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Midnight Horror

"Midnight Horror" (1999)

1. Pandemonium Bizarre
2. Burning Velvet Palanquin
3. Passion's Deviltry
4. Chaos And The Conquest
5. Night Beholds The Supreme Clandestine
6. Black Fire In The Chasm Of Rapture
7. Devastation Of Empyrean (Before The Dawn)
8. Engrossed By Carnal Lust
9. Mid Nightmare

1. Pandemonium Bizarre

2. Burning Velvet Palanquin

Empress of the black empyrean,
Evoke the children of enthroned Queen
To worship Her in the burning velvet palanquin
Bring us the wisdom within,
the forgotten sagas of ancient glory
Fulfill the divination of the world domination
Symphony of the prevailing forces,
composed by bloody strings,
on carnage of slain hordes
Give us the strenght in this war everlasting
The strenght to fasten on the hilt of sword
and conquer the fortress of ignorance and weakness

Lowering clouds hide tomorrow's eyes,
like the enigma of masqueraded lies
World of hypocrisy - punished with massacre
Deniers soul - torn drifted to the dust
From the cradle to the grave,
for the nebula of your eyes we rise the blade

In the constellation of supremacy,
morning star rises for your victory
The beloved of immemorial allience,
incantation for the enormity we solicit
Spirits of the night set forth your overture
With blood falling angels stain the chaotic sphere
Queen with her ensemble of symphony,
arrives to incorporate heaven to Her black empire

3. Passion's Deviltry

4. Chaos And The Conquest

The black triumph of fallen angels rise,
waiting for the arrival of the darkest Queen
To be one once again...To return the world to chaos
She is the guardian of time, the ruler of your mind
Her crown is our fire and Her sword is thy sorrow
Centuries it last, battles between darkness and light
Thousands of angels fell by spears
and heaven watered by their tears
Then came silence and the Queen arrived
Frost covered the land and the interlude ends
Tide of Darkness begins by Her victory

And as autumnal night falls,
for their forgotten souls and their blood turns
to crystallized diamonds to the fields
of forgotten battles,
dead angels cry their useless sacrifices
in dark halls of pain and agony
And heaven slowly turns to black
and never again to dawn
In the tide of victorious Queen

The dark angel close my soul,
she's the one, conqueror of time
Breathing the eternity in darkness,
of endless circle of time
Dropped from the zenith like a fallen star
and like a winter breeze,
with early frost from darkness she descends

Moonlight rambled seconds on Her face,
yet time wasn't stopped
I enchanted by Her beauty
Over whispering forests and through the shadows,
mist veils Her in the dusk
She carries me through the gates
and now, upon the lightning sky,
we gathered our souls to be as one

Like thousands of years passed
and like one after one
Kingdoms have risen and set,
in endless circle of time
Gathering of two guardians of time
And upon the lightning sky,
whispers thou who stay in eternal darkness

5. Night Beholds The Supreme Clandestine

Firestorms and lightning flare the black-red sky,
Like heavens burn by the grandous flame
As malevolent rain swipes my vindictive face,
I saw her standing beyond the turnished grave
Desire licks my elated heart
with rapid impulse of acquisitive blood
She turns around and interrupts the breath,
Violently I sense her dismay inside
I grasp the poisonous air of hunger and grave
She disguises herself in the shield of shadows,
But luminous moonlight reveals her hideout.
Night beholds the supreme clandestine
and whispering voices ensnare her to step on my side
I nail her frighten eyes with my glance
and mesmerised she was, lost her chance

I lay her down on the ebony podium
and savour the scent of velvet skin
As candles draw shadows
to her luscious nakes body
I rise my gleaming blade
like beast inside I rage

Sin and disgrace
engrave the flesh of aroused whore
Enchantment of malice
rivalry between lust and scorn

My reflection in the drop of blood,
the bizarre bounce of impervious Seducer
So cruel that fall has such beauty,
in spectacle where soul raptured
from the tormented body

6. Black Fire In The Chasm Of Rapture

Summoning of the lost souls on the crimson sky,
mourning of the fallen ones in flames eternally
Sorrow and despair in their eyes,
centuries of waiting ends finally
As darkness falls over to embrace your shadow
To the flames of inferno, your soul has lost for the Devil
Burning gates of heaven, weak souls shall scream
In the realm of raven, darkness is our dream

Beyond the darkening sky, your destiny shall be set
You face the pain of agony,
and your mortal blood shall be shed
Crimson sky turns to black,
wind mourns with souls of wrath
Pain in your damned soul,
with sword your flesh will be bound
You feel yourself so astray,
as your soul cries under the funereal sky

The night veils you in the misty gloom,
ground wakes the black roses on the bloom
Open the gates of the burning faith
and release the sweet fearful hate
Walk through the devil’s path
and you‘ll be slave of your own wrath...

7. Devastation Of Empyrean (Before The Dawn)

Hellfire reigns like a murderous breeze
struggles for the dominance of the gruesome Beast.
Devil and the chaos are both in our side
and odious wrath is our victorius guide.
Ghastly shape of savage Stormlord
invokes the legoins to slaughter the hordes
of weak and hypocrite impaled whore.
Hear their cry from the darkening warfare
this is the present of loathsome nightmare

Blind faith is their theatrical shield
their crosses will burn on this unholy field
By the fire of darkness we spread the fear
and ruination cherished by an angel’s tear
Storm rapes their spiritless sense of prevalence
and divine forces vanish in the dusky veil

8. Engrossed By Carnal Lust

9. Mid Nightmare

In this gloomy ravine where vanquished spirits
gather to divulge the mighty anthem
of devastation and ruin
I established the magical coven
on the illumination of the flickering candles
I summon thee, beholders of the enclosing darkness
Spirits of the fallen, triumph of serpents
I demand thee to arrive among my requisition
And look what the might shall bring forth

Magisterial splendour of witchcraft and pandemonium
Twilight in its ultimate climax
embraces my stimulated body
with terminal, malicious revelation
Prelude of the forces of hellish cavalry arrive
Dreadful moon arises upon the midnight shore
lurid consequence of twisted lore
Anquished souls wait in the flames of sorrow
and the taste of their blood in the Midnight Horror
Preductive reflect on the voluptous wine
like portrait of the Devil in the lustrous shrine

Once in a millennium shall mortal
distinquish this poisonous sign
this ferocious episode and foreboding
symbols of fear and despite

As tenebrous dusk veils me in the velvet cradle
luscious act of the gruesome theater
soars in the crescendo
I unchain the majestic hordes of Hades
among my ruinous malediction
Demons and ravenous spirits have arrived
to chastice weak souls...

And weak art thou who praise the illusive divinity!


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