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Ex Oriente Lux

"Ex Oriente Lux" (2001)

1. Aegri Somnia
2. Primus In Orbe Deos Fecit Timor
3. Carpite Florem
4. Minaturka
5. Cogitemus Corpus Esse Mortale
6. Minaturka
7. Manibus Date Lilia Plenis
8. Habent Sua Fata Imagines
9. Minaturka
10. In Articulo Mortis
11. Quem Di Diligunt, Adulescens Moritur
12. Minaturka
13. Etiam Perire Ruinae

1. Aegri Somnia

Here the sky is shedding mournful tears
Bedewing the blades of remembrance
With the scarlet of my crime
You still wait by the window
Looking out for flame...
I want to kiss the silver
Moon sprinkled you with

These are my dreams constellations
Enveloped in a veil of Darkness!
I sail on wings of imagination
Towards the New Spaces
I am so close...
How sweet fragrance has Those Flowers
What a wonderful colours have their crowns
That night I saw the New Shines
I would like to give you
One of them, so much...

...Feel the stridently cold breath of surrounding Darkness
Shining star of a dying mankind fall asleep in its embrace

2. Primus In Orbe Deos Fecit Timor

I coloured the dead landscapes of time
With its refulgent flowers
In fist I hide the Lost Jewels of Night
Let the face of your fear
Crush the mirror of imagination!
You'll see the pictures
You would never like to remember...

Can you remember?
The silver shine on the faces
Laid in motionless
Fiery rapture that embraced
Our deepest desires...

We were holding our hands
Wading among night's abyss
Closing the beauty of all universe
In one glance

It's like somebody gave you the last moment
Like a lonely bird looking for a place to die

The wild scream of a mangling heart
Takes away the rest of obsessive illusions...
Our dreams of love
Around the star found in magic ecstasy

Everyday I display, before you
The schizoid pictures of my passion
Walking through the avenue of suffering
I kiss the flowers of a fallen rapture

But somewhere among the gardens of our love
Damned fear is lurking...

Is this true nobody can take it away?!
There is so many other stars, after all...

3. Carpite Florem

The night of the deepest shadow...
Fearfull loneliness flowing the stream of grief
She is a flame that carries the seed of cold
She spread out her ominous damned wings
Over the scream of mankind with a heart torn away
Here is the rose, her memory still last...
The ocean of remembrance
Gathered in the chalice of rapture

Our bodies interwoven with the silver band of night
Shiver with convulsive bliss
In your mouth, the rosy nectar of sin
I am a demon of passion which desire in essence...

4. Minaturka

5. Cogitemus Corpus Esse Mortale

Silence...I rub my eyes and scream
To kill the fear
Somewhere in the distance here the moan of bells
Angel song of love
Sounds the echo of thousand hearts
Mad dreams about the shine
Revive in her embrace
Like insane wanderers
We create the landscapes of our bliss
Bathed in the ocean of sin
Damned forever
We die...

6. Minaturka

7. Manibus Date Lilia Plenis

But it's not the end of existence
In the mirror of a night
The shadow of our rapture
Give me your hand
We will collect the jewels of a night, together...

The tops of devilish conceptions
Ran with scarlet of evil
In the arms of sadness, tear comes to the world
She bore the path of dreams
In ravishing dance
We waste our lives
Is it worth to be devoid of passions?

Only love lets us touch the essence of existance
Rapture is its beginning
The end...?
I believe it can last forever
Like flower proudly blossom in the
Embraces of everlasting desires

8. Habent Sua Fata Imagines

Come...I will show you the world which
Have never existed
You will touch the stars originate from
The might of elements
You will see impentrable abyss of passion
Originate from our first look

My kingdom is dark cold of a night
Personal desire of vengeance gathered
In the silver chalice of rapture

I paint the landscapes of our madness
With my own blood
These are colours vabrating with eternity
Life without time
Journey without space
Come...we are getting closer in every minute

In the darkness thicket
The faint brightness of burning incense appeared
Perhaps its delicate mystic fragrance
Shows the real way
Towards haggard brilliance
The little glimmers of memory
Hope which sails on the wing of passion
Like a flame of love
Lost in the labyrinth of shiny chamber
But she always return
Maybe it is the thing which let us
Believe we have seen all colours
Of the rainbow, for real...?

9. Minaturka

10. In Articulo Mortis

Like autumnal leaf
Fragile and lonely
Like a pearl in the depthy of ocean
Life appears

And yet, our dreams can be mor epowerful
Than titanic work of the gods...

What is the sunset
What is the blue sky
In comparison with the voice of conceptions
Born in esoteric rapture?!
What is the uncut diamond?!!

This is my world...our world
Here, only my tear is real sacrifice, my love
Damnation, oblivion...
Within the land of coldness, even glowing desire
Is the greatest gift of darkness
Darkness which people should known as light

I have seen the sunset painting in crimson
The firmament of heaven...
I mounted the top and looked down
At that damned emptiness
The space of my life filled with the
Song of love

Behind me only bitterness and unfulfilment
Let the wind come to take me to the realm
Where memory does not exist!

11. Quem Di Diligunt, Adulescens Moritur

Perhaps, you will find me there
I will stand alone waiting for the shine
Of my star in the planetarium of the
Eternal dreams you will approach me
And silently you will present me with yourself...
In the mirror of your soul, there is heart of
A woman without name

And finally time had come
To fulfil the curse with wind
My body fell down unconsciously
Into the abyss of love madness

Suddenly, world stoped
Staggered by the majesty of a moment
Which were dying in slow agony
Like a haggard flame
Fighting for its life with an arm
Of vanishing faith

12. Minaturka

13. Etiam Perire Ruinae

And then rain fell down from the sky
Like a painful wall of tears which
Took away the joy of life from
Every creation with its nostalgia

Then wolf crying standing
Lonely on the top of his dreams
And his tear, like a beautiful winged crystal
At last to disappear in the embrace
Of silent infinity...

Dead silence all around...
Only echos of early days
Were shaking mointains' pillars
Soaken in blood
Of the last flame...


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