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The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth

Album: ''The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth'' (1991)
1. Sky Beneath My Feet
2. Trance Dance (A Dreamtime Walkabout)
3. A Minute's Piece
4. The Widdershins Jig
5. Our Dying Island
6. Pagan Man
7. Cradle Will Fall
8. Skyclad
9. Moongleam and Meadowsweet
10. Terminus

A Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol

Album: ''A Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol'' (1992)
1. War and Disorder
2. A Broken Promised Land
3. Spinning Jenny
4. Salt on the Earth (Another Man's Poison)
5. Karmageddon (The Suffering Silence)
6. Ring Stone Round
7. Men of Straw
8. R'vannith
9. The Declaration of Indifference
10. Alone in Death's Shadow

Tracks from the Wilderness

Album: ''Tracks from the Wilderness'' (1992 EP)
1. Emerald (Thin Lizzy cover)
2. A Room Next Door
3. When All Else Fails
4. The Declaration of Indifference (Live)
5. Spinning Jenny (Live)
6. Skyclad (Live)


Album: ''Jonah's Ark'' (1993)
1. Thinking Allowed?
2. Cry of the Land
3. Schadenfreude
4. A Near Life Experience
5. The Wickedest Man in the World
6. Earth Mother, the Sun and the Furious Host
7. The Ilk of Human Blindness
8. Tunnel Visionaries
9. A Word to the Wise
10. Bewilderbeast
11. It Wasn't Meant to End this Way

Thinking Allowed?

Album: ''Thinking Allowed?'' (1993 EP)
1. Thinking Allowed
2. The Cradle Will Fall (Live)
3. The Widdershins Jig (Live)

Prince of the Poverty Line

Album: ''Prince of the Poverty Line'' (1994)
1. Civil War Dance
2. Cardboard City
3. Sins of Emission
4. Land of the Rising Slum
5. The One Piece Puzzle
6. A Bellyful of Emptiness
7. A Dog in the Manger
8. Gammadion Seed
9. Womb of the Worm
10. The Truth Famine

The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea

Album: ''The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea'' (1995)
1. Still Spinning Shrapnel
2. Just What Nobody Wanted
3. Art-Nazi
4. Jeopardy
5. Brimstone Ballet
6. A Stranger in the Garden
7. Another Fine Mess
8. Turncoat Rebellion
9. Halo of Flies
10. Desperanto (A Song for Europe)
11. The Present Imperfect
12. Dance of the Dandy Hound

Irrational Anthems

Album: ''Irrational Anthems'' (1996)
1. Inequality Street
2. The Wrong Song
3. Snake Charming
4. Penny Dreadful
5. The Sinful Ensemble
6. My Mother in Darkness
7. The Spiral Starecase
8. No Deposit, No Return
9. Sabre Dance
10. I Dubious
11. Science Never Sleeps
12. History Lessens
13. Quantity Time

Oui Avant-Garde A Chance

Album: ''Oui Avant-Garde A Chance'' (1996)
1. If I Die Laughing it'll be an Act of God
2. Great Blow for a Day Job
3. Constance Eternal
4. Postcard from Planet Earth
5. Jumping My Shadow
6. Bombjour!
7. History Lessens (The Final Examination)
8. A Badtime Story
9. Come on Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners cover)
10. Master Race (New Model Army cover)
11. Bombed-Out (Instru-Mental)
12. Penny Dreadful (Full Shilling Mix)

The Answer Machine?

