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When The Twilight Set In Again

Album: ''When The Twilight Set In Again'' (1998)
1. Legend Of Passing
2. The Sirens
3. 1168
4. When The Twilight Set In Again
5. Mournful Suite Of Dreams
6. Night Of Desire
7. Nameless Land Of Streams

Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum

Album: ''Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum'' (2000)
1. Sadness of Stony Angel (Imm Ensum Reliquus Tollor In Aethera)
2. The Way of the Secret Rapture (Pati Natae)
3. Mon Ange (Per Aspera Ad Astra)
4. Love... Blood... & Eternity (Irreme Abilis Unda)
5. I've Brought a Flower for You... For Us (Moriar... Sic Astra Volunt)
6. ... about Love (Iniuria Solvit A Morem)
7. Let Me Die... (Funeris Audit Supremum Vale)

Ex Oriente Lux

Album: ''Ex Oriente Lux'' (2001)
1. Aegri Somnia
2. Primus In Orbe Deos Fecit Timor
3. Carpite Florem
4. Minaturka
5. Cogitemus Corpus Esse Mortale
6. Minaturka
7. Manibus Date Lilia Plenis
8. Habent Sua Fata Imagines
9. Minaturka
10. In Articulo Mortis
11. Quem Di Diligunt, Adulescens Moritur
12. Minaturka
13. Etiam Perire Ruinae

XIII Voltum Lunae

Album: ''XIII Voltum Lunae'' (2002)
1. Mare Nectapis
2. Mare Crisium
3. Mare Tranquillitatis
4. Mare Frigoris
5. Shin
6. Mare Procellarum
7. Aleph
8. Mare Nubium
9. Lamed
10. Mare Serenitatis


Album: ''EyeMDX-tasy'' (2004)
1. OriEnthral
2. Lunatic Asylum
3. Eyes ov Thy Soul
4. Mystery ov Tzar's Visionaire Act I
5. Mystery ov Tzar's Visionaire Act II
6. Infernal Mask Ceremony
7. The Grievance Enigma
8. I Am The Ecstasy



Asgaard was formed by Bartek Kostrzewa and Pawel Nafus in mid-1994. Their first demo, recorded in July '95 and named 'Excellent Darkness Art', was in a strict doom-gothic style. Two years later, the debut album 'When the Twilight Set in Again' came out. Over the next six years, Asgaard recorded three more albums, which collected kind reviews in Poland and also beyond its borders. Meanwhile Przemek Olbryt, who has an extraordinary vocal talent, joined the band. One year ago the sixth album 'EyeMDX-tasy' came out. Nowadays, the Asgaard's music is split between gothic and (as members of the band call it) symphonic black metal style. Complete, Asgaard's art is a majestic mixture of mystery, darkness, beauty and the incredible sound of Przemek Olbryt's voice.

Gothic/Black Metal

Suffering, Romance, Death

Poland (Lewin Brzeski), formed in 1994

Metal Mind Records


Przemys³aw Olbryt - Vocals (Devilish Impressions)
Bart³omiej Kostrzewa - Guitar
Wojciech Kostrzewa - Keyboards (Hermh)
Jacek Monkiewicz - Bass
Roman Golebiowski - Drums

Pawe³ Nafus - Guitar
Mateusz Czech - Drums
Anna Markuszewska - Vocals
Ma³gorzata Ra¼niak - Vocals, Flute
Pawe³ Wo¼niak - Guitar
Honorata Stawicka - Violins


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