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Formidonis Nex Cultus

"Formidonis Nex Cultus" (2007)

1. Genocidio Primero
2. Terror. Death. Worship !
3. B.O.A.R (Beast of Abominable Regiments)
4. Escalate the Pestilence
5. Vomit Jehovah Vomit
6. Aten.. Once Upon
7. The Blitzkrieg Omega
8. Death Squad
9. Ready to Explode

1. Genocidio Primero

Rusty Gates Open Wide,
Out come...our Forces,
Full Moon Black Attack,
The Fifth Conquest!

Launch! First Extermination...

Ravage, Reap,
Butcher, Bludgeon
Onward, Proud Sons, of Hell...
Raise, Spit the Inverted Cross,
The Fifth Conquest!

Launch! First Extermination...

Thrash 'till Black...

Summon the next unmerciful,
Apocalyptic Storm of Death...

2. Terror. Death. Worship !

Armoured in Black,
Sentinels descend upon thy flock
Armed with Death,
Unprepared are the souls they'd rape
Crimson Wings,
Silhouettes fear over grim horizons
Reign of Steel,
Tridents and blades shall seal your fate..

Pray all you want but your end is here..
Scoff and defile all structures of God,

Embracing the terror that unfolds,
Fucking messiahs, Fucking lies...
King of Nazareth your Jesus Christ,
Was never crowned, was never God...

Judiasm and Christianity,
Islam, Hindu and Buddhism..
Are feeble created rubbish,
Accept the truth, Respect the Pain...

Terror, Death...

Sworn to Black,
Sentinels descend upon thy flock
Crowned with Death,
Unprepared are the souls they'd rape
Radiant Wings,
Silhouettes fear over grim horizons
Maelstrom of Steel,
Tridents and blades shall seal their fate!

3. B.O.A.R (Beast of Abominable Regiments)

I welcome you to Hades,
Underworld flaming red,
To Hail, Praise my Master,
The Abominator undead...

Horrid King,
Vile and Foul,
Majestic General of Filth,
Rabid tusks of Ivory,
Morbid breath of death!

Protector of Sodom - Aeons fade,
Heinous spells,
Imperial Command on a golden throne
Sultan of Blasphemy...

Reign in Chaos,
Reign with Wrath,
Infernal power so great
Victory unto darkness,
Glory unto Hell...

Send forth all horned Legions,
Send forth all your Troops,
Unto you, we've sworn Allegiance
Master Azazel...

Beast....Of Abominable, Regiments!

Heathen Lord of Desolate Empires,
Spreading Darkness,
Contempt and Violence...
We combat hard, We combat proud,
Under your evil Command...

Strike, Destroy - fearlessly...
Strike, Destroy - unceasingly...

Abominable Regiments,
In Unholy Praise of Armageddon!

4. Escalate the Pestilence

Endorse all Plague, Cancers wake, Your Nightmare...
Viral Infestation, Death's call...

Deteriorations from within,
Rotten like the Trinity,
Death made easy, Life made hard,
I breathe out contagious disease...

Devouring the flesh of Reverence,
It has been told...
Malignant parasites invade...
Far beyond control...
Tarnished and ridden with Impurity,
Adding more spice and beauty...
Benign Art, of Death!

Outbreak of complex and lethal virus strains,
Vaccines deemed useless, betraying immunity,

Escalate....the Pestilence...
Escalate....the Pestilence...

At one, with the earth, Decomposing fast,
They eat you inside out...
The World, Decomposing fast...
Morbid Pests, On the rise!

5. Vomit Jehovah Vomit

Lying Broken on the Cross..
This pain that brought you fame...
Tearing at your flesh,
Ripping off, Dismantling your ugly crown...
Throw you to the dogs, I let them feast
In heathen mockery...


In ultimate unholiness...

Let us cleanse your wounds with Blasphemy,
Seraphs weep to their dismay,
Dirty Shepard in cold blood ritual...

Blessed be O' Annointed One...
You still are King of Jews,
Urine flows upon your throne.....

We shall...Obliterate your flock,
Exterminate your Light,
A Revelation...of Excruciation!

Bulldoze your church,
Butcher your priests,
Our Gospel...of first class Heresy!

Staring at the burning heavens,
I salute my hordes, knowing we have,
Triumphantly won...

6. Aten.. Once Upon

Entire world did Aten, once create...
Amun Pantheons and Idols, erased,
Emanating from the City of, Tell-El-Amarna,
Akhenaten's vision, began!

Born into Royalty, 1394 BC
Appointed as Pharaoh,
A Heretic and Monotheist!

Exodus to Sinai, all sounds the same,
Was it Moses did you, became?
Archaeological evidence proves,
a fact to be true,
Jewish liars refute the truth...


Idolatrous land of A million Gods,
Soon they acclaimed, you were a threat,
Escaping death, you had abdicated!

Return to Egypt to regain the throne,
Your Septre used, in Sed rituals,
Believe they did but you were set
Set upon...

The 10 commandments and Spell 125,
Evidently both similar, it's clear,
What was for the blessed dead, now
made for those still alive...
Raising questions which will never, end!

Religious hostilities,
Religious absurdities,
The day Akhenaten ceased,
Aten no longer breathes...

7. The Blitzkrieg Omega

Lightning Terror, tyrants assemble and prepare for war,
Blazing Torment, rapidly served at every end of dawn,
Punishing Onslaught, heathendom's fist of absolute pain,
Witching Glory, with blood on our hands I know we have won!
Command for Slaughter...
Command for Annihilation...

What's fist to last, is last to fist,
A process built on triumph...
The love for War, the lover for Death,
All Gods...we'll keep

We never cease to Conquer...
We never cease to Reign...


All Gods...we'll keep

Igniting Internecion,
And the flames of...vengeance
Unmerciful violence,
Possessed to hasten you...infernal death.

Rise into Chaos,
Envenomed with warlust,
An ending in fierceness,
An ending in Victory!

8. Death Squad

Bombs of Death they hide in Bars

Assuring victims after blast

Innocent people torn away

Terrible dues they had to pay


Death,Terror and Crime

They choose as their sign

Kidnap, maim and kill

Their Mission fulfilled

Death Squad 4x

Abduct the Plane next in Line

Passengers captive for some time

If their demands won't be fulfilled

The first hostage would be killed


Reasons rooted in History

Religion first priority

They don't care for humanity

Blind Massacre their Legacy (4x)


9. Ready to Explode

You can not wonder what's up to begin
Seein' in the streets the missiles appear
Beside your house, they put an airbase
Nuclear guns, ready to explode

You're just watching, don't know what to do
The ones who have the power, are above you
And briefly they'll get, your life to lose
See the human race, wasted from the earth


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