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Like Pure Unawaited Magic

"Like Pure Unawaited Magic" (1996)

1. Prelude... On My Existence
2. Some Impressions From the Kingdom of Plenitude
3. Beautiful or Beautiless
4. Poetry and Passion (The Illumination of the Aura)
5. Personification of a Feeling
6. Remembrances of a Moment
7. Martyrs, Blasphemizers and the Sick
8. A World Without You, Imagination
9. An Epilog, a Fairwell...

1. Prelude... On My Existence

From the vacuum I appear
because in vacuum I dwell
My place: the astral space
my vibrations, through
time and thoughts
reach Atman
what gives up material life
to my Passages…

2. Some Impressions From the Kingdom of Plenitude

And as the Magic flowed into me
I felt eternal
eternal in Heart, eternal in Soul
It inspired me and guided me

It separated me from my person
from that ignorant being
that only sees one path
as false as his reason

Suicide was my death cause
and memory of my person
remained there
in some Flower, in some Heart
I knew the Kingdoms of Darkness
of Happiness and Plenitude
and of each of these I learned
what I now preach from my throne:

-Nothing material… will be real for me
-Never will any being… be superior to me
-Nobody will be landlord… of my own energy
-No field of attraction… will possess my Soul
-I’ll fight against fanaticism… with hate and without pity
-The character of my person… shall nevermore exist
-My hate towards humanity… shall forever prevail
-My greatest wish shall be… to have existed never

For my body of flesh doesn’t exist now
and no longer depends upon its life
Now indeed, I know Plenitude and there I’ll stay
For my Soul is strong now
and depends not upon the Heart
Now indeed, I’ll remain in Ingaravidness for all Eternity
Free, free from all
Free, free forever

3. Beautiful or Beautiless

Beauty it existeth not
Beauty is to be expressed

Beauty reflected
contains de Ego of the Heart
One Beauty is seen by some eyes
other eyes may see a different one

Beauty it existeth not
‘tis only the reflections of the Heart
Beauty is a force
emitted and perceived

Beautiful or Beautiless is only a matter of the Heart
‘tis only simple immaterial connexions
The human being knoweth how to perceive one Beauty
full of appearance and void of Heart

Only few of them
emit the Ego of their Heart
Only few of them
can tell Beautiful from Beautiless

My eyes are filled with horror
of beings so despicable
putting Beauty to the measure
as if it had been matter

Through fortune or through fate
Beauty is measured out
and the measuring is done
by those that have it not

Oftentimes a lovely Soul
Showeth not what it possesseth
Oftentimes an evil Heart
Shows what it possesseth not
Look at thy Heart
Look at my Heart
Look at thy Face
Look at my Face
… nothing that thou seeth
is more real than a Dream…

4. Poetry and Passion (The Illumination of the Aura)

-I’m Poetry, I give thee birth
-I’m Passion and thou wouldst not exist without me
-I’ Poetry for I express my Passions
I’m Passion for I feel thy Poetry

And so began the tale
that a minstrel told
and that now it plesseth me to tell
There was Love betwixt them
but they were kept asunder
Hate there was betwixt them too
but they were ever joined
Twas a joust twixt Poetry and Passion
Twas a battle twixt Poetry and Hate
Though Poetry with Passion filled him
and Passion filled him with Poetry
from the centuries most remote
they rode the winding paths that met
and crossed and joined and broke away
like lives of men

The beauty of Love inspired Poetry
The whisperings of Pleasure incited Passion

Terror, Mystery, Unrest and Pain
were matched against
Tenderness, Love, Desire and Link

When the act had been fulfilled
inside the Kingdom of Cruelty
When they met and knew each other
they became connected and exploded

And in that sea immense
thousands of stars did fall
that with their radiance illuminated
the Aura of people
and made them to be Poets
Poets that wrote with Passion
Poets that sang with Passion
For without them knowing
and in their own sky
Poetry had joined Passion
Passion had joined Poetry
Inseparable union
out of mankind’s reach
and of those beings they believe in
and they call gods
and for whom they witlessly do kill

-Oh! Powerful an pleasing essence
-Oh! Soul of fire touch my sensitivity
-Come into me and make me feel
-Give me thy Magic and make me fly

And so it was that day by day
the link betwixt Poetry and Passion
gave life to a few humans
called Sensitive People
Music and Poetry they did write
feeling, loving and knowing
Immortalizing their feelings
through the profoundest Art
From the centuries most remote
they rode and winding paths
that upon a time did meet
to be parted nevermore

