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Paramount Evil

"Paramount Evil" (2004)

1. Sunrise Defloration
2. Carbonized
3. Indomitable Fist of Decius
4. Reign The Vulture
5. Adonai Made Excrement
6. Pillars of Perversion
7. Mighty Impiety
8. Sunset Detonation

1. Sunrise Defloration

The Bestial Hatred of the Rising Sun,
Is cast upon this Dawn,
Of Infernal '37,
Samurais Proudly Triumph,
The Land of Nanjing fell,
Into the beastly claws of Imperialists.

Swords of the samurai rise high,
Beheading the Mortal precise,
Babies thrown up to the sky,
Rusty bayonets, silencing their cries

Raping their daughters, raping their sons,
Fathers and mothers were forced to,
or face a merciless execution.
But all of them shall only die,
Because their lives are meaningless,
Worthless in every Sense!

Violent orgasmic pleasures...
Corpses pile up in masses...


Violated and butchered
In just 6 weeks,
of Brutal Invasion...
A Land soaked in blood,
Destined for no hope,
over an orgy or rape and murder!

And so it seem their fucking gods of stone,
Can do absolutely nothing...


Hellish be the Rays of the Rising Sun,
Perishing lives, incinerating souls...

Coldly satiating their lust and hatred,
dedicated to the art of Annihilation...

And the defloration...
Sunrise defloration...

2. Carbonized

Open wide the gates of Eden,
Trains of the flock have arrived,
Herded into rows forced to march,
Welcome to the Kingdom of the Accursed...

Stripped of all clothes and disgraced,
Angel of Death gives the command,
Those who shall work and will die
Those biologically blessed!

Baptized cold in zyklon,
Celebrate the extermination,
A relentless Sadistic Ritual,
Forward march to Annihilation...

See their stinking corpses.
Left to rot and pile up high,
Another hundred thousand,
Awaiting their cruel demise...

Experiments conducted on the young,
Twins carved twisted into form,
The pregnant dissected in pain,
Aborting all innocence to death...

Castrate proud bearers of te star,
electrocute those who so deserve,
Lethally inject witj petrol,
Lethally infect with all virus...

And so, is this all a heinous crime
against humanity?
we applaud the wanton brutality,
Anti-Jewish Supremacy!

Into the blazing Krematoria...

Carbonized - Flaming flesh to smoldering ash...

Carbonized - Filthy flesh to sacred ash...

Crude and Vulgar, Decimations,
Add splendor to his name,
Mengele was no angel nor the Devil,
But a man committed
And Possessed by all evil!

To fuel the fires -with hate,
To fuel the fires - their fate...

3. Indomitable Fist of Decius

Ascend the throne o' mighty master,
Preserve the oath of ancient souls,
The gods have spoken so reign in terror,
Eradicate those who scorn your throne...
Lies of Christ will never serve, the bleeding cross they so deserve,
The time has come to overturn, demolish and crush those Religious...

Known to all,
christianity, is set to bring about your fall,
Aimed at, demolishing,
The sacred elders of your ancient cult.
Let there be honor,
Let there be absolute control,
Over your empire, in your name,
as their savage deaths unfold

Thrown to the lions to be feasted upon,
Eradicate the flock who preach
The cross, we spit upon...

Sacrifices in Pagan temples,
Oblations made to please the gods,
Forcing christians to purge their faith, descend into apostasy,
Lies of christ will never serve, the bleeding cross they so deserve,
The time has come to overturn, demolish and crush those religious...

They shall obey or face your wrath,
Just cast them to the arena,
Crucify and behead them,
Burn all at the stake...
Flagellate and mutilate,
Send thousands to their grave,
And so you shall forever remain
The Indomitable Fist!

Be hailed almighty Trajan Decius,
For the triumphant annihilation,
Destruction, demise and desecration,
For the benefit of this earth...

Be hailed almighty Trajan Decius,
For the bloodiest decimations,
Contempt, hate and Abomination,
For the benefit of this world

4. Reign The Vulture

Wings of torment descend!
From the blackness high above,
Into Stench Divine...
Talons of iron and steel,
Searing through flesh,
Feast of the Foul...

Son of the dragon,
Prince of Wallachia,
Renowned for his reign,
And blood soaked terror...
Infamous ruler,
fearless warrior,
Dark is his kingdom,
in the cold heart of Romania...
Vlad Tepes,
Infernal Commander,
Defending attacks from,
The ottoman empire,
Deliverer of misery,
Sadistic abhorrer,
Never defy,
This ruthless Torturer...

Sharpen and oil those wooden stakes,
Insert with care so they will not die,
Hoist them high for all to see...
The pleasures of pain now come alive...

Content with pleasure that all is secured,
Fearfull of this ruler the enemies abort,
A forest of spikes is for all to behold,
Rejoice in Pain - All impaled!
Skinned, then hung or crushed by the wheel,
Boiled and burned alive was scarce i was told,
An obsession with cruelty, Distorting the dead,
Now consume the carrions my vultures...



With the mark of the devil etched onto his blade,
Invincible so was this fierce impaler,
Casting death throughout his kingdom,
Casting pain to all the feeble...
When finally the OttomanTurks invaded,
Attacked and crushed his army of warriors,
Beheaded was he, decapitated...
The full moon night mournfully Dissipated...

Til this day there prevails a strong presence of his soul...
And clearly it can be seen and felt through the eyes of the vulture...

5. Adonai Made Excrement

6. Pillars of Perversion

7. Mighty Impiety

8. Sunset Detonation


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