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Ancient Path/Unclean Plants

Album: ''Ancient Path/Unclean Plants'' (1997 Demo)
1. Mind
2. Ancient Path
3. Puninsh the Evil
4. Unclean Plants
5. Vals i Burk Moll

Even Unto the Ends of the Earth

Album: ''Even Unto the Ends of the Earth'' (1998 Demo)
1. Even Unto the Ends of the Earth
2. Borderland
3. Via Dolorosa (Path of Pain)
4. Ode Till Olav Skötkonung


Album: ''Allhärskare'' (2000 EP)
1. Lamentation
2. Daughter of the King
3. Käpplåten
4. Blod på Dina Händer


Album: ''1997-2000'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. Mind
2. Ancient Path
3. Punish the Evil
4. Unclean Plants
5. Even unto the Ends of the Earth
6. Borderland
7. Via Dolorosa
8. Ode till Olov Skotkonung
9. Lamentation
10. Daughter of the King
11. Kapplaten
12. Blod pa dina hander
13. Vals i burk moll

Songs of Solomon

Album: ''Songs of Solomon'' (2001 EP)
1. Ur Intets Mörker
2. Divine Light
3. Under Himmelen (instr.)
4. Come Let Us Flee
5. Separated by Night
6. Behind Thy Veil

In the Bleak Midwinter/Songs Of Solomon

Album: ''In the Bleak Midwinter/Songs Of Solomon'' (2001 Split)
1. Intro
2. Burial of the Grave
3. Blind For Reality
4. In the Bleak Midwinter
5. Sacrifice to Life
6. King of Kings and Lord of Lords
7. Ur Intets Mörker
8. Divine Light
9. Under Himmelen
10. Come Let us Flee
11. Separated By Night
12. Behind Thy Veil


Album: ''Blod'' (2003)
1. Eden
2. Förbannad Mark (Accursed Ground)
3. Blod Ropar Från Jorden (Blood Screams From the Earth)
4. Syndafloden (The Flood)
5. Bundsförvant (Confederate)
6. Moria Kallar (Moria Beckons)
7. Tidevarv (Ages)
8. O Guds Lamm (O Lamb of God)
9. Gudablodets Kraft (The Power of Divine Blood)
10. Evighetens Gryning (The Dawn of Eternity)


Album: ''Aurum'' (2007)
1. Gold of Havilah
2. Nephilim
3. Words of Agur
4. From the North Clothed in Gold
5. Where Lilith Found her Peace
6. The Order of Melchisedec
7. King of Babylon
8. The Madness of Nebuchadnezzar
9. Thy Feeble Flame
10. The Hidden Treasure



Pantokrator was formed in autumn 1996. A number of demos were made, but it was not until 2001 - when the band released their self-financed EP "Songs of Solomon" - that things started to move.

In march the same year Pantokrator made an appreciated concert at the Swedish "Bobfest" festival. They also appeared on national TV in a short report from this festival. Two wears later, Pantokrator was back at the same festival, this time to release their debut album - "Blod" (Rivel records). "Blod" recieved great responce from media. For example, the Scandinavian music and media magazine "Monster" gave it 4/5 and the German magazine "Rock hard" gave it 7/10.
During the years Pantokrator has played live in quite a lot of different places. In 2005, they Pantokrator peformed at the Gates of Metal festival in Sweden together with bands such as Edguy and Dimmu Borgir, and more recently in April 2007 they toured through Switzerland, France, Czech Republic and Germany in support of their new album "Aurum".

Jonathan Jansson - guitar / vocals
Rickard Gustafsson - drums
Karl Walfridsson - vocals
Jonas Wallinder - bass / violin
Mattias Johansson - guitar

Progressive Death Metal

Biblical, Christianity

Sweden (Luvehult, Småland.), formed in 1996

Whirlwind Records


Karl Walfridsson: Vocals (Guest Sacrificium (Ger))
Mattias Johansson: Guitar
Jonas Wallinder: Bass
Rickard Gustafsson: Drums
Jonathan "Steele" Jansson: Guitars, Background Vocals (Crimson Moonlight, Sanctifica, As a Reminder)


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