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Album: ''Goregasm'' (1992)
1. Perverse Innard Infestation
2. Excreting Innards
3. Ziploc Bodybag
4. Goregasm
5. Coital Mutilation
6. Oozing Rectal Feast
7. Splurgee
8. Pyathrotic Discorporation
9. Caseating Decomposition
10. Embryonic Regordation
11. Ben's Song
12. Festering Sphinctral Malignancy
13. Cadaveric Splatter Platter

Dissecting the Caseated Omentum

Album: ''Dissecting the Caseated Omentum'' (1992 Demo)
1. Caseating Decomposition
2. Embryonic Regordation
3. Oozing Rectal Feast
4. Culinary Pathology
5. Scrubs
6. Ziploc Bodybag

Excreting Innards

Album: ''Excreting Innards'' (1992 EP)
1. Festering Sphinctral Malignancy
2. Perverse Innard Infestation
3. Coital Mutilation
4. Disfigured Corpse
5. Grubs
6. Cadaveric Splatter Platter

Cadaveric Splatter Platter

Album: ''Cadaveric Splatter Platter'' (1993 Demo)
1. Interlude: A Disgorged Dirge of Dire Detrunctation
2. The Pallor of Unliving Flesh
3. Sickening Colotomic Surgery
4. In the Throes of Ecstasy
5. Bleeding Heap of Menstrual Carnage

Grotesque Putrefied Brains

Album: ''Grotesque Putrefied Brains'' (1993 Demo)
1. Grotesque Putrefied Brains
2. Pyathrotic Discorporation
3. Excreting Innards

Horrific Expulsions of Gore

Album: ''Horrific Expulsions of Gore'' (1994 Demo)
1. Radiator Bitch
2. Excoriated, Emasculated, and Dead
3. Quagmire of Flesh
4. Puke of the Dead
5. Carneous Corneal Carbonization
6. Vagitarian

In the Name of Gore

Album: ''In the Name of Gore'' (1996 Split)
1. Delicious Gory Fun
2. Pus Filled Carcass
3. Overflow
4. Bathing in Mucus and Bile
5. Tasty Hemorrhoidal Tissue
6. Brutally Mauled Human Remains
7. Succulent Torso Crescendo
8. It Burns... And It Just Plain Smells Bad
9. Are You Pornophoric?
10. Demented Surgical Incest
11. Artificial Masturbation
12. Licking Mental Patients' Cum Off the Sheets
13. Curse the Gods (Destruction cover)
14. Horrendous Member Dismemberment
15. Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Malignancy, Part 2)
16. Masochistic Copramania
17. Necrovores: Decomposing the Inanimate
18. Disinterred, Digested, and Debauched
19. Bone Fucker
20. The Naked and the Dead
21. Necro-Transvestite
22. Torso
23. Dissecting the Caseated Omentum
24. Death Metal (Possessed cover)

Chords of Chaos

Album: ''Chords of Chaos'' (1997 Split album)
1. Intro / Excreting Innards
2. Vagitarian
3. Grotesque Putrefied Brains
4. The Exquisite Flavor of Gastro-Anal Tripe (Cadaveric Splatter Platter Part II)
5. Sex, Drinks, & Metal (Sarcófago cover)
6. Token of Disgust
7. Hungry System
8. Star Wars
9. Morbid
10. $300 and a Hand Job
11. Autodidactic Murder
12. Pig's Blood
13. Nubie Blast
14. Reasons
15. K Song
16. Story of a Terrorist
17. Kill the DJ
18. Terror Style
19. Higher Source
20. 2 MN
21. Cryptic Slaughter
22. Why Try?
23. Your Useless Majesty
24. Crude Reality
25. The Music Business
26. Slave of a Vice
27. Are Squeezing the Neck
28. Metaphor
29. Diesel and Extinction
30. Pornocracy
31. Crush the Power, Part 2
32. I Don't Care
33. Love Your Hate
34. Claudia
35. Sport Assassin
36. 13th Floor: Fatality
37. Predestinate Death
38. Football Hysteria Motherfucker
39. The Dictator
40. Blueshit / A Blues Hit?
41. Arbor Insomnia
42. Preconception (Nothing Particular?)
43. Life's a Joke
44. M.T.V.
45. Sweet Earache
46. Don't Spread the Holocaust

