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Songs of Solomon

"Songs of Solomon" (2001 EP)

1. Ur Intets Mörker
2. Divine Light
3. Under Himmelen (instr.)
4. Come Let Us Flee
5. Separated by Night
6. Behind Thy Veil

1. Ur Intets Mörker

Ur intet föddes en värld.
Genom mörkret skar hans brinnande svärd.
Ur ordet gavs allt levande form,
se klippiga berg och brådjupt hav,
skåden edens härlighet.
Ur stoftet bjöd han träda fram,
sin skapelses krona, en kvinna och en man.
Skapade att älska och leva med varann.
Adam den förste, Guds avglans på jorden,
stod inför henne, lät höra de orden:
- Se hon är kött av mitt kött,
ben av mina ben.
Ja hon var hans krona hon var hans Eva,
skapad att ge liv skapad att leva,
fröjdas och vara helt nära sin man,
de skulle härska jorden,
och tjäna varann.

2. Divine Light

Lord El-shadai we pay thee homage,
we thank thee for thy gift of love,
the sweet caress of erotic desire
burning with intensity beyond the flame of fire.
Hearts yearn bodies burn in devine light,
light shining since the word as spoken
sincebeams sprang forth from the dark of the void.
New life is growing everywhere,
bursting through the concrete walls of man.
Lord El-shadai all honour belongs to thee.
You are the artist, all beauty sprang from thee,
and thy kingdom will last forever more.

3. Under Himmelen (instr.)

4. Come Let Us Flee

How fair you are
how undefiled,
I find no words fit for thee
my lily among the thorns
rise up my love and come away for lo
the winter is over and gone and the rains has passed away.
the gentle flowers appear in the blackened earth,
I hear the voice of a thousand birds,
I see the vines with tender grapes.
(I hear the whispers of the wind)
arise and come away,
let us flee my love,
do not turn away,
I am bound by thee, my crown I lay down.
My royal masquerade.
To you I am just a simple man,
naked is my soul, my heart is yours.
You have conquered me,
the land is vast, let us flee.

5. Separated by Night

I long for my garden, my love,
the wine of loneliness I have drunk.
I long to feed upon thy beauty,
open to me my sister, my dove.
For my hair is filled with dew,
in the shades of night I stand.
At thy gate I wait for thee,
Quench my thirst embrace me!
I roam the streets by night,
driven by a passion beyond my darkest fear.
Desire burns my soul, I can not sleep,
I find no peace.
In deepest pain I dwell
like a possessed man under a spell. My fragile heart is in thine hands.
My throat is dry, no wine can quench my burning thirst.

6. Behind Thy Veil

Threescore of queens,
fourscore of concubines.
Virgins without numbers
like the clusters of the vines,
but you are one my dove.
You are the one,
you have conquered my love.
Fair as the pale moon,
glorious as the sun,
awesome like the army of stars in the sky,
infinite and wide.
Thy breasts are like fruits that I long to taste,
that I long to hold.
You are so fair so beautiful and bold.
You are my love, my flawless one,
with you I will forever be.


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