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Bitter Tears

Album: ''Bitter Tears'' (1996)
1. Innocent & Wretched
2. Bitter Tears
3. Dreaming
4. Forever Gone
5. Scarred for Life
6. Scourge of Seclusion
7. Slave of Arrogance
8. Bastards
9. Ole-Mus


Album: ''Psycho-Path'' (1998 EP)
1. Soulperish
2. Pyscho-Path
3. Adore
4. Cold


Album: ''Passionfall'' (2000)
1. Bleeding
2. Forever
3. The Grandioure...
4. My Fakelove
5. C.U.N.T
6. Dead Heart Goddess
7. When Suns Collide
8. ...For God?
9. Discourage


Album: ''EgOd'' (2002)
1. Insane Within
2. Where We Are One
3. Es Ist Ich
4. Cursing the Light
5. Rising
6. Adore Me
7. EgoGod
8. Tantalized
9. Enter my Despair


OLEMUS. This band name has its origin in Latin and means we stink. But this was not really what the young metal heads Robert Bogner (v.) and Simon Oeller (g) meant, when they had to name their newly founded band. Rather they meant We are pissed off (by heavy-metal no mans land in Upper Austria, where the Catholic Church and its Priests still dictate public life far and wide). No wonder that they first called their Band Godless. And no wonder that Simon and Robert (then 14 years old) decided to break out of this hypocritical restraint. Together with their friend Cunzla they recorded their first demo-tapes Learning to die and Blind. The sound was strongly influenced by the prospering death-metal-wave. But even at that time OLEMUS included melancholy and melodic parts skilfully into their songs, an ability they have improved even more by now.

Because of numerous gigs in their home country (due to circumstances mentioned above not always easy to do) OLEMUS gained the reputation of an excellent live band. Logical consequence: The first album appeared. In August of 1996 Bitter Tears was released via NSM Records. 600 people watched the show when OLEMUS presented their album, and radio stations like FM4 gave the young band the opportunity to spread their music on the air. Suddenly the metal world was open to them. OLEMUS shared the stage with Rammstein, Buce Dickinson, Samael, Moonspell, Stuck Mojo und Dimmu Borgir, Schweisser, Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, Cradle of Filth, Six feet amongst others.

What followed was the split with NSM-Records. But OLEMUS did not get discouraged. After a line-up-change they recorded the self-financed EP Psycho Path in 1996 and one more demo-CD called Forever in 2000. In 2001, CCP-Records was the label that signed the band who had meanwhile moved to Linz.

OLEMUS were not lazy and played lots of shows wherever they could. This experience influenced the following albums Passion Fall (2001) and Egod (2002). Between aggressive outbursts of fury, cold synthesiser- atmosphere, melancholy calmness and classic tunes, OLEMUS have found their special style. Even the famous German magazine Metal-Hammer took the EgOd-Opener Insane within onto its sampler.

And now? OLEMUS do not have a record-deal at the moment. But with their new 3-track promo-CD this hopefully will change soon. I hate myself today, Living your hell and Reality is a whore are three punchy arguments that emotion is not an empty word to this band from Linz, Austria. In fact, it is a vital part of their music. OLEMUS prove this everytime they perform. So they make sure that no metal head will leave their show saying I am pissed off

Death/black/gothic metal

Austria (Steelcity/Upperaustria), formed in 1993

CCP Records


Robert Bogner - Vocals
Simon Öller - Guitar (ex-Underground Groove Front, Bassist in Third Moon)
Eugen Baumann - Guitar
Manuel Öller - Bass
Martin Zeller - Drums (Third Moon, Astaroth (Aut), Session Member in Scargod)

Roland "Cunzla" Kössler - Drums (1993-2002, Underground Groove Front, Multiphrener Schwachsinn)


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