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Like Pure Unawaited Magic

Album: ''Like Pure Unawaited Magic'' (1996)
1. Prelude... On My Existence
2. Some Impressions From the Kingdom of Plenitude
3. Beautiful or Beautiless
4. Poetry and Passion (The Illumination of the Aura)
5. Personification of a Feeling
6. Remembrances of a Moment
7. Martyrs, Blasphemizers and the Sick
8. A World Without You, Imagination
9. An Epilog, a Fairwell...

Psy Atman

Album: ''Psy Atman'' (2001)
1. "Unnamed intro"
2. Darshan
3. Koan
4. Kali Yuga
5. "Unnamed outro"
6. Prelude... On My Existence
7. Some Impressions From The Kingdom Of Plenitude
8. Beautiful Or Beautiless
9. Poetry And Passion (The Illumination Of The Aura)
10. Personification Of A Feeling
11. Remembrances Of A Moment
12. Martyrs, Blasphemizers And The Sick
13. A World Without You, Imagination
14. An Epilog, A Fairwell...

Djirli Ika

Album: ''Djirli Ika'' (2005)
1. Portent
2. Mnkindís Defeat underneath the Grand Black Woods Night
3. Psy Atman, the Transfiguration
4. Nightmare after Death
5. Gloryís Portent
6. Rvenge's Taste
7. Djirli Ika
8. Ishtadeva


There are three different artists called Atman, one from Brazil other from Poland and another from Spain.

Polish experimental ethno-folk collective Atman was formed in 1981 by multi-instrumentalists Marek Styczynski, Marek Leszczynski and Piotr Kolecki, who remained the core of the group throughout its lengthy existence; other regular collaborators included vocalist Anna Nacher and Tomek Gulinski, as well as bassist Thomasz Radziuk. Forging an aesthetic they dubbed "forest music" -- a sound created with acoustic instruments and Tibetan instruments -- the members of Atman divided their time between performing and offering workshops in instrument building and forestry, finally releasing the cassette ...jak rozrzucone po ziemi kamienie... on their own FLY (Freak Living Yourself) label in 1991. Cassettes including Soundreams and Gadajaca Laka followed before Atman made its American debut with the Drunken Fish EP Save the Earth; other efforts for the label include 1997's Personal Forest and 1999's Tradition.

The Spanish one makes an solid black metal with lyrics oriented to vedic philosophy.

The Brazilian Atman makes a music opposite to that of the Spanish band. They combine traditional Indian instrumentation and chants with modern electronica. In 2004, they released the double remix album India Club & Lounge, which featured Atman songs remixed by artists such as Aaron Ackerson

Black Metal

Pain, Nostalgia, Death, suffering...

Spain (Barcelona), formed in 1992

New Gotia / Requiem Records


Darshan Psy Atman - Lord Of Plenitude, Ingravidness and Etenity
Koan Psy Atman - Lord Of Knowledge, Thought and Wisdom
Kali Yuga Psy Atman - Lord Of Denial, Fight and Vengeance
Damastor - (Empty (Esp), Amnion)


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