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Kaos Kommand 696

"Kaos Kommand 696" (2002)

1. Christfuckingchrist
2. Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts
3. Wardaemonic Overkill
4. Atomic Wrath Of Azzazzel
5. Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit
6. Bloodred Angelshred
7. Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate!
8. Kaos Kommand 696

1. Christfuckingchrist

Legions of fury
Open fire
Demonic hatred
Infernal desire
Crushing, fucking, killing, destroying
Comes the necro genocidal wrath
Tearing wings off angels
Beheading the holy son
Blasphemies profoundly piercing
Through the heart
Daemonic hordes march grim and proud
Weilding high bloodied blades
Unveil the kommand to slay and kill
Kill for kommand!
Hordes of god, you've fought to die
Arranging corpses upon my altar
Unhallowed offering to exalted one

Descending blasphemous deliverance, in the sign of the aftermath...
The conquering
Hell's bestial warfare

I am the beast, that revolves round your soul
Every creation and man must die
Heavenly realms crushed by fire and stone
Armed and ready to launch the attack
Writhing angels wingless they fall
I grimly smile slaying one by one
Summoned wardaemons deliver all blows
Devouring all in sight and around

Damnation rides burning shadows
We invert your hordes and crush your feeble
Hordes of god, you'll only die
Arranging corpses upon my altar, an eternal offering
To exalted one...
Abominate, eternal war and hate
A vision so twisted and uncontrolled
Into a reality, my legions fight
End now... this fucking cunt who lied and envisioned a promised hell
We drink his blood and stand, invicible
Tyrants of death
The end
Your dead lord was a whore

2. Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts

We storm through whirlwinds of hate
Vengeance arise
Gladiators of nuklear warfare
Volcanic wrath
Exterminating mankind at will
Chaste blood flows
Sadistic, ferocious and grim
We shred all souls

Beasts so infernal
Beasts we're so proud to be
Beasts of eternal (battle)
Beasts of Impiety!

Nefariously in reign
Turning all we touch to dust
Blasphemous assault on god's flock
Barbarously in reign
Kommanding nocturnal warlust
Blessed be our enemies
All but die!
Exterminating mankind at will
Chaste blood flows
Sadistic, ferocious and grim
We'll fuck your soul

Raise, your bloodfilled cups to an eternal of imperial abyssic hate
Fight, our legions envenom, krush and exterminate tormented souls
Black visions and cruelty, satanic terror we bring now destroying this forsaken world
Empowered by the forces of blasphemy
We cease to step down from our thrones
Purging endless victories
Sadistik lords of battle rise!

3. Wardaemonic Overkill

Wage war!
Battalions forged in blackest hate
The casting of demonic baphospells
By the warlords of blackest death!

Bestial cruelty and wrath unfolds, the sign for the kill has arrived
Legions march and storm with fury, the law of the saw a sworn allegiance
Under shrouds of smoldering blasphemy, wardemons sound their charge
From horn to horn and razor jawss, they feast proud on the enemies demise
Satanized... satanized

An undertaken oath for a triumph of hate, a triumph of death
Erupted vengeance
Purged from hell!
Grimmest wars we'll fight to our deaths
As long as the cunts alive
Conquerors of fire and power
Undamnating purity
Butchering the flock of christ
Malevolent exterminators

Wardaemonic overkill
The carnage has long begun
Wardaemonic overkill
Creators of hate shall triumph
Ravaged by jagged blades of steel
Revenge an art so fine
Hacking, carving, slaying at will
Diseased carrions are mine
An endless heinous massacre
Baptizing horizons in blood
Sempiternal blissful onslaught
In hatred I abhorrrently smile

Eradicate the enemy, take aim and commence.. strike
Weapons of blasphemous combat, engage in eternal fight
Horned sentinals of Satan celebrate immolation rites by night
Bring on the kaos, embrace all hatred with might
Imminent call for decimation
Cruel visions of death... by power!

4. Atomic Wrath Of Azzazzel

Chaos enthroned
Atomic wrath explodes with power
Holocaust inferno
Radiates the sunless nether

Diabolical eruption
Flames of napalm engulf horizons
Damnation eternal
This curse made final!

Majestic Azzazzel
Master of Satanic battle supremacy
Exalted for ten thousand eternities!
Behold the unchallenged
Fury of, thy relentless atomic wrath
Majestic Azzazzel...

Coronated beast
Overlord bastard exhaling fire
Burning the heavens
Blazing all souls

Emperial tyrant
Ripping the flesh of dying gods
Bringer of kaos
Thermo-nuklear bliss

Armies and battalions of demons
Attack and destroy all sacred
Pride, so sacrilegious and hateful
Of apokalyptik demonic fury

Almighty hailz o' bapholord

Triggering the kaos kommand
Hell's battles under the claw
Obeying, serving, fighting
Eternal impious necro combat!

