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Break The Curse

Album: ''Break The Curse'' (1990)
1. Blood Sacrifice
2. Brutal Warfare
3. Impulsation
4. Turn
5. New Beginnings
6. Break The Curse
7. Illusion Of Life
8. Your Last Breath
9. Journey Of Reconciliation
10. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order


Album: ''Mortification'' (1991)
1. Until The End
2. Brutal Warfare
3. Bathed In Blood
4. Satan`s Doom
5. Turn
6. No Return
7. Break The Curse
8. New Awakening
9. The Destroyer Beholds
10. Journey Of Reconciliation
11. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order

Scrolls Of The Megilloth

Album: ''Scrolls Of The Megilloth'' (1992)
1. Nocturnal
2. Terminate Damnation
3. Eternal Lamentation
4. Raise The Chalice
5. Lymphosarcoma
6. Scrolls Of The Megilloth
7. Death Requiem
8. Necromanticide
9. Inflamed
10. Ancient Prophecy

Post Momentary Affliction

Album: ''Post Momentary Affliction'' (1993)
1. Allusions From The Valley Of Darkness
2. From The Valley Of Shadows
3. Human Condition
4. Distarnish Priest
5. Black Lion Of The Mind
6. Grind Planetarium
7. Pride Sanitarium
8. Overseer
9. This Momentary Affliction
10. Flight Of Victory
11. Impulsation
12. Liquid Assets
13. Vital Fluids
14. The Sea Of Forgetfulness

Live Planetarium

Album: ''Live Planetarium'' (1993 Live album)
1. Grind Planetarium
2. Distarnish Priest
3. Brutal Warfare
4. Destroyer Beholds
5. Inflamed
6. Scrolls Of The Megilloth
7. Symbiosis
8. Time Crusaders
9. Black Snake (BLOODGOOD)
10. From The Valley Of The Shadows
11. Human Condition
12. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order
13. This Momentary Affliction

Blood World

Album: ''Blood World'' (1994)
1. Clan Of The Light
2. Blood World
3. Starlight
4. Your Life
5. Monks Of The High Lord
6. Symbiosis
7. Love Song
8. Live By The Sword
9. J.G.S.H.
10. Dark Allusions

Primitive Rhythm Machine

Album: ''Primitive Rhythm Machine'' (1995)
1. Primitive Rhythm Machine
2. Mephibosheth
3. Seen It All
4. The True Essence Of Power
5. Toxic Shock
6. 40 : 31
7. Gut Wrench
8. Confused Belief
9. Providence
10. Killing Evil

EnVision EvAngeline

Album: ''EnVision EvAngeline'' (1996)
1. EnVision EvAngeline (In Eight Parts)
2. Northern Storm
3. Peace In The Galaxy
4. Jehovah Nissi
5. Buried Into Obscurity
6. Chapel Of Hope
7. Noah Was A Knower
8. Crusade For The King

The Best of Five Years

Album: ''The Best of Five Years'' (1996 Best of/Compilation)
1. Blood Sacrifice
2. New Beginnings
3. The Destroyer Beholds
4. The Majestic Infiltration of Order
5. Nocturnal
6. Scrolls of the Megilloth
7. Grind Planetarium
8. Distarnished Priest
9. Brutal Warfare (Live)
10. Time Crusader (Live)
11. Blood World
12. Your Life
13. Primitive Rhythm Machine
14. Mephibosheth

Noah Sat Down And Listened to the Mortification Live EP While Having a Coffee

Album: ''Noah Sat Down And Listened to the Mortification Live EP While Having a Coffee'' (1996 EP)
1. Envision A Beginning
2. Buried Into Obscurity
3. Steve Talks
4. Noah Was A Knower
5. Interview with Steve

Live Without Fear

Album: ''Live Without Fear'' (1996 Live album)
1. Mephibosheth
2. Northern Storm
3. Primitive Rythm Machine
4. New Beginnings
5. Grind Planetarium
6. Bloodworld
7. Steve Talks
8. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order
9. Jesus Grind Satan's Head
10. Killing Evil

Triumph Of Mercy

Album: ''Triumph Of Mercy'' (1998)
1. At War With War
2. Triumph Of Mercy
3. Welcome To The Palodrome
4. From Your Side
5. Influence
6. Drain Dweller
7. Raw Is The Stonewood Temple
8. Unified Truth
9. Visited By An Angel

