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Sufferion - Hamartia of Prudence

"Sufferion - Hamartia of Prudence" (2003)

1. The Letter
2. Flame Still Burns
3. Antracone’s Dream
4. Lost is My Name
5. The Wraith at the Shore
6. Heart Unyielding
7. The Conspiracy
8. Shame Forever Mine
9. Scoria Arrives
10. Dark Whispers
11. The Murderer
12. Wither in Silence
13. The Hideaway
14. The Fall
15. At the Cabin
16. Beyond

1. The Letter

2nd of August 1797. His Majesty ship "Providence". Boston.

Dear Prudence!
My words can't describe how heavy my burden has been during these few months. The rough
sea has delayed our journey back for several days the storm is settling now. And the crew is
hastingly buying and loading cargo. Unfortunately it requires my presence. so I'll I send this
letter with the captain of the "Capricorn". The last will of my brother, William, has been a saddening
task. To try and sell his estate and belongings. his life's toil has grieved me as the
memories of him come vividly haunting me I miss home. The ways of the new world are not for me, and
most of all I miss you, I could not believe such hick as I had when i first met you. My endless
dream is that you could be mine to love, I can only wish, though I think hopelessly, that I could
make you even partly as happy as I am with you - if only your father would find it in his heart to
understand our hearts desires over the fact that I am not of noble heir. I wish this voyage of
grief would be over, I wish I was with you even I'm not at home in the joyous eves, dances and
masquerades of the court. Hopefully you haven't locked your smile behind the door of your room,
even when I'm gone. I do hope I am worthy enough to make you smile whence I return, my flame still
burns for you.

Yours beloving: Antracon

2. Flame Still Burns

And all the dreams I've ever feltFailing to reach or comprehendThe essence of you...And all the times I've feared for youI've shut the door and passed right throughThe flame burns for youThe emptiness in meWas filled with you withinAll the hope you sowed in usI've crushed and turned to dustMy Flame still burnsHurting you, I'm bleeding tooWith every breath I breatheWith every sight I seeYet whence I am falling downYou've put your arms aroundMy flame still burnsHurting you, I'm bleeding tooBeneath the hollow skiesYour gentle, sunken smileSlow sway of your white breastSlumbering breath upon my chestI've shattered, ripped and tornBut still you came for moreAll the pain I've put you throughMy flame still burns for youMy flame still burnsHurting you, I'm bleeding too

3. Antracone’s Dream

Antracon: Prudence?...Blood! By god...Prudence!
Scoria: Well well...I can see your true nature is to be...somewhat hateful
Antracon: who are you, wraith... What have you done to her?
Scoria: don't worry, she's very much alive ashore...
Antracon: this must be a nightmare, god, wake me from this lie
Scoria: such a terrible guilt from something you will do most willingly. Yes, tis nothing but a
dream. Dream of what will become...This will all be true. This is the path to escape the pain and
Antracon: No never
Scoria: oh don't be frightened. Together we shall acomplsh much more powerful deeds than this. We
can wipe away all that is old and begin another creation. This will be your call to greatness.
Ameaning you have been desiring, my little chosen one
Antracon: this will never be...never...I love her. None can ensnare me to such bloodshed
Scoria: where pride lost is to be seeked, there love is to be soaked in blood
Antracon: prudence no...prudence
Scoria: I'll be watching you, chosen one
Hickson: sire...wake up...there is something on the deck...we need you there
Antracon: prudence?
Hickson: at home I think, sire c'mon sire, there has been thievery on board

4. Lost is My Name

I am the shameless lust in youI am the vanity of manI am forever strength in youI am the one to lift the handI am the jealous tongue, the poison dartI am the lost one, anger in your heartI am the hunger, plague and strifeThe virtue stainedI am the bitter tear you hideAnd pride regainedI am the armour, flame and torchI am selfpity blinding youI am the spear, blade and the shieldI am the warlust of the foolI am the vicious lies and fraudsI have been watching every moveLost is my name, yet known by allI shall relieve your pain"Lost is my name, yet called by all"I shall release your rage I am the jealous tongue, the poison dartI am the lost one, anger in your heartI shall betray and bend all rulesYou're mine and arrogantI'm in the hate of disapprovedAnd fall of man. The fall...!The fall of man!

5. The Wraith at the Shore

Prudence: my heart is unyielding I am his but alone yet so full of longing awaits whilst he is gone
Scoria: hark, such a lovely thing. I can grant you etrnal beauty
Prudence: who's there? Who?
Scoria: join me
Prudence: where are you!?! Are you an angel of god? Show thyself!
Scoria: I can give you infinite wisdom and power you can not imagine
Prudence: what are you?
None godly creatures speaks thus!
Scoria: I can grant your every dream
Prudence: my dreams will follow my bethroned antracon
Scorian: Antracon! weak, mere mortal and this ocean parts you from you from him
I can grant you...eternity
Prudence: one dawn with my beloved Antracon is more precious than infinity without him. My soul is
Scoria: more is the pity for such a waste
Prudence: your words are wasted on me, wraith. My heart is full and unyielding!
Scoria: I shall claim your soul

