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Skullfucking Armageddon

Album: ''Skullfucking Armageddon'' (1999)
1. Lords Of Apokalypse
2. Nocturnized
3. Sodomythical Frostgoats
4. Ironflames Of Hate
5. Diabolical Witching Aggression
6. Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell
7. Socerique Baphostorms
8. Torment In Fire

Kaos Kommand 696

Album: ''Kaos Kommand 696'' (2002)
1. Christfuckingchrist
2. Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts
3. Wardaemonic Overkill
4. Atomic Wrath Of Azzazzel
5. Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit
6. Bloodred Angelshred
7. Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate!
8. Kaos Kommand 696

Paramount Evil

Album: ''Paramount Evil'' (2004)
1. Sunrise Defloration
2. Carbonized
3. Indomitable Fist of Decius
4. Reign The Vulture
5. Adonai Made Excrement
6. Pillars of Perversion
7. Mighty Impiety
8. Sunset Detonation

Formidonis Nex Cultus

Album: ''Formidonis Nex Cultus'' (2007)
1. Genocidio Primero
2. Terror. Death. Worship !
3. B.O.A.R (Beast of Abominable Regiments)
4. Escalate the Pestilence
5. Vomit Jehovah Vomit
6. Aten.. Once Upon
7. The Blitzkrieg Omega
8. Death Squad
9. Ready to Explode



Impiety's diabolical birth began in January 1990 with : Shyaithan (bass/vocals), XXXul (guitars) and Iblyss (battery) under heavy influences of SODOM, early BATHORY, early SARCOFAGO, early POSSESSED, early MORBID ANGEL , INCUBUS (fl.), BLASPHEMY, SEXTRASH, etc. IMPIETY recorded & released a 5 song promo tape in 1992 entitled "Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration", despite it's low sound production , it was positively received and praised very well in the metal underground worldwide. In 1993, IMPIETY was signed-up by SHIVADARSHANA .. XXXul , left the band & in came Leprophiliac Rex. The band's first diabolical release with the Dutch-Masters was the "Salve the Goat ... Iblis Excelsi" 2 song 7" single in 94'. IMPIETY had improved technically in achieving a better production sound and also their own sadistic hell art of barbaric Black Death! The response to the single was overwhelming & all 3000 copies have been sold with 500 licensed to Fudgeworthy Records (U.S.), released on limited marble-vinyl. The 2 different pressings of this diabolical 7"EP are not available anymore. After the 7" release , a 4th member Abyydos was recruited to give IMPIETY a full fuckin' powerful, infernal Nuclear~sound . Abyydos took control of all lead/rhythm guitars , Leprophiliac Rex (bass) , Iblyss (battery) and Shyaithan (vocals) . And with this line-up , "Asateerul Awaleen" , the quartet's debut CD album of 8 fucking Black witching HellMetal tracks , under Shivadarshana was recorded in mid 95' & released in mid 96' . "Asateerul Awaleen" sold out all 4000 copies pressed in a digipak format and the response (reviews) from most major magazines were more than satisfying & undeniably incredible! IMPIETY also recorded a 5-song MCD entitled "Funeralight..." due for release early 1997 , exculsively once again by Shivardarshana . But Shivadarshana ran into financial problems and shut down, and so the MCD was never pressed . However a Limited edition Cassette-MLP of 2500 copies was pressed by an independant label Ultra~Hingax Productions from Malaysia. All copies were quickly sold out in S.E.Asia alone. Ultra~Hingax Productions never had good distribution channels worldwide and so there was much dissapointment to IMPIETY's hellhordes, as "Funeralight..." never did see the light in Europe/US at all. Just shortly after the "Funeralight..." recording, Shyaithan kicked Iblyss out after a dispute & at the same time, Abyydos had to leave as he had been called into the Army . Frontman Shyaithan, appointed new, demonlords to the line~up... namely Fyraun and Dajjal. Fyraun (guitars) was quick to learn all songs of IMPIETY and so was Dajjal (battery) , both had been long playing in various Black/Death metal outfits prior to joining. The band immediately started delivering Live shows with the new lineup and all shows generated excellent response from truest of barbarians, warmongering fans and press alike.

1992 Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration (demo) -No label

1994 Salve The Goat ... Iblis Excelsi (7" EP) -Shivadarshana

1996 Asateerul Awaleen -Shivadarshana

1997 Funeralight... (MC) -Ultra-Hingax Productions

1999 Skullfucking Armageddon -Dies Irae Productions

2002 Kaos Kommand 696 -Osmose Productions

2004 Two Majesties: An Arrogant Alliance Of Satan's Extreme Elite (split 7" EP w/ Surrender Of Divinity) -Unholy Horde

2004 Paramount Evil -Impiety

Death/Black/Thrash Metal

Antichristian war themes

Singapore (Bedok Central), formed in 1990

Agonia Records


Shyaithan - Vocals, Guitars
Mike Priest - Guitars (Absence of the Sacred)
Iron Shaikh - Bass (Northern Alliance, Dusk (Pak))
Tremor - Drums (Cardiac Necropsy, Bunuh, Arbitrary Element, Ilemauzar)

Drums :
Fauzzt (Chaos Regal, ex-As Sahar, ex-Kibosh Sibyl Kismet, ex-Rejex, Hail, ex-Meltingsnow)
Iblyss (Abhorer, ex-As Sahar)
Dajjal (Abattory, Sadiztik Impaler)
Dagoth (Abhorer, ex-Abattory, Xasthur (Sgp), Profancer, Demonification)
Oscar Garcia (Demonized (Mex), Hacavitz, Domain (Mex), Ravager)

Bass :
Demonomancer (Balberith)
Leprophiliac Rex
Kravnos (Abattory)
Babar Sheikh (Dusk (Pak), Northern Alliance)

Guitars :
Fyraun (Sadiztik Impaler, Profancer, Xasthur (Sgp))
Antimo Buonnano (Blood Reaping, Demonized (Mex), Hacavitz, Disgorge (Mex), Domain (Mex), Ravager, Profanator)
Al-Marhum Abyydoss
Eduardo Guevara (Hacavitz, Blood Reaping, Cenotaph (Mex), Raped God, Rapture (Mex))


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