Hammer Of God

Album: ''Hammer Of God'' (1999)
1. Metal Crusade
2. Martyrs
3. Lock Up The Night
4. In The Woods
5. A Pearl
6. Hammer Of God
7. Liberal Mediocrity
8. Extreme Conditions
9. Ride The Light
10. D.W.A.M.
11. Medley
12. God Rulz
13. At War With War (97 Demo Version)
14. Visited By An Angel (97 Demo Version)
15. Unified Truth (97 Demo Version)
16. Metal Crusade (Instrumental Version)

10 Years Live Not Dead

Album: ''10 Years Live Not Dead'' (1999 Live album)
1. Dead Man Walking
2. Buried Into Obscurity
3. Medley
4. Martyrs
5. Peace in the Galaxy
6. Hammer of God
7. Influence
8. Steve Thanks
9. Mephibosheth
10. Chapel of Hope
11. Liberal Mediocrity
12. God Rulz
13. King of Kings

The Silver Cord Is Severed

Album: ''The Silver Cord Is Severed'' (2001)
1. Metal Blessing
2. Access Denied
3. Hardware
4. Bring The Joy
5. Standing At The Door Of Death
6. Whom They Would Kill
7. I Am A Revolutionary
8. Forsake The Flesh
9. Sensitive Nerve Endings
10. The Silver Cord Is Severed


Album: ''Relentless'' (2002)
1. Intro
2. Web of Fire
3. God Shape Void
4. Priests of the Underground
5. Bring Release
6. Syncretize
7. The Other Side of the Coin
8. Altar of God
9. Sorrow
10. 3 of a Kind
11. Arm of the Annointed
12. New York Skies
13. Apocalyptic Terror

Power, Pain & Passion - Ten Years 1990 - 2000

Album: ''Power, Pain & Passion - Ten Years 1990 - 2000'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Human Condition
2. Toxic Shock
3. Death Requiem
4. Martyrs
5. Satan's Doom
6. Hammer Of God (Live)
7. Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Live)
8. Mephibosheth (Live)
9. Buried Into Obscurity
10. Monks Of The High Lord
11. At War With War
12. Illusion Of Life
13. Metal Blessing (Live)
14. Standing At The Door Of Death (Live)
15. Your Life (Live)
16. Grind Planetarium (Live)

Brain Cleaner

Album: ''Brain Cleaner'' (2004)
1. Boaconstrictor
2. Too Much Pain
3. Purest Intent
4. Free As a Bird
5. Brain Cleaner
6. I'm Not Your Commodity
7. The Flu Virus
8. Livin' Like a Zombie
9. 12 Men *
10. Louder than the Devil
11. E.D



Australian band Mortification is the first Christian death metal band to have burst forth onto major metal record labels such as Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade over the years. Formed in the late 80s, the band has gone through several times of difficulty and bankruptcy, only to pull together in the end and manage another release year after year. After their fourth album, Mortification changed styles from death metal to thrash, and even took on power metal and traditional metal influences in their later days. The band has recently returned to their thrash/death metal roots from their "glory" days. The line-up has also changed many times, but bassist and vocalist Steve Rowe has remained since the beginning.

Thrash/Death Metal


Australia (Moorabbin, Victoria), formed in 1990

Rowe Productions


Steve Rowe - Vocals, Bass (ex-Light Force)
Michael Jelinic - Guitars (Terraphobia)
Damien Percy - (Session) Drums (ex-Skymaze, Demolition (Aus))

Lincoln Bowen (Day of Atonement, ex-The Eternal (Aus))
Jeff Lewis (Sympathy, Abolishment of Hate)
Jason Campbell (also vocals) (Erase (Can))
Cameron Hall (1990 - 1991)
Michael Carlisle (1991-1994)
George Ochoa ( Deliverance (US),Vengeance Rising (as Simon Dawg), Recon) (1994-1996)

Jayson Sherlock (Paramaecium, Horde, Altera Enigma)
Keith Banister
Phil Gibson (Day of Atonement, Desolate Eternity)
Adam Zaffarese
Bill Rice
Mike Forsberg (ex-Cybergrind, ex-Catwitch, ex-Dimentia (Aus))


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