Album: ''The Answer Machine?'' (1997)
1. A Clown of Thorns
2. Building a Ruin
3. Worn Out Sole to Heel
4. Single Phial
5. Helium
6. The Thread of Evermore
7. Eirenarch
8. Troublesometimes
9. Isle of Jura
10. Fainting by Numbers
11. My Naked I
12. Catherine at the Wheel
13. Dead Angels on Ice

Old Rope

Album: ''Old Rope'' (1997 Best of/Compilation)
1. The Widdershins Jig
2. Skyclad
3. Spinning Jenny
4. Alone in Death's Shadow
5. Thinking Allowed?
6. The Wickedest Man in the World
7. Earth Mother, the Sun and the Furious Host
8. Cardboard City
9. Land of the Rising Slum
10. The One Piece Puzzle
11. Just what Nobody Wanted
12. Brothers Beneath the Skin
13. The Present Imperfect
14. The Cradle Will Fall
15. The Declaration of Indifference
16. Ring Stone Round
17. Men of Straw

Outrageous Fourtunes

Album: ''Outrageous Fourtunes'' (1998 EP)
1. Land of the Rising Slum
2. Sins of Emission
3. Alone in Death's Shadow
4. Spinning Jenny

Vintage Whine

Album: ''Vintage Whine'' (1999)
1. Kiss My Sweet Brass
2. Vintage Whine
3. On with Their Heads!
4. The Silver Cloud's Dark Lining
5. A Well Beside the River
6. No Strings Attached
7. Bury Me
8. Cancer of the Heart
9. Little Miss Take
10. Something to Cling To
11. By George

Classix Shape

Album: ''Classix Shape'' (1999 EP)
1. Vintage Whine
2. Inequality Street
3. Constance Eternal
4. Building A Ruin
5. Sins Of Emission (Unplugged version)


Album: ''Folkémon'' (2000)
1. The Great Brain Robbery
2. Think Back and Lie of England
3. Polkageist!
4. Crux of the Message
5. The Disenchanted Forest
6. The Antibody Politic
7. When God Logs Off
8. You Lost My Memory
9. Deja Vu Ain't What it Used to Be
10. Any Old Irony?

Poetic Wisdom

Album: ''Poetic Wisdom'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. A Well Beside The River
2. Cancer Of The Heart
3. Something To Cling To
4. Worn Out Sole To Heel
5. Troublesometimes
6. I Dubious
7. Science Never Sleeps
8. History Lessens
9. Bombjour!
10. A Badtime Story

Another Fine Mess

Album: ''Another Fine Mess'' (2001 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Another Fine Mess
3. Cardboard City
4. Art-Nazi
5. The Wickedest Man in the World
6. The One Piece Puzzle
7. Still Spinning Shrapnel
8. Just What Nobody Wanted
9. Sins of Emission
10. Land of the Rising Slum
11. Alone in Death's Shadow
12. Spinning Jenny

Swords of a Thousand Men

Album: ''Swords of a Thousand Men'' (2001 Single)
1. Swords Of A Thousand Men ( Featuring Ten Pole Tudor)
2. Swords Of A Thousand Men (Skyclad only mix)
3. The Widdershins Jig (2001 Mix)

History Lessens

Album: ''History Lessens'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Penny Dreadful (Full Shilling Mix)
2. The Silver Cloud's Dark Lining
3. Isle of Jura
4. No Deposit, No Return
5. Brimstone Ballet
6. Constance Eternal
7. Building a Ruin
8. Emerald
9. I Dubious
10. Jumping My Shadow
11. A Bellyful of Emptiness
12. Kiss My Sweet Brass
13. Bury Me
14. Single Phial
15. By George

No Daylights Nor Heeltaps

Album: ''No Daylights Nor Heeltaps'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Penny Dreadful
2. Inequality Street
3. Spinning Jenny
4. The Cry Of The Land
5. Another Fine Mess
6. Sins Of Emission
7. The Widdershins Jig
8. History Lessens
9. Land Of The Rising Slum
10. Single Phial

A Semblance of Normality

Album: ''A Semblance of Normality'' (2004)
1. Intro (Pipes Solo)
2. Do They Mean Us?
3. A Good Day to Bury Bad News
4. Anotherdrinkingsong
5. A Survival Campaign
6. The Song of No-Involvement
7. The Parliament of Fools
8. Ten Little Kingdoms
9. Like... A Ballad For the Disenchanted
10. Lightening The Load
12. Hybrid Blues
13. Outro (The Dissolution of Parliament)


Album: ''Jig-a-Jig'' (2006 EP)
1. Jig-a-Jig
2. Mr Malaprope and Co.
3. They Think it's All Over - Well is it Now?
4. The Roman Wall Blues



Skyclad is a British heavy metal band with strong folk influences in their music, some would say they invented the genre of "folk metal". They were formed by former Sabbat vocalist Martin Walkyier, and Satan/Blind Fury/Pariah guitarist Steve Ramsey in 1990 to represent the "ultimate pagan metal band".

