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Album: ''Illacrimo'' (1996 Demo)
1. Grieving Beauty
2. Máttaráhku
3. Within My Last Hour
4. Lores of the Mist

Caméne Misera

Album: ''Caméne Misera'' (1998 EP)
1. Lament
2. Ere I Falleth
3. Children of Danaan
4. Path of Tears
5. L'Arrivèe d'un Ange Noir
6. Autumn Rain

Infinita Plango Vulnera

Album: ''Infinita Plango Vulnera'' (1999)
1. Solicitude
2. Forever Sleep
3. Redemption
4. Autumn Heart
5. Whatever the Pain
6. Maiden of the Forest
7. Requiem
8. With Blood Adorned
9. At the Dawn I Wept
10. Solicitude


Album: ''Altum'' (2001)
1. Revangelis
2. Blasphemer
3. To My Beloved One
4. Painless
5. ...Repent...
6. Into the Arms of the Night
7. The Lusticon
8. The Sinful
9. The Propheter of the Unenthroned


Album: ''SI.VM E.T A.V.VM'' (2001 EP)
1. Apart
2. Grieving Beauty (remake)
3. I Bleed for...
4. Lament (remake)

Sufferion - Hamartia of Prudence

Album: ''Sufferion - Hamartia of Prudence'' (2003)
1. The Letter
2. Flame Still Burns
3. Antracone’s Dream
4. Lost is My Name
5. The Wraith at the Shore
6. Heart Unyielding
7. The Conspiracy
8. Shame Forever Mine
9. Scoria Arrives
10. Dark Whispers
11. The Murderer
12. Wither in Silence
13. The Hideaway
14. The Fall
15. At the Cabin
16. Beyond


Album: ''Frostnight'' (2005 Single)
1. Frostnight (single version)
2. Uninvited


Album: ''Seducia'' (2006)
1. Hangman's Lullaby
2. Serpentized
3. Dead Silent
4. Unbroken
5. Frostnight
6. Children of Chaos
7. Empress of the Dark
8. Seducia



The story of Silentium goes back to December 1995 into the ashes of a death/gothic metal band called Funeral. From the remains of Funeral, keyboardist Sami Boman and original vocalist Matti Aikio created Silentium by adding violin player Jani Laaksonen, guitar players Toni Lahtinen & Juha Lehtioksa and drummer Jari Ojala into the line-up.

Silentium's first recording was the four-song-demo-tape ``Illacrimó” which was released in the end of year 1996. Their second, six-song Ep-tape ”Caméne Misera” was released in 1998 and featured female vocals by Tiina Lehvonen who then became a permanent member of the band. This second tape caught the attention of Sami Tenetz who was at the time setting up his record label Spikefarm. After some negotiations Silentium signed a deal with Spikefarm and their first Spike-release ``Infinita Plango Vulnera`` in 1999 had the honor of becoming Spikefarm's first CD, NAULA001. The record also introduced the new drummer, Janne Ojala.

``Infinita Plango Vulnera`` got extremely good feedback, pleasing goths worldwide, as did its successors, the 2001 CD ``Altum`` and Altum's little sister, the ``SI.VM E.T A.V.VM `` mini-CD.

Silentium headed to the Walltone studios of Savonlinna, Finland in January 2003 to record their third full-length album ``Sufferion - Hamartia of Prudence``. This was the first time they decided to use a non-member producer for their album: Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish.
``I felt I needed an outsider's view for my songs and Tuomas crossed my mind. He's definitely one of the greatest song writers in the scene, and has also showed interest towards our music. While Nightwish was on a break, he also had the time and the passion to do this project.``, says Sami.

Before the recordings took place Silentium suffered a major setback : Tiina Lehvonen took a time-out from Silentium for personal reasons. The leading part of Prudence in ``Sufferion`` was then given to Tanya a.k.a ms Whisper Lilith of Soulgrind, and a second female vocalist Maija Turunen was also asked to join the recording process.

Mixing of the album was done in February 2003 by Walltone's Tuomo Valtonen and Tuomas Holopainen. ``Sufferion - Hamartia of Prudence`` was then finished by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios, and the results are unlike anything heard on the field of melodic goth and doom before. ``Sufferion`` is not just a melodic metal masterpiece, it's also a theatrical music experience, a tale of the star-crossed lovers Antracone and Prudence written and performed by Silentium in a true shakespearean style..

Dark Gothic Metal

Love, Pain, Sorrow, Yearning

Finland (Jämsänkoski), formed in 1995

Dynamic Arts Records


Riina Rinkinen - Female Vocals (2004-) (Caledonian)
Juha Lehtioksa - Guitar (1995-)
Toni Lahtinen - Guitar (1995-)
Matti Aikio - Bass, Vocals (1995-) (Funeral (Fin), Dehydrated (Fin))
Jari Ojala - Drums (1995-99, 2004-) (Hullun Miehen Seiväs, Anesthesia (Fin))
Sami Boman - Keyboard, Backing Vocals (1995-) (Funeral (Fin))
Elias Kahila - Cello (2005-)

Tiina Lehvonen - Female Vocals (1998-2003)
Maija Turunen - Female Vocals (2003) (ex-Avernal Oath)
Janne Ojala - Drums (1999-2004) (Dehydrated (Fin), Funeral (Fin), Gloomy Grim, Twilight Ophera, Evilion)
Jani Laaksonen - Violin (1995-2004) (Evilion)
Anna Ilveskoski - Female Vocals (2003-04) (Evilion)


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