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Blissfully Damned

"Blissfully Damned" (2000 EP)

1. Blissfully Damned
2. Emptiness Domain
3. Down Hell's Path
4. Hollow Eyes
5. Turn
6. Downward
7. Hollow Eyes

1. Blissfully Damned

Harbinger of evil, companion to the damned deceit and depravity, walking hand in hand
So all consumed with power, a means to its own end a black cloud of treachery amasses and descends
Embracing your safe darkness, welcoming the hand you extend the comfort that we all demand
Offering the shelter of ignorance warm hope - never realizing your grip around our throat!

Led down through the darkened paths deluded and deceived, dark master of treachery, eagerly believed
Sorcerer of malice, blackened prince of lies, Silver-tongued oracle, we dare not defy
Promising the future, delivering despair and all the while ignorant, blissfully ensnared

No hope for the future, no thoughts of past times no dreams fill the cracked minds no light for the blind
Extinguished passion, a lifeless desire, hopelessly lost in the dark murky mire

Desperate salvation served up a plate - A neat little package of hope
Blissfully damned, surrender free will ignorance binding like rope

2. Emptiness Domain

Bitterness bites the flesh cold supplants the warm the driving wind chills to the bone
Its iron grip like a talon around the throat as it drags the choking soul
Kicking and screaming into the very mouth of Hell

Oh, come know the cold taste the still as your blood clots into ice
The heart is cracked and split …as the soul just seeps away

Bitterness wells in darkness as this cold engulfs the soul sorrow grief and terror freeze,
Misery unfolds those before who speak of Hell recount the singeing flames
Within hell resides the cold - Emptiness Domain

In emptiness domain - Lost in caverns of despair, trapped in this labyrinth of lies...
As you lay and pray to die...

Driven shards of razor ice perforate your soul
Sanity is lost to sorrow stumbling through these woes
Each trial kills another dream and this judgment won’t be defied
So spread to your arms and cross your feet, be now crucified!
With each spike and with each drop of shimmering crimson bled
The rage that stirs within the soul - this hatred must be fed
So gather around hopes still fresh corpse
And eagerly to dine, fill wrath’s cup with tainted blood
And drink it up; drink it up like wine like wine!

Degradation desolation the vacant meanderings of a crippled the soul
Fumbling and stumbling through the coldest bitter night, so lost, so alone,
Frightened and confused. Yet beyond the dark horizon, so frail so slight,
Perhaps the smallest glimmer, the faintest gleam of…

3. Down Hell's Path

Hide from laughter soak in pain cloak in darkness conceal the stain
Resigned to anguish pungent grief snatches the soul like a thief

Broken now I beg of thee cut free this woeful wretch. So much now lost to your foul gain
So little left of self. The first time I bore your wrath dismemberment did glean
The second you ran me through yet still I did not bleed. The next time, there was no heart
Yet still you’d claim your toll - Gleefully, you crippled me and then tore out my soul

Steal the rapture, kill the joy, and relish the brief light the night destroys
Drink of this bitter cup of wrath, scurry frenzied down Hell’s path

Broken now I beg of thee genuflect on bleeding knees, cleanse me of iniquity
Cut me just to see me bleed! Corrupted, this worthless being, Tainted so beneath disdain

4. Hollow Eyes

Blind to the world, deaf to the truth, the hapless lost proceed
Misshapen hulks of a once noble race
Now feeble and diseased
Oblivious to this miserable hell, destitute and dumb
The spirit long dead, the essence deprived
The soul tormented and numb

Tortured souls deprived
All wisdom denied
Pain disguised behind hollow eyes

The cold stare of death, the harsh stench of pain
The horror of the grave
The stark brutal truth of freedom long lost
Humanity enslaved
Fear of the light and terror of night, the tortuous despair
Surrendered souls of anguish and woe
Gaping, vacant stares

They are so despised, souls now cauterized
All promise dies, behind hollow eyes

And so the twisted march in time like some devilish parade
Puppeteered cadavers passing by in ceaseless waves
An endless stream of rotten life, squandered hopes and dreams
Malignancy and pestilence, ignorance and greed
So let the devil have his day, surrender to the beast
Licking blood from his lips and fingertips
As your soul becomes his feast
Let your soul become his feast!

Sightlessly lurch forth
This ghastly dance of doom
The blind shall lead the blind
And all shall be consumed!

Choking back the noxious waves
Asphyxiate in flame
Eyes burned out through the back of your skull
Languish in your shame!

5. Turn

Slowly turning within the mind the essence burning forever blind to this site obscene misfortune unfolds
All warmth retreats- stilled by the cold. Winds of torment scatter like dust all purpose of being - all traces of trust
Deceit mislead down betrayals dark path, still this soul bleed weighted with wrath
Turn within consume me I’ll embrace the decay. Self betrayal exhumes the corpse of yesterday’s pain!

Languish in futility banished to reality, Haunted by failures cold sneer
Courage chased away by fear. All joy and hope is sucked away
Life surrenders to decay. Existing in a tortured hell. Rotting crippled human shell.
Holy fire, cleansing flame - Licks at the soul, purify me!

And so the end clear at hand, the journey so nearly complete
Perfection is a unbound from agony- victory is spawned of defeat
Through destruction the soul is reborn - terror, disgrace recede. Through rending of flesh
The purest release: The cleansing of life’s disease

Sufferings long toll, Liberate the soul... Oblivion's seed? Futility!

Now embrace your destiny, Yield to this bane
Know peace shall be kept from you as lost you wonder dark valleys of pain

6. Downward

Downward spiral to demise, living in a nightmare
Tortured, anguished crying soul, descent into despair
Longing for some kind reprieve, release from incessant torment
Victim of this tortured self, in agony lament

Deny the self, deprive the soul, shrink into the gloom
Dwell in death exalt the stench of this self inflicted tomb
Terror and torment, hatred and pain
Rise to your feet get up off your knees
Just to get knocked down again

Boundless disillusionment planting seeds of your decay
Watching, waiting helplessly as it all just slips a way
A broken shell of the man that you were before
Now a rotting stinking heap soon to be no more

For life you beg
Evil ascends
Despair takes you by the hand
As you join the seething damned
Fire shall lick your soul!

Know the face of your demise, know agonies lament
Taste the blood and feel the pain, fire of no relent
Pathetic victim in a game you find so cruel
Die on your knees in misery, you fucking simple fool!

7. Hollow Eyes


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