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"Passionfall" (2000)

1. Bleeding
2. Forever
3. The Grandioure...
4. My Fakelove
5. C.U.N.T
6. Dead Heart Goddess
7. When Suns Collide
8. ...For God?
9. Discourage

1. Bleeding

Did I wake the spirits, am I the reason why they wheep
Here I stand walking through my thoughts,
sawing seeds for my fields of sadness,
as the sadness walks through me, the spirits paint their pictures

I never thought I´d fall, the passion takes my sight
You ruled my every move, you were my leeding light

Bleeding... I bleed for you

A growing distance between us, tears which killed my sleep
There I stood fighting against my thoughts,
trying not to paint the future black
Dream myself strong, to stand again
Feeding my emotions, forever let them reign

2. Forever

Got a new desease all values increase
Heaven shall bleed, for this...your greed

nowhere to run, nothing to hide
enemy the sun, progress your bride, so dwell...
down on your knees you feed the confusion
your perfect mankind is just an illussion
so smash the mirror that shows wrong welfare
unbound the deformed slaves that went there
erase the currency that led you there
kill the emotions that you want share

forever, your dreams will vanish
there where thoughts are dying
forever, a cursed future
believing in a digital master

you are so pure while life is so bright
the enemy is you, so kill the light of your inner strenth

encourage yourself to find the real light... find love

3. The Grandioure...

Whatever you do, take care
I´ll be watching you crawl, the one to blame for your fall
canot fake one step, you´ll be haunted forever

enjoy the silence, don´t try to beg for mercy
i smell your fear, this drives me to extremes

abused, denied, because I was always different from yours

just a projection, the dark side of myself
swallow my fate, bleed my blood, suffer for me

this is the grandioure of our sweet mental disease

4. My Fakelove

You where the one worth dying for,
spending nights of passion with you...whore

you said "I want to share my life with you", these words were untrue
embraced me when autumn leaves fell, but this concealed in a lifetime in hell

your love was nothing but disguise, your hypocrite act is what i despise

I´ve seen your real face now, I know who you are
The flames in my eyes went away
the trust you´ve taken away from me left a bleeding scar
only hate despair and scorn will stay

I never wanted to loose control but hatred is burning my soul
i´m intact again i´ve lost my pain, revenge in my brain
i´m ready to destroy your life nothing will help you now
this bullet is for you

you killed my dreams, you killed my heart, life

5. C.U.N.T

act like god and drown in your own pride, it is your fault
reflect no feelings always stay that cold , so you are dead

i always thought it´s forever, when you came crawling back
hypocrite fake, this is what you are

i hope that this one ends, when emotinos fade
the discouraged pray, when all turns to gray

resist the love that gives you warmth and eats your guts
reflect my hate, for you are the whore that wont fit

6. Dead Heart Goddess

for you and only you my life aglew
i leave this place for a better one without you

a shattered love, broken glass bedews my veins
freezing, confused... down for a lifetime
an odious self, not able to dwell in the light
still not ready for the last crime

discouraged pieces of black, leads me as my senses reach the ground
you were my light, every ray one reason to liver
your love is dead, killed by the ones you stole the light
the faked ones hast taken your sight

one last time to touch your skin, while your hair covers your pale face
one last time to let our souls burn, let our flame dry the lake of sorrow

if you only knew what you´ve done to me at all
you wouldn´t be able to stand while i fall

7. When Suns Collide

electric bleed, your sarcastic seed, stop this, stop your binary act
my blood runs cold, as your feelings are just nulls
i won´t forget this frown, your turn away and go
i swear you´ll regret your tease, me on my knees

watch the last sundown, again let our souls drown
i fear this sight and escape, cause you were my sun
... and i hope that you follow me

emotional need, my greed, your love was what gave me strength
you stand while i fall, there where every smile hurts
now here to watch a new sun coming down to hurt me
each time it feels like when my sun comes down again

8. ...For God?

sanity is gone, nowhere to run, you drownes your mind in selfishness
you pray for god, but he cant come, you lust to dance with those flames
sold your conscious for porfits sake you just swallowed the snake
blind you walked the sinful path, for whom you pray? for god?

remaining are some human creatures, which vomit and folter prayers
the earth will set itself free like the trees from the leaves

so weak so sick too blind to see, that failures frown is watching you
you slayed the earth ignored the rules eternity will survive so face the truth

this souldead mass on which i stare is damned the wounds of earth to slit
the bloodred sun will newver again shine on you
i did escape in my own world, i lay on my smooth cloud with a grin
all life ends, and so does yours, you will never see the final day

9. Discourage


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