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"EyeMDX-tasy" (2004)

1. OriEnthral
2. Lunatic Asylum
3. Eyes ov Thy Soul
4. Mystery ov Tzar's Visionaire Act I
5. Mystery ov Tzar's Visionaire Act II
6. Infernal Mask Ceremony
7. The Grievance Enigma
8. I Am The Ecstasy

1. OriEnthral

2. Lunatic Asylum

Take a deep breath
The sun is going down
You will see the stars in a while
You will hear how they are telling nightmares
Are you scared? Come on...

It is just an illusion
You have never existed, indeed
As well as words that we are using to describe feelings

Open Your eyes
Everything has changed
Even the colurs of sun, stars, nightmares and feelings
Indefinable forms of an existence
Became destructive flames of the Death

Theatre of shadows which are growing bigger and bigger
You are dancing with them transforming dimensions
Closed in a broken mirror

But You have opened the gates...
Somebody is watching You now

3. Eyes ov Thy Soul

What seemed to be a beautiful romance
It is now over, doubts,
Hope for a new life, free;
Free of sadness, despair and pain

You have stayed seeing us leave
And we felt you so close
still so far away...

We could not realize
We did not want to conceive
Flying with the ravens up above distant skies
The sorcery was always there
She never left, until Your last minute on this world

As the remembrance turns to reality again
We start to believe that this is not a fairy tale

The eyes of Thy soul are too pure for this world
The eyes of Thy soul cry bloody tears with fear
The eyes of Thy soul are devoid of compassion
The eyes of Thy soul I found peace at last

Too late for a last goodbye
What is left to us are only memories
Longing dreams delude us
We do not know what is real or false

False? It could be if we did not believe
That the eyes of your soul
Are more alive than us who stayed

The Eternity has waited for you
As it awaits for us too
The dancer of Death has found its perfect partner
And now, no mercy shall be given
For those siners who blamed You!

The pace of life is fast
But death for You will be slow
You will feel it
When the eyes of Your soul
Will be blind forever...

4. Mystery ov Tzar's Visionaire Act I

Fire and water, air and earth, human,
Gods, love and treason, war, hate, tears, sin... and
Beauty with ugliness like handful of ashes
Need only to blow, to sow the seeds again...

5. Mystery ov Tzar's Visionaire Act II

Somebody will cry
Somebody will hate
Somebody will love
Somebody will curse his lot
Demigods will raise to cut off the Hydra's head
But they will die by the sword, sword of their friends
Burning sails on the horizons of the seas,
Unceasing gale from the land
Herald of Era not able to become;
Billions of people on the shore like a wall
Blow into water
Sadness and bitterness, hope fell,
The dreams of Briliance trammeled in chains
Devilish giggle's echo rocks the clouds,
Wakes up the thunders in heavens

Faith, destruction, dream and storm,
Bestial slaughters, admiration and oblivion,
Ghastly crowds, old man at the cross-roads,
Bleeding doll frightens ravens away
Gazing at her eyes greedly
Gardens in bloom, magic of the stars
They are coming...

Rainbow bridge erecting over the world
In golden carriage - The Pictures of Angels...
Thousands of mirrors broken into atoms
Thousands of children with bleeding hands
It's mosaic of capricious Fortune caressing
The birds nesting in the eye-sockets
Beseeching moan - Wake up her!
Give her a new life!!! To let her suffer again...
Bleeding doll with a new eyes

Fire and water, air and earth, human,
Gods, love and treason, war, hate, tears, sin... and
Beauty with ugliness like handful of ashes
Need only to blow, to sow the seeds again...

6. Infernal Mask Ceremony

Merry-go-round with mermaids and swans
Joker's pale face and devilish bones
See all those dwarfs and feel that they feel
Imagine Your tongue pierced with a steel...

Smell of fresh blood is spreading its spell
Naked horny bitches are ringing the bells
Who is going to find You,
Who has that right?
Put on Your mask back
And hold it there tight!!!

Come, fucking bastard, join us together!
Diabolical party is running forever
We spit on Your dreams making them wet
Give us Your blood, all tears and all sweat

We will be pleased to rip out Your heart
But never forget to pray for High Art
It makes You the feeling You are still on this world
Your Highness is coming, for what were You born?

Get down on You knees and beg for quick death
Merciless wizard will suck Your last breath
Then look at Your face ,those empty, cold eyes
They will tell You the truth about all previous lives
He gives You the wings so leave all this shit
Your mask is eternal, Your body is dead

Above the mountains, forests and lakes
Think of all dreams You have ever had
Then look at Your face, those empty, cold eyes
They will tell You the truth about all previous lives.

Are you surprised? You definitely should not be...
You have chosen Eternity filed with the agony
Have You forgotten
who is giving the cards?
Put on your mask back
and hold it there tight!!!

7. The Grievance Enigma

Flowers withering away as the time passes by;
It is just the time advancing on everyone of us
These minor beings, rotting...
Sweet warm feeling just as You feel

The light of day; a day? Where?
In this profound abyss of my intimate I could not fulfill
The pain I feel is growing like a black cancer inside
my soul

There is no escape! The roads are closed...
Once beautiful and fair, surrounded by infinite
gardens of hope

But killed by the wrath of Gods
Now left behind, the most disgraceful
A worm crawling for one last chance
In this no man's land

Tired I started to give up
No more emotions, nothing inside
Why this pain will not go away?
Why so much pressure is imposed on me?
I can not bear this anymore;
Please leave... go far... I just want...

The tears from my eyes and red blood filled with
The hate inside is no longer powerful
Energy of my inner self is fading fast
I desire for the last breath
Which will save me forever

8. I Am The Ecstasy

Imagine the world without colours...
All downs and all sunset deprived of its charm
All flowers, stained glasses, rainbows and sky paintings
Covered with dust of and Oracle's arm

Angels wept on the graveyard of brightness
Pulling the strings of heart-touching Threnody
They spread out their wings to hide world's abomination...
To hide from the God's eye, the God's tyranny

Let them paint the world again
Let them open their cursed veins
May their blood running down with rain

Do not be afraid to bring forth New Order
Now it is the time to throw off the chains
Try to believe in Marionette's wisdom
Because she has seen the end of the stairs...

Illusory shadows or visible images?
Unreal movements becoming alive sombre nightmare
Summoning Your name right behind Your back
- "Do You hear me, my Dear?
I am not a reflection You would like me to be
Just grey, fucking sadness of Never Named Faces
Burned out with the pages of book called Civilizations..."


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