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"Warfair" (2005)

1. Once Again...
2. ...Here We Are
3. Hesitant Gathering
4. Honored Expedition
5. The Mirror Mask
6. Semper Casta
7. On the Edge
8. Fatal Conflict
9. The Pledge
10. 6 Must Die
11. Enola Gay (bonus track)

1. Once Again...

2. ...Here We Are

So here we are once again
Standing together with hands in the air
Onward we are walking on
We'll never give up
Hoping for the best

Time after time, through all the haze
Little by little we're building our force
We'll never surrender to make our dream come true
Once again

And as the time's running out, so we are getting
Stronger & louder
There's only one thought in our minds
All that we do is to serve our believes

Chorus: so here we are, as life's passing by
Heading for tomorrow, looking in the future that comes
So here we are, as fire melts the ice
Looking for the day that will come
And will unite us

Sympathy or hate, for us is the same
We just do what we think is right
Master or slave, nailed to the shade
...No reason to make us stop!

3. Hesitant Gathering

There is something in the air
That makes me feel scared
I hear voices everywhere
Spelling softly my name

I can see a thousand faces on the bedroom's walls
That really don't exist
As I watch them coming forward asking me
If I can set them free

Too scared to run too late to fight
I'm screaming...
Is this for real or is it dream?
I think I'm somewhere in between:

Broken chains on the ground
Bloody trails on my sheets
Hands that tighten my throat
Will someone rescue me?

Sparks that light up the darkness, mist that creeps
All through the pale floor
And as the morning comes I'm trying to realize
What the hell is going on?

4. Honored Expedition

Back in time, among the ages there stood a man
With a dream, a great vision, son of a king
Under the, honored banner, of the golden sun
Started his, expedition against the east

Proud and brave, blessed by gods, tameless they fought
Knowledge was given to all the foreign lands
Sarissas, and swords in hands, glorious they ride
Never lost a single battle, undefeated march

History was changed, it will never be the same
A vision fulfilled, a new legend was born
From the man who caught the "Gordian knot"
The one who was called the blond god

Only a few men were ever able to create
An empire and make a bright new page in the
Books of history.
Back in the ancient times there was a man,
Blessed by the gods, who was born to be an emperor
A man who brought the light and the wisdom
To the edge of the world.
The king of all kings, the great Alexander!!!

5. The Mirror Mask

Back in 1830, in France before civil war
Unverified murders took place
Three crimes one after the other
All three in the same way
Stricken by lightning, all distinguished members of society

Only a man could solve these crimes, an ex-convict
His name well known in all citizen's ears


Vidocq an honored man, a fearless spy
Mystery is about to be solved
A mask that sips the souls of those who see
Through its reflection
Forever tortured-enclosed inside this hellish form

Only a man could solve these crimes, but now he's dead
By the hand of the man behind this mirror mask

Who's hiding there behind the mask?
Who wears this black cape?
How will he be revealed now
(That) Vidocq is dead?

A virgin's life could give him
The breath for eternal life
This time evil wins
But the truth will shine again:

6. Semper Casta

There is no escape, your shadow has captured my mind
I have to find:reality

Coming from within, haunting me
The truth unable to convince my feelings
The days of our past, won't be the last
Vision or a dream...lights my way

I will be here to stand by you
And you'll stand by me
I will be yours, you will be mine
One tear in time

Chorus: cry for soul's destiny
Try for the day
The day we'll meet again

The river of thought, words carved within
Shows the right way I want to stay
But in this scene of life, I do not act alone
This play is for two, I just dream of you:

7. On the Edge

Darkness around, the killing ground
Noone believes in me anymore
Sadness and pain, nothing remains
I lost my hopes and my dreams

Night comes forever, it's hell or it's heaven
Animal instinct inside my brain
Lost all believing, survival for living
Raging forever in endless hate

So, I will be back, I will attack
I won't return where the streets have no more pain!
Now, it is the time, it is the place
I'll be the fool and I will play your game

Chorus: time for revenge, life on the edge
War has begun, neverending
Release my soul, one and for all
Forevermore, your fate I'll provoke

So many years, left in the dark
I will begin again from the start
The flame burns, inside my head
The story ends, for more!!!

I won't surrender, it is now or never
I will prevail, I will not give up
I'll be the master, I will bring disaster
A cruel avenger, the angel of war

8. Fatal Conflict

Seven seals, will break
Seven gates, will open
The sky will burst in flames
The moon will cry tears red

Be prepared for the final call
Be awake for the final war
The walls of hope will start to fall
The bells will echo through the soars

Seven trumpets will bugle
Seven whispers, seven screams
The final warning for us all
Beware you sinners for your time has come

Revelation has begun
And it's time for all of us
To pay for our sins...

Watch out! For the fatal conflict
Deliver your soul it's never too late
Watch out! For the time soon will come
Regret for the sins you have done
Lay down on your knees, pray for your soul to be free
From the demons that will tempt you to...sin!

9. The Pledge

10. 6 Must Die

6 must die!!!
6 must die!!!
6 must die!!!
6 must die!!!

They come at midnight
With red shining eyes
They look for revenge
So their souls will get rest

A long time ago
Their ship crushed on rocks
No one survived
The lepers had to die...

Through the glowing fog
They're back for their gold
With scythes, hooks & blades
Six lives they'll take

11. Enola Gay (bonus track)


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