6. Heart Unyielding

My heart is unyielding My dreams are fulfilledYet so full of longingWithout him it's stilledUntouched by all evilMy truelove and IMy hope and my sole willHis sight so divineMy heart is stern faithfulNo tempt or a lieNever bitter nor hatefulO'er waves chanted sighShamelessly yearn for himFor his heart I knowIn the winds my lust burningIn the winds my heart woeI am your fear of weaknessI'm your guilt and the faultI grant you all eternalI grant you all desiresMy heart is sheer forthrightNor guilt neither faultNo shadows of hellwraithNo sin to be foundI am your fear of weaknessI'm your guilt and the faultI grant you all eternalI grant you all desiresMy heart is unyieldingI am his but aloneYet so full of longingAwaits whilst he's goneMy love stands eternalHis touch I desireWraiths of all infernalOur love will defy

7. The Conspiracy


C.Tenheim: Enjoining the evening?
Scoria: Count Tenheim. I Presume?
C.Tenheim: At your service my lord...?
Scoria: You may call me Scoria. I've been watching you dance with young baroness Prudence, such
a...lovely creature
C. Tenheim: Yes, unfortunately her loveliness is owned by someone rude enough not to even appear
with her. Even in such pleasant masquerades as tonight.
Scoria: Well some do not simply have the proper out bringing to attend this kind of pleasures
C.Tenheim: Apparently so, lord Scoria. it may be the spanish way to raise sails and let the beauty
wither ashore.
Scoria: Look at her amongst all this joy, mourning and sighing. Wouldn't you like to set those sad
longing eyes aflame again? To have her and afterwards kiss that swanlike neck goodnight?
C.Tenheim: I...I Beg your pardon, my lord
Scoria: Do not insult me with petty morality, dear count. I know exactly how desperately you thirst
after her. With how much anguish you envy that halfbreed Antracon for owning her loyalty.
C.Tenheim: If only I could open her eyes from that blindness.
Scoria: I think we have a way to remedy that.
C.Tenheim: Dear sir. are you suggesting that I would do the dirty deed of yours... of god only
knows what intentions?
Scoria: My intentions. Are merely of setting her free of that endless longing. I'm not asking you
to do anything, but to follow your own desires. Few words from a loyal servant of your's will do.
C.Tenheim: Few words. From my servant?
Scoria: Just a word placed in the ear of Antracon's crew. He's ship, "Providence", is due to
Southampton within few weeks. When it arrives we can perhaps put one of your servants on the
payroll all we need is few words, like count Tenheim has...


Lawes:...Slept with young baroness Prudence.
Hickson: Aye! You watch your mouth gadgie. I can't believe it out off her
Lawes: That's the bleeding bloody honest truth. By god. Mind you. She is the bleeding fiance of the
owner of this ship and all. Didn't stop the mockers or banging her sheets with sir tenheim now did
it? No no...
Hickson: Bloody hell...young sir Antracon ain't gonna be at all happy when he'll hear about it...


Antracon:...I just can not believe it
Hickson: Well that's what I heard. And the gadgie works for the count and all. Well, we better be
off to London sir. If we are going to be there in decent time.
Antracon: No...Hickson wait...I am going to stay here at the inn for a while. Would you arrange a
room for me?
Hickson: You're sure sir? Ah mean. Right, you never kin with this stuff. Never kin with the ladies,
tell you that for nothing sir.
Antracon: No...she deserved something better... It's all my doing. Being away and low breed. All my

8. Shame Forever Mine

Pain my friendIn solitudeThis coldness suits me rightAll the pain I've struck through youIs the shame forever mineI felt you in my shiverI hear you in my dreamsMy body numb and lingerStunned as dark revealsIt breathes the sweat of night airIt lurks behind my browsI'm sorry that you were hereTo witness all my faultsPain my friend...Longing for touch Longing for armsAround my hipsLips for my lipsI'm worn and cast asideHer thighs lay open wideYearning for oneYearning for allIn lust I begTongue on my neckI'm worn and cast asideHer thighs lay open widePain my friend...Invitia amente estPerpetua pudeo meiCarita Suus RenovareFurore et dolore suusTo hurt and bleed this I deserveMay every tear strike every nerveI dwell in depths, where I belongJust let me sink with flames below...with flames below!Let my life, hour by hour,Like fallen leaf by earth devour With hollow end my hollow lifeWithout her bear my solemn strifeLonging for touch...My emptinessYearning for oneI hide in youYearning for allThe tears I cryIn lust I begThe shame I hideTongue on my neckRain my friendYou were rightThis emptiness suits me fineEvery torn outTear she criedAre for shame forever mineShame my friendI hide in youThis loneliness stills the nightEvery momentWithout youIs the shame forever - mine!

