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Power Within

"Power Within" (2001)

1. Power Within
2. The Journey
3. Lonewolf's Destiny
4. The Fate of a Lonely Bard
5. Reflection
6. Part of a Play
7. Nightriders
8. Dawn of Glory - Neverending War
9. Sons of Gods

1. Power Within

2. The Journey

Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou
I Feel The Silence, The Silence That's Around
The Forest Haunts My Lonely Heart
Only The Fallen, The Fallen Leaves Of Trees
Is The Only Sound That I Can Hear

CHORUS: But I'm So Far, My Quest Has Just Began
My Journey Seems Like A Neverending Road
And From The Start, I Knew What I Could Find
But With The Power Of My Soul
I Know I Can Find The Way

I Hear The Wolves Howling To The Moon
The Night That Surrounds The View
Am I Closer? I Do Not Know
So The Fear Has Captured My Soul

Oh How I Wish, This Nightmare Would End
But I'm Lost, I Cannot Find The Way
Oh Will I Die Without The Sense Of Life?
There Is No Hope, Will I Ever Find My Way?

3. Lonewolf's Destiny

Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou

As I'm Watching From My Tower The Sights Of Imrir
I'm Wandering What Is Far Beyond
I Must Learn What's My Destiny Behind The City Walls
And Discover What Is Finally True
My Beloved I'm Leaving Now, My Mind Will Always Be With You
And Whatever Will Happen On My Way
I Only Promise That Someday I'll Come Again

I Lost My One And Only Love
The Best Friends I've Ever Had
All The Persons I Used To Care For
I Lost My Self, My Domination

The Black Sword That I'm Carrying In My Hands
Holds My Body In Life And My Soul Awake
And There Is No Way I can Escape From This Hell
Because I'm Cursed Until The Very End

I Fought With My Own Race, I Burned My Home Of Birth
With The Powers Of Chaos I Won
I Am Someone Now I Cannot Recognize
A White Lonewolf With Red Eyes

CHORUS: I'M searching For The Meaning, The Meaning Of My Life
I Hear My Fate That's Calling Loud
I Am Fighting For Somethiong, I Know I'll Never Find
Arioch Bring Me Life

Stormbringer Drink Mt Blood Too
Like You've Done Before So Many Times
Free Me From This Wicked Soul And Bring Me Salvation

4. The Fate of a Lonely Bard

Lyrics: Andreas "The Wizard"

I Am A Homeless Bard, Follow My Lonely Path
Singing The Songs Of My Time
Making The People Smile, Washing The Tears From (Their) Eyes
But I Feel Pain Deep Inside

Waiting For The Nighttime, When I' All Alone
When My Spirit's Free To Fly, Then I'll Sing My Song

CHORUS: Singing Under Moonless Sky, Singing Just For Me
Falling Tears Into The Night, For My Destiny
No One's There To Listen To My Music In The Dark
This Is When I Have To Face The Fate Of A lonely Bard

And Every Single Day, I follow My Own Way
Leaving My Feelings Behind
But When The Night Comes, I Stand Under The Stars
And Sing The Song Of My Life

5. Reflection

Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou

Nothing Lasts Forever - You Know That's For Sure
You Carry Your Own Cross Through The Days
An Empty Space You'll Find - In Every Soul You Reach
Nothing But A Memory Exists
So Dark And Cold, A Feeling So Lost
Please I Need To See The Other Part Of Me

CHORUS: No Sign Of A Better Day
Locked In A Cage That's Called Inner Self
No Trust, No Other Way
Reflections Of Depression On A Lake Of Tears

Eyes Fallen On You - Expecting So Much From You
Nobody Cares What You Really Want
You Have So Much To Give - But Nothing To Take
There's Really No Hope For Humanity At All

(But) There Is No One You Can Trust
The Only Way Is To Be Locked In Our Selves

Can't You See? We're Reaching The End
The Bells Of Despair Are Calling
There's No Salvation For Our Crimes
We Are Ready To Fall In An Everlasting Pain

6. Part of a Play

Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou

Lost In My Thoughts, Staring At The Sky
Watching The Sunrise, The Memories Still Exist
All I Keep Thinking Is The Future That Comes
All Seem So Close To The End Of Time

CHORUS: I Don't Know What Will Follow
I Can't Believe In Another Day
Without A Smile Or A Tear
We're All Part Of The Play That Takes Place

A Lonely Path That Leads To The Abyss
That No One Can Escape In The End
An Open Grave The World We Live In
So Empty, Cold And Strange Inside

Our Destiny Is Written From The Beginning Of Time
To Suffer In A World That Dust Will Be Someday
A Circle Of Pain That Leads To Sorrow
We Are Already Gone, But We Just Don't Even Know
…How Really Does It End?

7. Nightriders

Lyrics: Andreas "The Wizard"

They Ride From Darkness And Coming For You
You Know There's Nothing Else That You Can Do
They Have Orders (To) "Massacre" Everyone
They Won't Stop Until The Slaughter Is Done

BLOOD-DEATH-MURDER, They Destroy Everything
Nothing Can Stop This Killing Machine
CRIES-LAMENT-SCREAMS, People Face Their Fate
No Place For he To Feel They're Safe

CHORUS: NIGHTRIDERS, Riding With Power In Hands
Soon They Will Rule All The Cities And Lands
NIGHTRIDERS, Bringing Death And Pain
Soon You'll Obey Them And Do What They Say

No One Can Escape The Riders Of Darkness
The Fate Is Doomed Forever
The Human Race Will Be Their Slaves
Destruction For Now And Ever

Life Is Hell Forever More
Cries Will Be Heard Everywhere
People Will Try To Escape Them
But Soon They Will Be Found Dead

8. Dawn of Glory - Neverending War

Lyrics: Andreas "The Wizard"

Fires Burning High, Battle Has Begun
Wardogs Are Hungry
In The Name Of (Our) Lord, Fighting For Our Land
Battlefield Is Red

In The Battle We Ride, For Salvation We Fight
For The King And Our Land, We Stand Together As One
Iron Will In Our Hearts, Blades That Signs In Our Hands
Blood And Death Our Allies, Taste Our Dragonfire

CHORUS: Wings Of Freedom By Our Side
We Will Now Burn The Sky
Evil Eyes Haunt The Night
Waiting For Our Final Time To Die
See The Fire In Our Eyes
Cry For Our Sacrifice
Riding On The Twilight
Screaming Our Proud Battlecry

For Victory We Ride, "Freedom" We Cry
The Swords Are Bleeding
Arrows Fly, Horses Kneel
The Sun Will Now Cry

Battleaxes To The Wind Killing Spirit In Our Veins
Bones Are Broken
Blood In Our Hands, Flesh torn Apart
Neverending War

9. Sons of Gods

Lyrics: Andreas "The Wizard"
They Lived Their Life Long Ago
From Fire And Ice They Were Born
A Proud Race The Sons Of Gods
And Held The Wisdom Of The World

CHORUS: somewhere Out Of Time - "Sons Of Gods"
They'll Be Back From The Skies

Great Power In Their Hands
They Were Masters Of The Land
They Sailed Over Wild Seas
You Will Obey Them On Your Knees

When Time Is Right The Skies Will Fall
The Sons Of Gods Will Hear The Call
The Ancient Ones Will Come Again
To Free The World And Change Our Fate


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