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Shadows Embrace The Dark

Album: ''Shadows Embrace The Dark'' (1997)
1. Crown of Thorns
2. Blessed to Forget
3. The Moon is your lover... (Darkness is thy kingdom part I)
4. Queen of the night (Darkness is thy kingdom part II)
5. Shadowdancer
6. Opera 666: The Whore
7. Wasted
8. Storms of Silence

Midnight Horror

Album: ''Midnight Horror'' (1999)
1. Pandemonium Bizarre
2. Burning Velvet Palanquin
3. Passion's Deviltry
4. Chaos And The Conquest
5. Night Beholds The Supreme Clandestine
6. Black Fire In The Chasm Of Rapture
7. Devastation Of Empyrean (Before The Dawn)
8. Engrossed By Carnal Lust
9. Mid Nightmare

Promo 2001

Album: ''Promo 2001'' (2001 Demo)
1. Gothic Prelude of Capricious Equanimity
2. ChaosWorm
3. Paragon of Pregnant Night, Immortalized

The End of Halcyon Age

Album: ''The End of Halcyon Age'' (2003)
1. ChaosWorm
2. Trapped in Husk of a White Crow
3. Bow Before My Dark
4. The End of Halcyon Age
5. Pseudogods
6. Leperthrone
7. Gothic Prelude of Capricious Equanimity
8. Cruciferous Lunacy
9. Paragon of Pregnant Night


Album: ''Descension'' (2006)
1. Charagma
2. Hollow Movements of Flesh
3. Suicide Harlequin
4. Mirage of Moira
5. Born of Brimstone Womb
6. Sulphur Spiral
7. Sanguine Diadem
8. Wraith Reveries
9. SYN
10. Silhouettes of Paradox Craft

twilight ophera


Twilight Ophera demolished the sinister night in autumn 1996. In spring 1997 the band released their first promotional tape, which resulted a four album deal with British Cacophonous Records. Later the year 1997 the band entered the Soundwall studio to record their debut full-length album "Shadows Embrace the Dark". The band started to collect reputation in current metal scene and had quite a lot live activities.

In the year 1999 Twilight Ophera entered studio again to record the follower for debut album. "Midnight Horror" was recorded and mixed at Astia studio. Everything seemed to work well at this point, but suddenly the band lost their former drummer Timo Kollin, the reason still remains unknown. After this the band started to work with a new material as the live activities were impossible without a proper line-up.

Then Cacophonous Records had their own difficulties and the label suddenly decided to drop all their artists out. This meant that Twilight Ophera was also free to search for a new recording contract. In year 2000 the band tried to get line-up completed, but as Jani (Bass) had decided to start playing another kind of music the line-up continued to torn apart. The band got new "session" drummer T.Kristian but as things were still completely messed up within the band, he decided to concentrate his other projects fulltime.

In the middle of the year 2000 the band decided to continue with incomplete line-up and later on the year 2000 after months of hard work the band had composed six new songs. The recordings on Archaic studio started October 2000. After the band had recorded the music there was more problems ahead, vocalist Sauli Karkkunen just didn't have enough time for a band anymore so the band were forced to find a replacement for him fast. It took a while but the new vocalist was found. Mikko Häkkinen joined the band and the recordings were able to continue.

Three of these new songs got included into a new promotional release "Promo 2001". After a long period of time the band is now capable to continue conquer with the new reinforcements.

Third album The End of Halcyon Age was recorded during spring 2003 and was mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Nino Laurenne summer 2003. At this time band also got 2 new members.Jussi Heikkinen from Soulgrind (Bass) and Janne Ojala (Drums) from Silentium/Gloomy Grim joined and completed the line-up. The album has been already released in Baltic Countries by CD-Maximum under license. Worldwide release will be early 2004 through Low Frequency Records.Twilight Ophera inked new 2 album deal with them autumn 2003.

Melodic Black Metal

Epic themes.

Finland (Vantaa), formed in 1996

Low Frequency Records


Mikko Häkkinen - Vocals (2001-) (Draugnim, Thyestean Feast)
Mikko Kaipainen - Guitar (Soulstream)
Toni Näykki - Guitar (Korpiklaani, Shaman (Fin), Soulgrind (Fin))
Lord Heikkinen - Bass (2003-) (Gloomy Grim, Soulgrind (Fin), Tenebrae (Fin), Walhalla (Fin), Fierce)
Timo Puranen - Keyboard
Janne Ojala - Drums (2002-) (Funeral (Fin), Gloomy Grim, Silentium (Fin), Shadowland (Fin), Evilion, Dehydrated (Fin))

Anu Kohonen - Vocals (1997)
Timo Kollin - Drums (1997-99)
Sauli ``Karkkunen`` Lehtisaari - Vocals (1997-2000) (R.I.P.)
Jani Viljakainen - Bass (1998-2000)
T. Kristian - Drums (2000) (Carcase Inc., Saattue, Thyrane, Yearning)


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