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The Darkening Of Days

Album: ''The Darkening Of Days'' (1999)
1. Devilish
2. Abandoned To Bleed
3. Turn
4. Blissfully Damned
5. Crumble Beneath
6. Down Hell´s Path
7. Emptiness Domain
8. Hellbent
9. Lost
10. The Darkening Of Days

Blissfully Damned

Album: ''Blissfully Damned'' (2000 EP)
1. Blissfully Damned
2. Emptiness Domain
3. Down Hell's Path
4. Hollow Eyes
5. Turn
6. Downward
7. Hollow Eyes

Bleeding Darkness Promo

Album: ''Bleeding Darkness Promo'' (2001 Demo)
1. Bleeding Darkness
2. Hollow Eyes
3. Suffer The Fallen


Album: ''Agony's Lament'' (2002)
1. Bleeding Darkness`
2. Agonies
3. Lament...
4. The Soul Scythe
5. Empty Deadness
6. Terror Of Twilight
7. Downward
8. Exile
9. Suffer The Fallen
10. The Fleet Of Fury

2004 Demo

Album: ''2004 Demo'' (2004 Demo)
1. Straight to Hell
2. As Darkness Dawns

Scorn On The 4th Of July

Album: ''Scorn On The 4th Of July'' (2004 Split)
1. As The Cacodemons Feast
2. Altar Of The Dead
3. Bleeding Darkness
4. Downward

Betray The Light

Album: ''Betray The Light'' (2005 EP)
1. The Price of LIfe
2. What Remains
3. Dead To Me
4. Betray The Light


There are multiple artists with the name Soulless:

1) Origin: Portugal (Leiria)
Formed in: 1995
Last known line-up:
Hugo Espada - vocals,guitars (Massive Carnage)
Paulo Alexandre"Estorninho" - guitars (Massive Carnage)
Ofelia - chorus
Bela - chorus
Luis - drums (ex.Vomitory (Prt))
Balofe - bass
Spirit of Damnation Demo, 1997

2) Soulless are a death/thrash metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. Their music is a bit more melodic than other bands of this style.

3) Soulless are a gothic metal band from Switzerland that have now split-up.

Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

United States of America (Cleveland, Ohio), formed in 1997

WorldChaos Production


Jim Lippucci - Vocals (Bloodsick, Decimation (US), Domestic Crisis, ex-Schnauzer)
Wayne Richards - Guitar (All That Is Evil, Dead Of Night (US), From The Depths, Nunslaughter, The Spawn Of Satan, Decrepit, Caveman)
Jim Corrick - Guitar (All That Is Evil, Dahmer (US), Holy Ghost)
Dave Johnson - Bass (Descension, Ascension, Splinter, Sufferance, Jerkhammer)
Chris Dora - Drums (ex-Decrepit, The Spawn of Satan, Bloodsick, All That Is Evil, Dead of Night (US), Terror (US), ex-Integrity, Ringworm, Mutilation (US), Caveman)

Tony Daprano - Bass (ex-Apartment 213, Scarver's Calling, Schnauzer)
Jerry Kessler - Guitar (ex-Apartment 213, Scarver's Calling, ex-Bloodsick)


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