The Flames of Terror set Poetry ablaze
The Groans of Pain gave to Passion life

5. Personification of a Feeling

Feeling, fruit of the void
you were existing energy
within me
You never were outside
nobody created you
From my life you were born
and with it too you disappeared

I felt you when you became real
when certain vibrations set you ablaze
But you were mine, nobody created you

There is no Feeling universal
from one being to another
to be propagated or spread

There’s only a tiny similarity
among an infinity of Souls
that make excuses for their Feeling
and show it
with a Personification
and a mythification
of an inner Feeling
of a rotten human being

6. Remembrances of a Moment

Fire of my Heart
alight though unquenchable
Like pure unawaited Magic
it came upon me thus
And in a merest Moment
that may well be an Eternity
a spell was cast on me
and showed me what I was capable of giving

Days to smile upon, of magic, love and desire
gave to my life a turn
created an image in my being that still
hurts me to remember feelings of such a depth

Even yonder side of death
are with me still
Omitse’t, nrete se ut a srev ne roma uem le!

Neither hours, nor minutes
nor seconds did I wish to be
separated from that treasure
that I possessed within my Heart
Always within my head
like an obsession
Always within my head
as my own self
Soon the good to bad
did turn
and of the beauty of it
nothing remains
I was unimpassioned by life
nor death had hope to offer

I thought that at the close
when or lives would have and end
within Ingravidness we’d wait for one another
to love each other in Eternity
But this is not a carnal paradise
nor of desire in disguise

Here love does not exist
nor even less the flesh
This is the Plenitude of Reflection
here orgasm is disembodied and eternal

Lovely Remembrances of Love and of Passion
will follow thee through your life and through your death
They are a part of you
for you have created them
for you have loved them
for you have kept them
No, no, no, nooooooooooooooo
I want to break away
from such Remembrances of pain
I know it all mere flesh to be
but in the centre of my Heart
it still oppresses me and hurts

7. Martyrs, Blasphemizers and the Sick

Martyrs, Blasphemizers and the Sick
fruits of thy collective madness
murderous legends and passions without reason

Inferior beings
that before thy ignorance
adore a god
that giveth thee the strength to survive
Living in a full material plane
that every day weareth the way

Thy ignorance maketh blood to flow
Children of the Flesh
Swine! what fault was it of mine
that in no god I did believe

Consecrated temples
loaded down with gold
Open the doors for the world
show thy hidden library
prove that god does not exist
and that everything is a farce
Blaze a trail within thy brains
draw learning from within thyselves
come to know the Astral Plane
come to know there is no god

Starving Scabs!

Rot in the hell created by thy souls
‘cause catch me thou shall not
I’m outside
I’m out of thy reach
Thy faith is thy prison and defeat
I, from here, will put and end
to the foulness of religion

8. A World Without You, Imagination

My Imagination forever took me
to dwell upon that World
where nothingness is all
and out of nothingness emerges all
where there are no shapes or colours
where for you it is all grey
where the five senses of human beings
are as absurd as their own existence

I knew that in that World
there was no need for all of that

And in it I did know
that Souls were formed
levitated and connected with each other
bathing in the flowing energy
that they themselves emitted
In that World I wanted to belong
and cease to be human
I wished to be as perfect as those Souls
never to disappear
Those that ignore I did hate
that proud of their material plane
lived wallowing in other ruin
not a crumb of their Imagination using

Imagination to express their Feelings
Imagination to express their Magic
Imagination to express their Ego
Imagination to express their Art

I hated, hated those that ignored
that Art is the strength of the Mind
and those that made out of it
unclean transactions

But day and night I wept
when I felt that my own brain
was unprepared
to connect to that World

A World without You, Imagination
A World without You Is Consternation

But now I’m here
on an Immaterial Plane
Suicide did cause my death
and now I know that my Dreams were true

Hardly can one who never lived a Dream
get to the place that I inhabit
nor feel Plenitude
nor feel Ingravidness
nor feel Eternity
Dreaming alive is necessary
wrong is he who disbelieves in other Dimension
and who before a god does kneel

Open your Minds and enter Art
form part of it and be illuminated
by Passion and Poetry
creating from one day to another
from one night to the next
what your repressed Heart demands

A World without You, Imagination
A World without You is Consternation

thou shall never reach me, egoless beings
on the material plane thou shall remain

9. An Epilog, a Fairwell...

a being, a world
a moment, an eternity
a thought, an energy
an expression, a creation
a pleasure, an orgasm
a path, a knowledge
an error, a belief
a decision, a suicide
a misunderstanding, a being


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