Unleashed upon god's flock of innocent dying pigs
Unveil our master's wrath
Nuklear winds convey their blessed death and foul defeat
Behold our master's wrath

Diabolical eruption
Flames of napalm engulf horizons
Damnation eternal
This curse made final!

Almighty hailz o' bapholord
Unleash your atomic wrath!

5. Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit

Lords of the ancient live tell
Prevalance of a supreme horde
Vicious snarling goatdemonz
Of 8foot jet black steel horns
With razor sharp serpentlike tails
They flagellate and lash
Brutallity vomiting the heavens
With black biochemical disease!

Puking upon
The ugly face
Of your god
Puking upon
The holy face
Of swines to die
Spewing forth
Black semen
Viral pus and blood
Lethal seeds of hate
Spill to kill
Bestial genocidal
Bestial genocidal

Bathoric vomit attack
World of jesus decaying
Spreading the pestilence
Evil outbreak of disease

Acidic thunderous vomitstorms
Goatdemons borne on crooked wings
Flood realms of frost and fire
And unto all of those
Trapped in this rain of puke
Deteriorot your corroding carrion!

6. Bloodred Angelshred

The cruelties
So profound
The sacred art of rape and carve

Tender flightless wings, all hacked to pieces

Beheading all
Of those in white
We reap their flesh!

Of divinity
Commence crucifucking worthless dying angels!

Seraphic desecration
Behead them one by one

Perversive retribution
Devour their sacred cunts

Angels, you shall not fly
Angels, you bleed in vain to die
Angels, we feast on you
Descending death-assault under shadows

Let the holy blood flow torrential
Brutally drain these ugly whores
Celestial sentinals of christ have lost

Black blood necro-fornication
Horned beasts thrust and sodomize
Violently feasting, tonight

On their pathetic faces
Fornicate them all!

Slaying, butchering
Shredding, hammering
Reigning barbarities
Demonic perversities

Bloodred angelshred!
Bloodred angelshred!

Impaled up high and inverted
Vulgarly disfigured
Excelerated demise!
To satiate infernal lust
Ravaged corpses decaying
A devilish feast!

None of them will survive
All of them will but die
Creations now undivine
Demonz and deathlords of slaughter, prey their fate
Desecrating eternal
(their) Enraptured grace

Shred them all!

Beheading all
Of those in white
We reap their flesh!

Surrender of divinity
Commence crucifucking worthless dying angels
Shred and devour

7. Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate!

Battles, raging ferocious
Slaughters, cruel and cold
Decapitation of false messiahs
Ceremonial fornication
Of the virgin mother whore
Spit semen upon her face!

Throughout aeons, we destroy their fucking cross
Kingdom of weakest power
We defecate your christian faith
Dismantling the heavens
Deadly blessings of bestial fire
Abominate, fornicate, desecrate!

Commandment of highest order
Impurest blasphemies blast the heavens
Cremains raining down from hellfernal skies!
Chained to tarnished altars of gold
Spread wide succulent nunwhores
Commence the necro orgasmic ritual
Slit their throats upon their sexual climax

Sowing a thousand imperial seeds of abomination
Fertilized headless whores
Each engraved in steel cocoons
Watch the birth of fierce proud infernal demons
Hail the birth of fierce proud infernal legions

We promised you nothing but a whirlwind of hateful death!
We promised you nothing but a maelstrom of blackest death!
We promised you nothing but to slay your god and detonate
We promised you nothing but to krush your soul and desecrate!

Raise up your atomic weapons
And aim sky high
Sodomizing the heavens
Over time
Kingdom of weakest power

8. Kaos Kommand 696

I can see demons, infernal legions
Storming attack, upon christianity
We are the reason, death is in season
Krushing the swines who hail this whore
Kaos infernal, kaos eternal
Detonating god and demolish the heavens
Aiming directly, hitting perfectly
Blowing up the head of christ!

Wardemons celebrate blasphemy
Spawn endless procreate
Raped jehovah in death's victory
Assemble, launch and krush
Kaos: the hellfernal kommand
Mass destruction of mankind
Emperor of battles
Worldwide extermination!

Fantastic lie
Ancient joke
Holy trinity
A blessed hell
Flock of god
All must die!

Scorching, our master's vengeance
Excruciating hellish atomic death
Consecrate, exalted luciferian empires
Resurrect, volcanic strength the elders shared

Hellfuck, tenacious beasts yield the claw
Tenacious beasts enthrust the claw
Jesus christ...
We denounce all your rights to exist
Shameless lies
Jesus christ...
All must die!

I can see demons, infernal legions
Storming attack, upon christianity
We are the reason, death is in season
Krushing the swines who hail this whore
Kaos: the hellfernal kommand
Kaos: the hellfernal kommand
Evoke goatwar power
Regimental fury
Steelshredding hatred
Pure vulgar Satanic terror
Incinerate glorious
Filthy jewish cunts
I give kommand for eternal world genocide!


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