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Bitter Tears

"Bitter Tears" (1996)

1. Innocent & Wretched
2. Bitter Tears
3. Dreaming
4. Forever Gone
5. Scarred for Life
6. Scourge of Seclusion
7. Slave of Arrogance
8. Bastards
9. Ole-Mus

1. Innocent & Wretched

Now as I sit here, tied up by fear
Sentenced, but what have I done
I wanna know, who is the ruler of my fate
Who makes me want to die
These bitter sweet feelings I feel
These immense sadness
The desire for the unknown

A mirror, a disgraceful pale face
An abused mind is what I see
Zero courage to face life
And I know there is no way out

2. Bitter Tears

I'm so lonely I'm so lost
There is noone to console me
I'm so lonely, I'm so lost
I cant stand the pain it hurts so bad
And I cry, I cry for you
And I cry, bitter tears

All my screams fall silent
And my soul bleeds again
I cant help myself
I think of suicide before I start to...

I don't want to live like that

3. Dreaming

Dream of free of free life
Dream of hope freedom and joy
Look at your life, is it how you have expected
Death... in every corner
Death comes quietly and slowly
Theres no chance to get away
No hope, no freedom... all gone!

Dream of friends
Which you can convide all the time
Discover your reality, where are your faithful friends
Seclution... in every corner

4. Forever Gone

Where are you now? Why do leave me crying?
Good times we shared, and I know I've made mistakes too
Passing pictures of you, every where I look
I want to touch you once more, but you dissapear
I dreamed of you last night
You must be strong and fight
It can not be-you die
Please wake now up and fly, away

You won't be, forgotten by your friends
You will live, forever in my heart
I can't get you out, out of my mind
But you are forever gone

I saw your blood, coming out your veins
There was no chance for you, to escape from death
I close my eyes to think of you
I see the dark, only emptiness

5. Scarred for Life

I only wanted to live
But I can't stand it any longer
It's time to put an end
I'm scarred for life, that's my fate

Slowly my blood runs cold
While you are waiting for me
But you can't find me... I'm far away

6. Scourge of Seclusion

Alone absorbed in my grief, I can't find a solution
Emptiness surrounds me, as dying days go by
I tried to battle with it, but I'm not strong enough
I am just waiting for death, to put myself out of misery
I cannot live with these tortures
I? m just a scourge, a scourge of seclution

Slowly my mind dies, am I living in reallity anymore
My body is full of scars, but do I feel a pain anymore
Where are my friends, when I need them most
Suddenly I begin, to hate my odious self

7. Slave of Arrogance

I´m a wayward child of society
Lies bout me made me to what I am
Run away as long as you dare
Now I rise let the grieftime begin
I know no morals blood thirst in my mind
My mind- my weapon- sick
I'm going to make shure of justice

I devour you all, you mortal fools
Torment, the only thing I'll know
Revenge for your arrogance

You'll satisfy my desire for blood

8. Bastards

It is weak what you call strong
You think it's right but you are wrong
Are you mentally insane
Beeing xenophobic is a shame
Who do you think you are
Express your opinion if you dare
Have respect of coloured people
Give up this endless fight

You are a misanthropic fool, planting your seeds of hate
Bastards think what you have done
I hope someday you ache like they
And I hope it hurts like hell

9. Ole-Mus



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