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EnVision EvAngeline

"EnVision EvAngeline" (1996)

1. EnVision EvAngeline (In Eight Parts)
2. Northern Storm
3. Peace In The Galaxy
4. Jehovah Nissi
5. Buried Into Obscurity
6. Chapel Of Hope
7. Noah Was A Knower
8. Crusade For The King

1. EnVision EvAngeline (In Eight Parts)

1. EnVision EvAngelene

[Part 1 - Musical Prelude - Emaculate Conception]
[Part 2 - Musical Prelude 2 - The Imminent Messiah]

[Part 3 - Persecuted Quest]

[Luke 1 and 2]
We see the pain and glory of the Son of man
Virgin birth brought him for mankind
Heal the sick and drive demons from the possessed
Awesome to see, finally your plan

For mankind, your glory is revealed
Though some heed him, many cause him pain

The lost shall be found, in weakness they are strong
Those who long for life, flock to his side
where love is nigh

[Part 4 - The words at the supper]

[Luke 22:14-23]
Now what's this sudden word
What's he mean God when he speaks of death
Surely you would not subject him
to that of which he speaks
We cannot see what's the plan of this
He's shown your awesome glory to the world of man
They don't even heed it

You see the wretched sin, why send your son to die
If these words he speaks are true?
You are not answering us God
Please reveal to us your mind
Did you really send him to suffer and to die?

Take the wine and take the bread, he says
Do this in my rememberance
What is he saying? We won't let him die
We'll be there at his call, demons will not take him

One of you will betray me and one of you deny
we've heard him speak this way
Angelic presence, we must rise and attack
demons against the Son of man

Surely he will not resign
Surely he will not resign
Surely not!!!

[Part 5 - Angelic Sufferance]

[Luke 23:26-49, Luke 15, Luke 53:7, Mark 15:34]
Fear and terror fill our skies
Demons gather against us
In formation we rise
The power of God is with us
We wield it with force
The Holy Spirit is beneath us
but wait, what's this?

They whip him, they scourge him
with hatred in their eyes
They beat him, they mock him
tearing at his face
They've hung him, they punch him,
blood gushes from his mouth
Why doesn't he cry out, we are ready and waiting
to cut those people down driven by demons
Satan is prevailing, God He is not calling
God He is not calling, God He is not calling!!!

Frantically we return and gush through heaven's gate
Gabriel hysterical, order in your ranks
We turn to the Father, His face not moved
We cry out WHY! We can hardly believe
Lord, please commission us, commission us
Commission us, please, God!!!

We see the nails burst the holy flesh
with holy godly hatred we seethe against satan
The Son of man hangs, the blackness folds around
The Father cries and turns
NO!!! we cry out
What is this, save him we plead
Save Him, Save Him, Save Him!!!

Sudden silence, God hangs his head
In crushing pain we fall

[Part 6 - Angelic Resurgence]

[Mark 16:1-8, Revelation 1:12-18]
Myriads rise expectant
We look down with hope filled eyes
We cannot believe the sight
Alright! Alright!!!

Jesus has risen, He's come back to life
He's taken the keys to death and hell
Now we can see, sorry for the doubt
The death of Christ to save the souls of man
Oh God, what a plan!
Every knee shall bow, man will not doubt
after seeing His victory
Alright! Lookout!

Here comes the Christ
In clouds of grace we embrace
Total exhilaration on angelic faces
The Son of man has returned in victory over death
Yes!!! [Lead solo]

[Part 7 - Frustrated Vision]

[1 Peter 4:12-16]
Lust and fear and hate and pain reign across the land
God, let us kill the ways, annihilate the plan
Wars, death, famine, aids, man accepts the pain
Only your saints prevail, renew, revive their light

[Part 8 - Please Tarry]

[1 Peter 5:8-9, 2 Cor. 10:3-6, Rev. 20:11-15]
The church is on the rise
God, the ones who know the light
We stand by their side, in affliction we fight
The demons work all night
They know the time is short, warfare in sight
But many more will come
We know the time is near, when Jesus you return
God we question You no more
But please tarry, more are coming
and your saints are faithful

The day is nigh!!!

2. Northern Storm

[Chorus 1]
Northern Storm, invading the heart of my mind
Northern Storm, changing the mind of my heart
Power from on high, nothing compares with this awesome
You must decide to never reject this powerful name
The thunder strikes, the chords of your heart feel the
The reign begins, how can anyone not love His ways

[Chorus 2]
Northern Storm, piercing the ways of my soul
Northern Storm, directing the soul of my ways

Inflicting with power, my soul is possessed in a
Total control, noone can take this peace away
Mental persuation, Jesus Christ the reign has begun
Throne of my heart, called and chosen for this day

Invasion of my mind
The storm cloud builds overhead
Do not deny the Power of the storm to revive

[Chorus 1 repeat]

How can you feel the reign of the storm if you deny
Look to the wind, the king of all who strikes with
The storm is a fire, invading those with a heart of
Nothing will come, only the reborn bath in the force

[Bridge repeat]

The Power, to revive, The Power, to revive, The Power

3. Peace In The Galaxy

[1 Timothy 4:1-3, 2 Tim. 3:1-5, 2 Cor. 11:13-14]
Fascination with the stars
Consequences of the crystal factor
Answers to life are far
Looking for hope in all the wrong places

[Bridge 1]
Destined to die, lost in lies, fated
Hating your life, answers none taken

