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Album: ''Semigalls' Warchant'' (1997 Demo)
1. Saullekts Par Sveto Mezu (Sunrise Over the Sacred Forest)
2. Werewolves
3. Virsaitis Nameisis (Chief Nameisis)
4. Akmeni Iekaltas Zimes (Signs Carved in Stone)
5. Night of the Winter Solstice
6. Sen Dzirdeju, Nu Ieraugu (Long I Heard, Now I See)
7. Semigalls' Warchant

Kauja Pie Saules (The Battle of Saule)

Album: ''Kauja Pie Saules (The Battle of Saule)'' (1998)
1. Zviegtin' Zviedza Kara Zirgi
2. Kauja Pie Saules.1236
3. Senču Ozols
4. Viestarda Cîòa pie Meþotnes
5. Kurši
6. Kalējs kala Debesîs
7. Kam Pūšati Kara Taures
8. KKauja Garozas silā 1287
9. Svētais Ugunskrusts

Latvieðu Strçlnieki (Latvian Riflemen)

Album: ''Latvieðu Strçlnieki (Latvian Riflemen)'' (2000)
1. Latvieðu Strçlnieki
2. Kauja Pie Plakaniem, Kauja Pie Veisiem
3. 1916.Gada Marts
4. Nâves Sala
5. Seðas ârprâta Dienas
6. Pulkvedis Briedis
7. Tîreïa Purvâ
8. Esat kâ Vîri
9. Dzîves Vismelnâkâ Stundâ
10. Brother Rides To The War

Perkonkalve (Thunderforge)

Album: ''Perkonkalve (Thunderforge)'' (2003)
1. Intro
2. Kad Usins Jaj (When Usins Rides)
3. Gada Isaka Nakts (The Shortest Night Of The Year)
4. Nakts Debesu Karakungs (Warlord Of The Night Sky)
5. Garais Dancis (Long Dance)
6. Perkonkalve (Thunderforge)
7. Migla Migla, Rasa Rasa (Svetas Vedibas) (Oh Fog, Oh Dew)
8. Cusku Sieviete (The Woman Of Serpents)
9. Caur Aizsaules Vartiem (Through The Gates Of The World Beyond)
10. Tumsa Un Sala (In Darkness And Frost)

Zobena Dziesma (Swordsong)

Album: ''Zobena Dziesma (Swordsong)'' (2003)
1. Sen dzirdçju, nu ieraugu (Long I Heard, Now I see)
2. Zobena dziesma (Sword Song)
3. Pârkiuns vede vedekïeòu (Perkons Brought The Bride)
4. Gatavs biju karavîrs (Ready to be a Warrior)
5. Apkârt kalnu gâju (Around the Hill I Went)
6. Prûðu meita karâ jâja (Prussian Maid Rides to War)
7. Aiziedams Pçrkons grauda (Perkons Left Thundering)
8. Sidrabiòa upe tek (Silver River Flows)
9. Migla, migla, rasa, rasa (Oh Fog, Oh Dew)
10. Zirgi zviedza (Horses Neighed)
11. Kur Tu jâsi bâleliòi? (Where You'll Ride, Brother?)
12. Zviegtin' zviedza kara zirgi (Neighed the Battle Horses)
13. O kai saulute tekejo (When Sun is Rising) (Zpoan Vtenz Cover)



Pagan/Folk Metal band from RÄ«ga, Latvia. Formed in 1995 out of the remains of doom metal band Grindmaster Dead. They released their first demo 'Semigalls' Warchant' in 1997, this one is released full length(three additional songs) in 2005. Most of their songs are about pagan gods, war and warfare, as well as traditional Latvian folk songs and their metal covers. Skyforger mostly plays folk/pagan metal, although their forth album Zobena Dziesma (Swordsong), released in 2003, was a pure folk album.

In between album recordings, Skyforger has been also busy on stage, playing as many concerts as they can. Behind the belt of band are already four European tours; many mini-tours and festival appearances and Skyforger is well known for their non-compromise live performances.

Currently Skyforger is forging songs for the next album and of course will not forget about live activities on foreign stages.

Skyforger was involved in a minor scandal with one of their former producers, who believed they were affiliated with Neo-nazism. The reason for this was the sunwheel, incorporated in Skyforger's logo. Some websites have therefore listed Skyforger as a Neo-nazi band. The band denies any such claims and doesn't display any Nazistic tendencies in their lyrics(actually the opposite), the scandal was a result of the producer's poor knowledge of ancient Indo-European symbols. Many people doesn't know it and therefore misinterpret sunwheel as swastika, although sunwheel is much older symbol, and nazis did peculate it as their own.

Their discography includes:
1997 - Semigall's Warchant (demo)
1998 - Kauja pie Saules (The Battle of Saule)
2000 - Latviešu Strēlnieki (Latvian Riflemen)
2003 - Pērkoņkalve (Thunderforge)
2003 - Zobena Dziesma (Swordsong)
2005 - Semigall's Warchant (full length)

Pēteris Kvetkovskis - guitar, vocals (ex-Grindmaster Dead) (1995 - present)
Edgars Grabovskis "Zirgs" - bass guitar, backing vocals (ex-Grindmaster Dead) (1995 - present)
Edgars KrÅ«miņš "Mazais" - drums (also in Heresiarh) (1998 - present)
Kaspars Bārbals - various folk instruments, backing vocals (also in Auļi) (2004 - present)
Rihards Skudrītis - guitars (1996 - 1999, 2000 - 2004, 2006 - present)

Former members:
Mārtiņš Pētersons - guitar (1995)
Viesturs Grīnbergs - guitar (1995 - 1996)
KonstantÄ«ns Švedovs - vocals (1995 - 1996)
Linda Bēce - flute (1995 - 1997)
Imants Vovers - drums (1995 - 1998)
Girts Kļaviņš "Motors" - guitar (2004 - 2006)


Pagan / folk black metal

Historical Battles,Latvian History,Pagan Mythology

Latvia (Riga), formed in 1995

Folter Records


Peter - guitar, vocals (ex-Grindmaster Dead) (1995-)
Edgars "Zirgs" - bass (ex-Grindmaster Dead) (1995-)
Edgars "Mazais" - drums (ex-Heresiarh) (1998)
Rihards Skudrîtis - guitars (ex-Sanctimony) (1996-2004, 2006)
Kaspars Bârbals - various folk instruments (ex-Visi Veji, Auli) (2004-)

Imants - drums (ex-Grindmaster Dead) (1995-1998)
Ìirts "Motors" Kïaviòð - guitars (ex-Heresiarh) (2004-2006)


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