Lyrics: Andreas "The Wizard"
They Lived Their Life Long Ago
From Fire And Ice They Were Born
A Proud Race The Sons Of Gods
And Held The Wisdom Of The World

CHORUS: somewhere Out Of Time - "Sons Of Gods"
They'll Be Back From The Skies

Great Power In Their Hands
They Were Masters Of The Land
They Sailed Over Wild Seas
You Will Obey Them On Your Knees

When Time Is Right The Skies Will Fall
The Sons Of Gods Will Hear The Call
The Ancient Ones Will Come Again
To Free The World And Change Our Fate


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