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Live Without Fear

"Live Without Fear" (1996 Live album)

1. Mephibosheth
2. Northern Storm
3. Primitive Rythm Machine
4. New Beginnings
5. Grind Planetarium
6. Bloodworld
7. Steve Talks
8. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order
9. Jesus Grind Satan's Head
10. Killing Evil

1. Mephibosheth

David made a covenant with Jonathan
A promise of trust, the spilling of blood
Slaughter the heifer, walk between two parts
Off with my head if I break the oath

Blood covenant

Jonathan died in battle
David, ascend to the throne
Mephibosheth a cripple
Son of Jonathan lost
Left behind as they fled
Oath of death upon David's head

The search went out for Mephibosheth
Caught, imprisoned, cursing rebel
Brought before King David's throne
Thought that death was imminent
David remembers the covenant oath
He'll show kindness to Jonathan's house
Seen as now the son of the king
All that was Saul's would now be his

You are Mephibosheth
David, symbolic of God
Your resisting His throne
The blessing of the blood covenant
Christ died for you, you don't even know

2. Northern Storm

Northern Storm, invading the heart of my mind
Northern Storm, changing the mind of my heart

Power from on high, nothing compares with this awesome force
You must decide to never reject this powerful name
The thunder strikes, the chords of your heart feel the joy
The reign begins, how can anyone not love His ways

Northern Storm, piercing the ways of my soul
Northern Storm, directing the soul of my ways

Inflicting with power, my soul is possessed in a moment
Total control, noone can take this peace away
Mental persuation, Jesus Christ the reign has begun
Throne of my heart, called and chosen for this day

Invasion of my mind
The storm cloud builds overhead
Do not deny the Power
Of the storm to revive

How can you feel the reign of the storm if you deny
Look to the wind, the king of all who strikes with Power
The storm is a fire, invading those with a heart of belief
Nothing will come, only the reborn bath in the force

The Power, to revive, The Power, to revive, The Power

3. Primitive Rythm Machine

Primitive Rhythm Machine, it's the true, rhythm of
the natives, tho wholy rhythm. God creates, jungle beats
Evil, only perverts

African tribes, L.A. gangs, Australian natives
Europeans will know about
Salvation, the time has come to change your ways
Throw your conceptions out, look to people, not yourself
High and mighty, that's not right. God created all things

That's all men
That's all music
That's everything

Glacial dwellers, South Americans, tribal people
All men must know about
Salvation, the time has come to change your ways
All this music will all pass, it's just part of this world
God's music of all nations. All parts of God's creation

Hard music, soft sounds, street beats
Music crowds will know about
Salvation, the time has come, to change your ways
Look beyond a culture style, yourself on what's right
You must turn around, to know your Creator

Heavy, music, rhythm, God's way

4. New Beginnings

At the dawn of time
God made man
He made a covenant
Perfect plan

Man disobeyed from the very first age
Now need Jesus to be saved
With sin you must now be finished
Make way for new beginnings

All through history
Man's hated God
Like Sodom's lust

New beginnings
In your life
New beginnings
Born again

The western world
Is just like Sodom
You'd better change now
Or face judgement

Many have chosen
Eternal death
Many have chosen
Eternal life

5. Grind Planetarium

Grind planetarium
Pride, lacerated from my mind
Grind planetarium
New, destroying all that is blind deceit

Bringing forth flesh denial
Stardom farces
Capture those of false arise

Manipulation of other to
Bring about succes
Those of flesh will see you're false

Christian warfare
Kill the stars exalt the cause
Mass exposure
Is what we want but for our Lord

6. Bloodworld

Hatred wasting mankind, racism, black and white
Kill your neighbour, what do you care, he is worthless scum
Open your eyes, see the truth, we are all of dust

Blood world, the blood of life
Who will care, who will unite?
Blood world, the blood of Christ
All men are equal in his sight

Loneliness destroying lives, rejected, hated, despised
Kill your neighbour, what do you care, he was born to be lost
A hated man, scorn of your laugh, seeing yourself first

Care, share, be fair, be aware

Christ uniting mankind, equal black and white
Love your neighbour as yourself, you are your brother's keeper
Open your eyes, see the truth, hatred is a killer

7. Steve Talks

8. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order

God Rulz...

9. Jesus Grind Satan's Head

Jesus Grind Satan's Head
Jesus Grind Satan's Head
His head is dead

10. Killing Evil

Killng Evil


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