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"EgOd" (2002)

1. Insane Within
2. Where We Are One
3. Es Ist Ich
4. Cursing the Light
5. Rising
6. Adore Me
7. EgoGod
8. Tantalized
9. Enter my Despair

1. Insane Within

Is that what you tried to make of me
Feeding my desire with your lies
Painting darkest walls so fucking cold
Creating your new lies to hide the old
You can not unplug me You can not control me
Im not your programmed perfection
I still have uncoded dreams
Still am able to laugh and cry
Still am able to bleed and die
MY mind is often speaking different words
Words that you dont know, so Im insane?
My brains still dirty not washed yet
So cut my tongue, but Im insane within

2. Where We Are One

How can you dare to play with me
To lend me your hand in order to let me fall
in the moment
How can you dare to split the last rope holding me
Each instance here kills me cause you cannot see
how I suffer
Never again, I should open my heart
Its to fragile, to give it into your hands
I wish my tears could illuminate your cold heart
All the courage which you asked from me
All the heart blood demanded that I poured for you
Everything should be in vain now?
I close my eyes and turn inside me
and in my world I charm you with my words and my eyes
here inside me Ill love you because here you are mine

3. Es Ist Ich

Empty here nevertheless I have me however it is quite
MY thoughts are not arrenged as if out from water they
were and whose force Im not able to brake
I cant assume the space the temptation lures me
but I fear it
But the walls stand for my fear destroying all my courage
But I can feel it do not know it it eats my guts
pulling me into his spell
What can be that strong to hate isolation
What can be that strong to cause desperation
What praepares in me too much fear to look
I cannot flee but noone holds the hook
It must be a god somethings whose whole I dont understand

4. Cursing the Light

So cover me and comfort me
Help me stand and follow me
No false romance just me and you
touch my soul and help me through
Cursing the light my visions all corrode
Let light draw your road
Opened my eyes just to see for you
So wont you heal them with your cold caress
Opened my heart just to bleed with you
So wont you take it its what you possess
Cursing the light for stealing my sight
My visions all corode This is not you as I once knew
Just a passion trip
It kills me that there is no you

5. Rising

They told me not to hold up my head too high
Always crawl near the ground act on stand by
Never knew why Im hear Never asked what Im near
So give me gread let me bleed
Show me grief and let me live
Let me tell you not everything is as dead as you
Open your soul take a look up set yourself free
Now I know why Im here
Now I know there is no fear

6. Adore Me

Kill my hope and heal my sanity
Burn my soul and crush my dignity
But realize that it is me come feel me adore me
Give my strife and give me agony
Punish my life and love my insanity
Take my dreams and help me stand
Take my life , and make it end
So hear me, obey me, destroy me, erase me

7. EgoGod

Always wanted to be another one than me
Always wanted to be not that what you see
I keep on hurting me there I will never reach that
I struggle to conceal trying to get glad
A mirror in mind - Reflecting another one
Words through black veil - unloading the gun
Through all my weakness I found force
I reached uniqueness theres no remorse
Weeping - Sticking the head into the sand
I longed for someone to show me the end
Tried to find God in my weakest days
I finnally found that it is me to raise

8. Tantalized

I will kill you just to proof that Im god
And when Im done your flesh will be mine
The art of torture the maniac within
Only longing to get one in my head
So you feel free now with glass in your veins
So you feel fine now smelling like dead
This filthy rays should never hit my eyes again
The solar knife splits my head
With all those dead days I paint my walls
Only longing to get one in my head

9. Enter my Despair

Im all yours all my attention applies to passion
In darkness dancing through eternity
Here in our world nothing can hold us
Your smell and your look are making me lost
Each stone would only strengthen the wall around us
Each tear would only strenghten me and you
Watching the day... I return into your world
It is the place where love is dead
The laughter applies to my feelings they dont belong here
I must be cold give up love (not to drown in your world)
How long should I take part in this game
What if I cannot do it anymore?
What if I ask you to enter MY gate?
Will you follow me if I ask you to enter my despair


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