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XIII Voltum Lunae

"XIII Voltum Lunae" (2002)

1. Mare Nectapis
2. Mare Crisium
3. Mare Tranquillitatis
4. Mare Frigoris
5. Shin
6. Mare Procellarum
7. Aleph
8. Mare Nubium
9. Lamed
10. Mare Serenitatis

1. Mare Nectapis

Wine in the mouth... so sweet
Like pearls drifting among the stars
Soiled by blood of the Angel
Dying for their glory
Like wind
The herald of storm and silence
Like rainbow
The flowery veil of sadness
Spreads its brilliance over Us

Do You see the flower in the serpent's eye?
Darkness... Kiss Her cold lips

2. Mare Crisium

I close my eyes...
My body drifts on the invisible wave of infinity
I touch the stars
One differs clearly from the others

It's Her... I recognize
How many time has passed
Silence I dreamed of Her brilliance
For the first time...?

I remember those nights
I remember loneliness and pain
Closed in the crystal of my tears
And now I do see Her... so close
Only to reach out the hand

Further, stallions of rapture! Raise me over life,
Take my body beyond its limitations!
Let the imagined flower of love rest in the heart
Of brilliance... For Ever

3. Mare Tranquillitatis

... and then I looked behind myself
And I saw thousands of worlds
I have seen how they have died
Somewhere in the embrace of the unimaginable
... never to return...

I have seen how their lights begin to dim
Like the small fires of memory
Buried by cemetery blow of nostalgia

Suddenly I fancied the silence...
Yes, a few of those moments of silence
In honour of those who have died
My heart bleeds but it will beat still
As long as the scarlet shroud the sky
Shines with brilliance of the star
For which I was born to

Therefore... It's time for me!
Time?! I forgot it not exist anymore...
There is only Her and journey without hope

4. Mare Frigoris

Laughing and crying I dance
On the stage of remembrance
Me - the victim of star prophecies
Magic kiss of the night
In which You saw love

My life is not the blood
Death deprives me only of flesh
Over the lifelessness of rotting matter
There is a space of devilish dreams
Full of gardens
Like a cursed labyrinth created like a dream
In its heart You will find my love
Imprisoned in the crystal of Your desire
Lonely rose waits for You, still
... You will see the brilliance which won't be
Darkened by any shadow
Brilliance tore out from the crystalline
Core of the Dark
And then You will fancy the darkness of my heart;
Pick up that flower
If You dare...

5. Shin

6. Mare Procellarum

With every tear Our dance is getting hot
Nestled in the velvet of the Night
You spin among the stars of my dreams
I chose You, for ever
You will dance in my embrace
Thirsting for sin, naked and damned!
Beyond the frame of a picture
Which is called - Life
Fiery dance reduced to ashes Our bodies
Only the brightness of your eyes leads me farther
Through the depth of heavenly infinity
There is no other light here
Only that brightness, just like a lonely
Bird of paradise riding on a dead horizon

Dance! Again and again!
Let the Universe burns in the admiration
For the beauty of Your body's moves
And sing! Sing to the melody of thet wild desire!
Feel the wind raising Us into the air
Far away
Over the closed shell of time
Feel, how we spin among the stars...
There, where I found You once
Adorned in the sapphire-blue sky

7. Aleph

8. Mare Nubium

I am the raven that spreads his wings
Over the world of Your desires
The flame of love like sun and moon
Feeding the flowers of Your perversity

Sweet dreams, beautiful angel
Today, I fly towards my destiny
There, where You are awaiting me
Clothed in the dreams of sin
I will appear nestled in the dark of wild visions
Like a rainbow of Your inmost fancies
To exist in every particle of Your body
With powerful brilliance

...And then You will desire the silence
Disturbed by the screams of fulfilment
Heavens shall run with blood
It is the birth of Our secret

So close Your eyes and look...
I cross the frames of Your dreams
Clothed in the gown of Everlasting Night
Look to the stars!
The delusive shadow
Veils the magic of silent sky
It's me!
Starving raven that spreads his wings
Over the world of Your desires
The flame of love like sun and moon
Feeding the flowers of Your angelic perversity

Here I come, driving restless gale of desire
I - Immemorial Wanderer - in wild ecstasy
I steal Your kisses...

9. Lamed

10. Mare Serenitatis


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