Transcendental meditation
Separation to the new age
Satan has bound your mind
The angel of light transfixion

[Bridge 1 repeat]

And there'll be peace in the galaxy
when people trust the truth in Christianity, Sanctity

[Chorus repeat x 1.5]

Situation of change
You must arise and forsake
Satanic lies of today
Arise and embrace the glory

[Bridge 2]
Destined for life, found in Christ, salvation
Loving your life, answers all taken

[Chorus repeat x 2]

4. Jehovah Nissi

[Exodus 17:8-16]
Jehovah Nissi, the Lord is my banner in war
Jehovah Nissi, upholding the armour of God

Amalek came at Israel
Moses ordered Joshua choose some men
Go out and fight
Tomorrow I will stand on top of the hill

With the rod of God in my hand
I will raise the banner [x2]

[Chorus repeat]

Joshua rounded the men
Israel fought with Amalek
Moses, Aron, Hur on top of the hill
When Moses raised his hands Israel prevailed

[Prechorus repeat]

[Musical bridge]

Moses hands became heavy
so they put a stone under them
Aron and Hur support their friend
until the going down of the sun
Joshua defeated Amalek
and so it was with the power of the sword
written in the memorial book
The Lord is my banner in war!

[Pre chorus repeat]

[Chorus repeat]

And the Lord has shown
He will have war with Amalek
from generation to generation

[Musical bridge repeat]

With the rod of God in my hand [x3]
Jehovah Nissi

5. Buried Into Obscurity

[Romans 6:1-12, Romans 6:16, Ephesians 2:1-10]
Ripped off by the the fears of your mind
Buried without release
Christ's love brings healing
False fear erased
Battle of the flesh to overcome your fear
Believe in release, face your fears and win

Unfulfilled in the call of your life
No faith in your cause
Believing the lie that you are nought
Can you ever succeed

[Chorus repeat]

Buried into obscurity

Hold your faith power, push your fear down

Beating the fears with your faith
Lifting the holy cause
God can surely use your life
when you're bold in heart

[Chorus repeat]

Raised into eternity

Hold your faith power, push your fear down

[Verse 1 repeat]

[Chorus repeat]

6. Chapel Of Hope

[Hebrews 10:23-25]
The congregation of the weeping saints
should never be allowed to be forsaken
The suffering and sorrow, the pain of our tomorrows
can be healed by prayer and love amazing
Fear the enemy of our faith
Clean your life of lonely breath
Lifting silent prayer be made
In comfort congregate

Chapel of Hope, a haven for our souls
Chapel of Hope, together we stand tall

The instigation of fear against our faith
can bring out the weakness tomorrow
Gathering in comfort, the prayer of our fathers
covering the weakness in our souls of life

[Prechorus repeat]

[Chorus repeat x2]

The supplication, prayers of the priest
covering the holy congregation
The intercession for the mass of God
prepares the spirits of the faithful

[Chorus repeat]

Chapel of Hope [x5]

7. Noah Was A Knower

[Genesis 6:1-9 and Genesis 7]
Noah was a knower, he knew the heart of God
Noah was a knower, to build the wooden ark [x2]
All the animals crawling on the ground
couldn't help that man had fallen
God looked down with an awful frown,
knew he must bring lots of water
Drown the sins there to be found
Man had disobeyed his calling
There is someone who is holy
He must work to save the animals

[Chorus repeat]

Noah was praying, just hanging around
shut his face from all who'd fallen
God said build the Ark right now,
save the animals from the water
Noah had faith in God's command
even though he'd never seen thunder
Got to working with his family

building the Ark

[Chorus repeat]

100 years of banging tools
Laughed at by his neighbours scorn
40 days and 40 nights
Smelly animals all around

[Middle bit]
God's calling is always a challenge
It may not be what you would seem
But following his ways through life
ends up leading to the mountain top

Heard the animals two by two
Chooks and cows and kangaroos
Close the doors as rain comes down
All his neighbours start to drown
As the boat began to rock
all the sin was washed away
100 years of real hard work
Noah sat down and had a coffee

Finally the waters went
Noah was on the mountain top
The rainbow came as a new promise
God would show his mercy often

[Middle bit repeat]

[Chorus repeat]

8. Crusade For The King

[2 Corinthians 10:3, Ephesians 6:10-13]
Crusader, Crusade for the King
Immortal, set fire to the world
The love of our faith, the Saviour
Hating the ways of evil
Darkness descends on battle, crushing extremes
The Sword of the Spirit, equip us
to keep our heart of freedom
Cover the sky with angels sovereignly prayed

[Chorus repeat]

Now rend your heart with solace
Satanic force will die
Saving our souls in battle, our Christian faith
Living with reign of Jesus, breaking the legions
Evil in horror, their fatal grave

Your blood, the saints, cover your soul
Offer your life to Christ, Eternal

Cover the blood of the saints
with the power of God
Offer your life to Chrust, your soul eternal
Kill the ways of hell, starve the evil
Raise the word, defiance, plunder Beelzebub

[Chorus repeat]

[Interlude - Eph. 6:10-13]
Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord
and in the power of His might
Put on the whole armour of God
that you may be able to stand
Against the wiles of the devil
for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood
but against principalities and powers
Against the rulers of the darkness of this age
Against spiritual hosts of wickedness
in heavenly places
[Verse 1 repeat]

[Bridge repeat]

[Chorus repeat]


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