Indignities To The Dead

Album: ''Indignities To The Dead'' (1997 Split album)
1. Indignities to the Dead
2. Masterpieces

Instruments Of Hell/split with No Comply

Album: ''Instruments Of Hell/split with No Comply'' (1997 Split album)
1. Instruments of Hell
2. Carneous Corneal Carbonization

Gore Metal

Album: ''Gore Metal'' (1998)
1. Necromaniac
2. Open the Abscess
3. Postmortem Procedures
4. Limb From Limb
5. Enucleation
6. Casketkrusher
7. Deathmask
8. In My Human Slaughterhouse
9. Sepulchral Slaughter
10. Vagitarian ll
11. Blazing Corpse
12. Deadest of the Dead
13. Sodomy and Lust (Sodom cover)

Exhumed / Retaliation

Album: ''Exhumed / Retaliation'' (1998 Split)
1. Gory Melanoma
2. Necro-Voyeur
3. Retribution
4. Like Cancer on Society
5. Strife
6. Born of Chaos
7. Distrust
8. Pray for War
9. Fierce
10. Path of the Derelict
11. The Anti-Filanthrope
12. 9 mm
13. Killing the World

Totally fucking dead/Sterility

Album: ''Totally fucking dead/Sterility'' (1998 Split)
1. Totally Fucking Dead
2. Dead Again
3. Narrowed Mind's Bleeding
4. Sterility
5. Neglect of the Loss


Album: ''Slaughtercult'' (2000)
1. Decrepit Crescendo
2. Forged in Fire (Formed in Flame)
3. A Lesson in Pathology
4. This Axe Was Made to Grind
5. Carnal Epitaph
6. Dinnertime in the Morgue
7. Fester Forever
8. Deep Red
9. Infester
10. Slave to the Casket
11. Slaughtercult
12. Funeral Fuck
13. Vacant Grave

Recordings 2000, Split 7

Album: ''Recordings 2000, Split 7'''' (2000 Split)
1. Emeticide
2. Pus Grinder
3. Coil of Boils
4. Patient auf Toast
5. Ballgames With a Torn Off Head (live)

Anatomy Is Destiny

Album: ''Anatomy Is Destiny'' (2003)
1. Anatomy Is Destiny
2. Waxwork
3. The Matter of Splatter
4. Under the Knife
5. Consuming Impulse
6. Grotesqueries
7. In the Name of Gore
8. Arclight
9. Nativity Obscene (A Nursery Chyme)
10. Death Walks Behind You
11. A Song for the Dead

Deceased in the East/Extirpated Live Emanations

Album: ''Deceased in the East/Extirpated Live Emanations'' (2003 Split)
1. Vacant Grave
2. Limb from Limb
3. Forged in Fire (Formed in Flame)
4. Eructations of Carnal Artistry
5. Necro Eroticism
6. To Roast & Grind

Platters of Splatter

Album: ''Platters of Splatter'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Horrendous Member Dismemberment
2. Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Malignancy, Part II)
3. Masochistic Copromania
4. Necrovores: Decomposing the Inanimate
5. Disinterred, Digested, and Debauched
6. Bone Fucker
7. The Naked and the Dead
8. Necro-Transvestite
9. Torso
10. Dissecting the Caseated Omentum
11. Death Metal (Possessed cover)
12. Goreified
13. Emeticide
14. Pus Grinder
15. Torso 2000
16. Totally Fucking Dead
17. Dead Again
18. Gory Melanoma
19. Necro-Voyeur
20. Indignities to the Dead
21. Masterpieces
22. Instruments of Hell
23. Carneous Corneal Carbonization
24. Blood and Alcohol
25. Oozing Rectal Feast
26. Outro: A Decrepit Denouement for the Disgustingly Deceased
27. No Presents for Christmas (King Diamond cover)
28. Cannibal Apocalypse (Impetigo cover)
29. Exhume to Consume (Carcass cover)



Exhumed is a Grindcore / Death Metal band from the USA.