From the start, they have incorporated a diverse range of influences from British folk music to German thrash metal which has fed their constantly evolving sound. They are widely considered the inventors of folk metal.

The lineup remained stable for the recording of 2000's Folkémon, but founding member Walkyier left the band in 2001, citing various reasons, such as financial difficulties or the bands unwillingness to tour in South America owing to security concerns as the final straw, though other band members have commented that his somewhat pessimist personality was one of the major contributing factors to the groups lineup instability. Walkyier went on to form The Clan Destined. For many fans, Walkyiers lyrics and delivery style were one of the bands central attractions, and there were fears that his departure spelled the end of the band. After replacing drummer Jay Graham (who left shortly after Walkyier) and moving Kevin Ridley onto vocals, the group sprang into action to remedy these fears with 2002's No Daylights... Nor Heel Taps which featured studio recordings of "Irish Pub versions" of Skyclad classics by the new line-up, proceeded by a single, 2001's "Swords of a Thousand Men". The single's title track, a cover tune (originally recorded by Tenpole Tudor), also appeared on Folkémon as a bonus track, although in a different version. The single featured two recordings of the track, one of them with Ridley on vocals and one with Ridley sharing the microphone with Ten Pole Tudor's vocalist Edward Tudor-Pole. The single/album release was accompanied by the 'The Same...But Different' tour, the largest Skyclad had undertaken for many years. Also in 2001 the band released Another Fine Mess, which featured live recordings from 1995 and the contents of the Outrageous Fourtunes EP.

2004's A Semblance of Normality marks the bands first new material from the post-Walkyier era (there had been some unpleasantness between Walkyier and the other band members over copyrights and royalties for his lyrics, as well as the release of tracks featuring him), keeps very much in the vein of previous releases, with Ridley's lyrics making an obvious effort to follow similar themes and styles to Walkyiers whilst retaining an individual identity. The album has probably been the most widely received of their releases, probably due to better distribution and word-of-mouth advertising, and has received much critical acclaim, especially in the English-speaking world, where, ironically (given the use of inventive wordplay in their titles and lyrics, much of it aimed at native English speakers), the band is almost unknown. However, in South America and mainland Europe they have been extremely popular for many years, especially in Germany and Greece.

Skyclad's current release is an EP, Jig-a-Jig, self-released by the Band. A new album is in the making, it is to be released in 2007 or 2008.

Four songs from the band's latest releases are available for both streaming and download at the Skyclad page at MySpace.

Folk Metal

Social issues, Politics, History

United Kingdom (Newcastle), formed in 1990

Black Lotus Records


Kevin Ridley - Vocals, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
Steve Ramsey - Lead & Acoustic Guitars (Satan (UK), Pariah (UK), Blind Fury)
Graeme English - Bass, Acoustic Guitar (Satan (UK), Pariah (UK), Blind Fury)
Georgina Biddle - Fiddle, Keyboards & Piano
Arron Walton - Drums & Percussion

Martin Walkyier - Vocals (1990-2001) (Sabbat (UK), The Clan Destined)

Dave Pugh (D.A.M.)
Dave Ray (Inner Sanctum (US))
Dave Moore (Velvet Viper)

Fritha Jenkins
Catherine Howell

Keith Baxter
Paul Smith
Jay Graham (Revenant Host, Undergroove, Voss)
Jed Dawkins (Fifth Season, Inner Sanctum (UK))


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