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"Descension" (2006)

1. Charagma
2. Hollow Movements of Flesh
3. Suicide Harlequin
4. Mirage of Moira
5. Born of Brimstone Womb
6. Sulphur Spiral
7. Sanguine Diadem
8. Wraith Reveries
9. SYN
10. Silhouettes of Paradox Craft

1. Charagma

Seasons turn to end
Sea shall give up the dead
Nightmare hatched from dream
Ascendeth the dawn of the wyrm
Bloodsigned covenants call
Rapture of churchless syncretism
All gods judged as false
And truth hailed as sin

Taint of the beast
Seasons turn to end
Taint of the beast
The book of life rent
Taint of the beast
Break the smoke of torment
Taint of the beast
Triumph of bell stratagem

Hearken the voice of the prophet
We are devils own from birth
Pour the cup of indignation
Drink the wine of the wrath of god
Praise the sword and the man
Bear the stigma with pride

Deceived souls beheaded
In witness of damnation debate
Promises blood shed
In mayhems tirade

2. Hollow Movements of Flesh

From dust you were born, yet dust you remain
Machine without creator, hollow husk profane

Sham synderesis, souls shivering advance
Convulsions pulse in slavery's trance
Those cords of faith, divine guidance
Mere chains of casuality spinerack dance

Hollow movements of flesh

Under martyrium pall
Man consecrated reason
And raised above all
Logos as god
To portray it all
And grow on world
Forge obligate laws
From circular paths

Nihility and despair beg psyche to lead
Striven from dead soil to sketch paraklete
Causes enslaved to purpose, yet matter they heed

Hollow movements of flesh

Without silent witness
In godless theatres
Shadow-play of humanity
Poised in tragedy

We deny the everbleeding strands
In perpetual adorations loss
Hold the masks on trembling hands
Over lifeless figures of pathos

3. Suicide Harlequin

Flawed and fragile is your frame
Despair shining through
Bleeding ruins of pain
Fearstairted crust on pale eidolon mask

Sundered soul
In suicide role

Are we not sculptured from misery
Odalisque of designed malaise
Your face is the canvas of scorn
For tragedy to adorn

Strained skin scourged to shreds
Your spine is broken spirit lost
Wretched husk heed behest
Leave the stage for strong to host

Sheltered yet shivering
In drainfall, tamed grin
Nowhether lead hallways dim
But one that reeks of sin

All the gods you pray
Won't steal me woe away
Every stain you carve
Only thrives the scar
No pleasure nor delight
Veil the wound inside

4. Mirage of Moira

Wake to black
Men of faith
Dream to mirage
Veritys trade

Never was and never shall be
Salvation path nor hells prophecy

Search for bless or curse
Your fall was never signed in birth
Hollow world fallow
In lifeless soil no fresh seeds grow
Manking glimpse of light
Between empty shades of void
Dead past for mind from chaos vast

No design, false or divine
Quest for portent of the inane sign
Never prepare hope of despair
Another dawn is dream that folls revere

Wake to black
Men of faith
Dream to mirage
Veritys trade
Blight of stars
Beacons veiled

No reward beheading sword
Deeds of man never yield award
No brightness hides realms behind
Shades mere echoes of your chains inside

Never was and never shall be
Slavation path nor hells prophecy
Never was and never shall be
Promised land nor eternity

5. Born of Brimstone Womb

Raped was the land
Burning seed in barren soil
Sibilant throb to once boil
Ablaze in rage
Brimstone child...

You burn like sun
Glowing pyrogenous one

All waste lay in white
When darkness gone
Eternity in purest light
Charred, blind, alone
Brimstone child

To feed on fragile fear
Purged ashes cremated flesh
Whre your fingers sear
Brimstone child

6. Sulphur Spiral

Fall down the sulphur spirals
Where wailing breath blows
Grinds flesh from your bones
Scorch pleads from deathroes

Blindness be with thee
Blindness deceived sweet conceit sacrificed
How she wept her wasted black seed
With nails, needles, screams
She clawed through dreams
Let the darkness in, all shimmering shades
So frail and dim, her light is drowning

Fall... and never seize the will
Never scrape a mark never leave recall

Down the drain, sail sewers of flesh
Down the drain bleed

Inhale stormclouds, pyres filthborn
Veins foster thorns and cries that could not form

Fall... and never wake it true
Never slay the offal hope, as others fall with you

Enslave the soul (to) every lust and need
Boil in foul, grim to secret

Fall... and never slice the cords
Never meet the ground never sight skywards

Wingless born wretched and the weak
Trampled beneath scorn with legaly of meek

7. Sanguine Diadem

Throne as revenge-parous liege
Travesty of royalty
Revenant priest
Crowned in slavocracy

Doginas to smite
Nails through womb
You drank the oath in mothers blood
Layalty inherited with solomonic torture

War for the race, war for the breed
Pestiferous rampage as slaves stampede
War for the god, war for the dead
Slaked earth cares not whose saint bled

Those of lesser mind
Heed mirage of tribulation
Those of weaker kind
Feed flames of tarnation

Some perdure in sanity's scion
Until sunless dawn claims them
Others they cry for oblivion
But you praise the sanguine diadem

March of raw scorn
Tamed, chained
Seraphs dreadsworn

8. Wraith Reveries

They slithered to stage a drums distant called thrice
Until shadows take shape sight of the watcher hides
Shrouded in odeum shade, disguised

Once and always shall wait
Man in cursed masquerade and penetrate
Trance of pyrthic parade

Trace the echoes for memories end
I dragged them around marionetted rend
In oneiric dance until violins lay silent
For curtains to descend

Faces that pristine laughter held
Yet they are pathless and they are gone

My mind fleeing all torments of life
Prgastic pageantry in somniferous strife
On primrose path with deaths concubine

9. SYN

Who spoke whose words of bane, tenets of dark
Blasphemy, chastise the soul, mine throats patched
Sin unto death
Death of your god

Rise rebellion carnality
Yet havens remain obsidian
When virtues spawn reality
Avowal crime never undone
Sin, sin unto death
Death, death of your god

Cradle of hopes solifidian
Forsaken halls in veneration scenery
When paladins of the waning sun
Wallow in paederastian liturgy

In trial of star-chamber
Wear wrath as your crown
Perish by torture
With wrath of your own

10. Silhouettes of Paradox Craft

Against the light of thespian forge
They stride both sides on sinuous path
Deride the strive of facest opposed
Silhouettes of paradox craft
Dreamscapes for followers flawed
Sights to grasp

Minds palate for sinful flesh to sate
Love to drain from virgin disgraced
What shame and hate she shall raise

Slithers and crawls foil to all
With malformed claws
Through own feces, descend to reach
Zenith of stars, lethe of gods

Welded to prostrated past
Carcass of useless Eden
We shall transcend
Shift to higher phase
We shall aspire, ascend
Through dead evolutions end
We shall shed the skin
Lose the waste of history
Shred the roots and drift


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