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Even Unto the Ends of the Earth

"Even Unto the Ends of the Earth" (1998 Demo)

1. Even Unto the Ends of the Earth
2. Borderland
3. Via Dolorosa (Path of Pain)
4. Ode Till Olav Skötkonung

1. Even Unto the Ends of the Earth

Mil på mil från den plats där korset stod,
där blodet rann, ett köldbitet rike hans
tjänare fann.

In this land a people lived bound by fear of
heathen gods, trapprd in sin and great
misdeeds, accusations written in the blod
of holy men. Hades breath the chords of the
second death.

I höga nordens kalla land där rena bäckar
porla fram. Där folket fjättrat var i digra
mörkrets hand tände Herren helig brand.

They turned to this king in glory crownd,
In his grace they found. Yield fruit oh
land by the peoples labouring hand.
Welth and glory, blessings from above,
holy gifts more and more, for generations
spared from war.Dark clouds gathered upon
the sky of grace, our hidious sin covered
his face.

Trots att vi i mörker faller ner ej vår blick
mot himmelen ser,.. o fallna norra paradis.
Sträck dig åter till den som frihet gav, den
dig reste ur din grav, den som livet seger gav.

Even in this days he opens his arms
for the ones that are lost.

Till dig stod Herrens välbehag, du har kränkt
hans Heliga lag. Skynda till hans fadersfamn
han skall lotsa dig i hamn.

Even in this day a stream of blood from calvery
still flows, as far as the message goes, even
unto the ends of the earth...

2. Borderland

I saw one of the naive,
lacking sense,
walking to her corner,
by darkness covered.
Hiding his sin in the night.
I saw her come against him.
I saw her hold him tight,
seducing him with kisses,
flattery and smiles.

Forsake carnal lust.
Your God you shall trust.
Turn away impulsation.
Cleanse your heart.
Follow the ancient path of wisdom.

Let us drink our fill of love until dawn.
Like an ox goes to the slaughter,
he follows her home.
Her house is the way to hell,
descending to the chambers of death.
Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
Holy love, holy covenant, never to defile.
As a loving hind, flawless,
desire forever, a graceful doe she is.
Pleasure and delight. Covenant forever.
In folly they sin, in folly they die.
In wisdom we will walk, in glory we will rise.
Set me as a seal upon your heart.
Set me as a seal upon your arm.
Love burning forever, great waters cannot quench.
Pleasure forever.

3. Via Dolorosa (Path of Pain)

As foretold by the prophet,
he approached on the back of a donky.
The humble king, Messiah the promised one,
singing and praising ascending to the sky,
a joyful crowd.. Hosanna, Hosanna hail to the king!
But he knew this would all change sudden as the wind,
he knew his mission.

Take the blows for there transgressions,
sink to the plase where they belong.
Preach for those who wait to burn,
crush the snake take the keys of death and then return.
Via dolorosa the price YOU could not pay,
Immanuel, Messiah the one God choose to slay.
Deeply distressed, and sorrowful unto death,
he fell on his face and prayed:
-“Father if it is your will, remove this cup from me;
nevertheless not my will, but yours be done.”
In his agony he prayed more earnestly and his
sweat become like blood, falling to the ground.
(hunted down son of God!)

Brought to trial, for that he had not done,
killed for the crime of beeing thier saviour.
He was sacrificed for you and me.
He had to carrie his own cross to the hill of sacrifice,
stumbling feet, fadeing eyes.
They pierced his flesh.

He was nailed to the cross.
“ELI! ELI! LEMA SABACHTHANI, why have you forsaken me?
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!
The mocking crowd insaulting Their God:
“Get down from your cross, help yourself helper!”
The sky turned dark then its creator
was about to give up his breath.
“ Father, in your hands I commit my spirit.
It is finished!

But after three days in the grave he saw the sun,
the deal was done, The fight was won.
In death he overcame.
Go out and preach his name,
He is God! Glorious!
Risen! KING!

4. Ode Till Olav Skötkonung

Över kala hällar, genom mörkan skog.
Korsfärd vid jordens yttersta gräns.
Olov Skötkonung, kung i svunnen tid.
Från nord till syd, beläten i spillror slogs,
befrielsekrig vid jordens yttersta gräns.
Olov Skötkonung…
Olov Skötkonung i den ringa begynnelsens tid.
I kalla vatten, klädd i snövit särk från asars grepp dö bort,
från synd och död stå upp. För evig befrielse strid!
Olov Skötkonung strid i den ringa begynnelsens tid.
Genom strid till frid. Slå fri! Fri till frälsning.
Evigt fri...


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