Formed in 1991, when sole remaining founding member Matt Harvey was at the tender age of 15, Exhumed spent much of the ensuing decade hacking its way through numerous demos, split CDs, and EPs. The band finally recorded their debut album, the genre-(re)defining and critic-repulsing "Gore Metal" in 1998. The album crystallized the old-school Death Metal meets full-on Grindcore sound forged during the recordings of their last demo and first split CD ("Horrific Expulsion of Gore" and "In the Name of Gore").

This led to the band's first US tour and festival appearances (their only previous out of California shows had been 9 dates in central Europe in 1997 supporting "In the Name of Gore"). The band continued to morph line-ups with the release of the back-to-basics sophomore record "Slaughtercult" in 2001. The album blatantly blended the band's brutal cult-thrash influences into its sonic meat-grinder. This album allowed the band to do three US tours, and their first proper European tour, including co-headlining festivals like Fuck the Commerce and Obscene Extreme. The band also appeared at the Wacken Open Air festival.

The band evolved further with their third album, 2003's "Anatomy is Destiny" which added more sophisticated arrangements, production and instrumentation into the Gore Metal formula. Bassist Leon del Muerte replaced Bud Burke soon after the album was recorded.

After the departure of the band's co-founder, drummer Col Jones, the band issued a massive 2CD compilation of their early recordings, appropriately dubbed "Platters of Splatter".

After touring all over America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and even Iceland, the band realigned its personnel yet again, resulting in the departure of long-time guitarist Mike Beams and the recruitment of new six-stringer Wes Caley and drumer Matt Connell. The "new and improved" Exhumed has completed recording an album of cover songs entitled "Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated".

Currently the band is working on the first Exhumed DVD (as of yet untitled). For an extended version, please see the band's official website:


Gore, Death, Necrophilia, Pathology

United States of America (San Jose, California), formed in 1990


On hold

Matt Harvey - Lead guitar, lead vocals (Repulsion, Cadaverizer, Dekapitator, Athrenody, ex-Noothgrush, Scarecrow) (1990-)
Bud Burke - Bass (Dying In Your Beauty Sleep, Scarecrow, Pale Existence) (1999-2003)
Mike Beams - Lead guitar, vocals (Bereave)
Col Jones - Drums (Dekapitator, Repulsion, Cadaverizer, Cretin (US)) (1990-2003, 2007-)

Rocky Torrecillas - Guitar (1990-1991)
Peter Rossman - Bass (1990-1991)
Ben Marrs - Bass (ex-Flesh Parade, Hangnail (US)) (1991-1992)
Jake Giardina - Vocals, Bass (1991-1993)
Matt Widener - Bass (Cretin (US), Citizen, The County Medical Examiners) (1994-1995)
Derrel Houdashelt - Guitars (1991-1996) (Dekapitator)
Leon DelMuerte - Guitar, Bass (Intronaut, ex-Impaled (US), ex-Morbosidad, ex-Dekapitator, Phobia (US)) (1996-1997)
Ross Sewage - Vocals, Bass (Impaled (US), Ludicra) (1994-1999)

Wes Caley - Guitar (ex-Uphill Battle , Fatalist)
Matt Connell - Drums (ex-Recondite, ex-Fuck the Facts, ex-Experiment In Terror)
John Longstreth - Drums (Origin (US), ex-Skinless, ex-Possession (US), Angelcorpse, ex-The Red Chord, Dim Mak)
Mark Smith - Session Vocals (1993)
Kevin Flaherty - Live Session Bass (1993)
Lorin Ashton - Live Session (1995) (Pale Existence)
Dan Martinez - Live Session (1995)
Sean McGrath - Live Session (1999)
Danny Walker - Live Session Drums (Uphill Battle, Intronaut, Phobia (US), Jesu live session) (2003)


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