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Bleeding Darkness Promo

"Bleeding Darkness Promo" (2001 Demo)

1. Bleeding Darkness
2. Hollow Eyes
3. Suffer The Fallen

1. Bleeding Darkness

Bleeding blackened rage from the soul, Bleeding death, despair and pain
Sucking out the lives of battered men, Blotting out the light and raping day
Leave them to their gloom, leave to rot, Abandon to their grief and suffering
The grief of broken lives and banished dreams, dark master of the fire is surely pleased
Seeking to destroy this accursed light, that tears your soul and brings you down to burn

Rising from the depths, evil lurks, Biding out his time and counting souls
Hunger for revenge, and a thirst for power, Dark Master knows heíll have his fill
Dining on the bones of trampled saints, Drunk on the blood of humble men
Knowing now the hour, close at hand, Light shall die and he shall reign the night

The devil take my soul and Iíll be punished in the flames
Wither into darkness, a bleak and unholy stain, to feel the power
Of those who curse the name of god in heaven, He watches, so goddamn helpless
As souls devoured take their place in hell!

They all line up for heaven pious and aloof
Grind them into Hades beneath a cloven hoof
Suffer enemies! Oh, darkness feed the cold end of the light
The frosts shall hold the land, And gloom shall chill the darkened days
Evil reigns the constant night, And man is fodder for the beast

2. Hollow Eyes

Blind to the world, deaf to the truth, the hapless lost proceed
Misshapen hulks of a once noble race
Now feeble and diseased
Oblivious to this miserable hell, destitute and dumb
The spirit long dead, the essence deprived
The soul tormented and numb

Tortured souls deprived
All wisdom denied
Pain disguised behind hollow eyes

The cold stare of death, the harsh stench of pain
The horror of the grave
The stark brutal truth of freedom long lost
Humanity enslaved
Fear of the light and terror of night, the tortuous despair
Surrendered souls of anguish and woe
Gaping, vacant stares

They are so despised, souls now cauterized
All promise dies, behind hollow eyes

And so the twisted march in time like some devilish parade
Puppeteered cadavers passing by in ceaseless waves
An endless stream of rotten life, squandered hopes and dreams
Malignancy and pestilence, ignorance and greed
So let the devil have his day, surrender to the beast
Licking blood from his lips and fingertips
As your soul becomes his feast
Let your soul become his feast!

Sightlessly lurch forth
This ghastly dance of doom
The blind shall lead the blind
And all shall be consumed!

Choking back the noxious waves
Asphyxiate in flame
Eyes burned out through the back of your skull
Languish in your shame!

3. Suffer The Fallen


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