9. Scoria Arrives

Scoria: Well sir Antracon. She left you like a rotten ship? a long time to bare guilt.
Antracon: How did you get in here? This room is mine!
Scoria: Yours? If you would have defended what is yours. She would still be with you. Don't you
hate how she made you feel like nothing?
Antracon: Who are you?
Scoria: We were discussing you. why are you taking the blame for her betrayal?
Antracon: If anyone. I'm the one who has betrayed. I've always felt like I'm not enough for her.
Still, i don't believe she did...
Scoria: Oh yes you do. Yes you do, i can feel it. She thinks you are too low for such noble family.
Ah, selfpity...doesn't it strangle you sometimes? Such a waste for a man who's grandeur and power
might rise above all this.
Antracon: Grandeur? My father was a soldier and my mother a low breed spaniard. I shouldn't have
been worthy enough to wipe miss prudence's boots. Let alone ask of her hand...
Scoria: Why doubt thy-self? You could be strong enough to lead armies, to rule kingdoms. I could
show you your true worth. I could sooth that pain of yours.
Antracon: I want to forget this doubt...this fear. I never want to feel this pain again.
What...what are you
Scoria: I am the roar of your pride and self-respect, telling you. that its not your fault. Don't
let them mock. You. I can offer you strength that rises you high above any doubt. Agony and
self-pity. I am the strength inside telling you that those whores out there are better of dead for
making a mockery out of you and your kind. Every damned one of them. Just let me release what's
inside you...hiding

10. Dark Whispers

I will be there when you mock thyselfIn the nighttime, when the shadows danceI will be there when you burn thyselfShe betrayed you, coldness tears your soulOut of the darknessYe've locketh me inI have been aneathI'll feed your fearWhose is this voice, and why this strayness,This bitter rage I can't control?She'll grind ye downShe'll throw ye outI'll be all hate that hides in yeAnd all the things banishedI shall promise you vast victoriesShe will be crawling back on hands and kneesI shall cease your grief and heavy moanI shall stick the blade through every whoreWe have no choice, drowned She shall be All th' wounds she stroke in theeTenfolded striken back in herTenfolded every whore shall burnIn dreadful deeds we shall uniteAs one we shall not cease the fightI shall set ye on th' throne of night,Bring forth revenge that you desire"I grind my teeth, I grind my teethI bite and pull ye deep beneathOh, let the children come to me...!"...And I shall set, yer desires freeFor dark is our hateSo let there be rage!...And I shall show ye th' sterling strengthOf thousand pariahsLet there be revenge!I will be there when you mock thyself...My sight, has it frailed, has darkness prevailed?Is someone still here with me?Here in me?These hands are they mine? Is this smile or a grin?What is this hate in me?My love, where is she?Scortum! Scortum! Scornful whores!Blade or a loin they are yearning for more!

11. The Murderer

Cinnamon: Want to have some fun sire?
Carla: I'm as fun as it gets
Antracon: You
Carla: Sire?
Antracon: Yes you. Both of you, come here
Cinnamon: Is there anything we may do for you sire?
Antracon: Sure my sweet ones...there's something you can do for me.
Carla: Well... we can surely help such a gent as you...what do you want
Antracon: I want you to wither...
Antracon/Scoria: Every whore shall bleed...

12. Wither in Silence

Wither in silence my precious flowerDraining your pith and I devourWould I crush you in my arms and make you bleed?I'll hiss my tongue and feast on your earSummon the words that you need to hearYour tears will stain my blade, but I won't feelTwisting my hands around your limbs andpassing myself through unknown landsYou're stripped for me to play your every chordWither in silence my precious flowerWither in silence my lustful flowerwither and scream until it's overI shall crush you in my arms and we shall bleed Nothing to fear I'll slide into youJust draw me near, I'll see right through youThe taste of female heat upon your neckI'm growing stench with bitter breathingI'm nothing like you have been dreamingI shall know and still let down your every needWither in silence my precious flowerBiting -Tearing - your skinTwisting - Tasting - your sweatStroking - melting - deep within youFading - Screaming - death grinblade in - thrusting - blade outSo wither in silence my lustful flower wither and scream before it's overAs I've crushed you in my arms, together we ...bleed

13. The Hideaway

Hickson: Over here, miss. Here he is. He wasn't in he's room at the inn last monday, right, and i
went looking for him. I found him here in a poor fettle. I thought i'd better fetch you, miss
Prudence: My god it's love
Antracon: Their eyes so hollow so hollow
Prudence: What's happened to you? Why are you all covered in blood?
Antracon: Every whore shall burn...every whore shall burn
Prudence: Hickson, help him up to the street and into my carriage. We've...
Hickson: Here we go sir to get him out of town. We'll take him to my father's
hunting lodge.

14. The Fall

No single kiss, nor touch, nor vowDare not say, yet you know howSo fair and tender came to beSuch sickening sight for me to seeMy dark wishes and hate unleashedDissolution leads me astrayUtter yet sweet can't be releasedMy path painted with scarlet stainThe chains of failure that I had borneAll the guilt ere has it tornOut now this torment I've closed the wallIn life and death my word stands tallThe pain your lust has thrown to meI shall return the sufferingI'll tear your throat and let you bleedWith steel I'll fill your every needCome take my hand I'll give you all my painI'll tempt you fainUnder my shining bladeHilt in my handsWoos me like blushing maidBeauty of whoresBy bodkin sharked and stained>From self-pity awoken, thusRewrote our names in crimson duskGrandeur and strength untouchableIn hate our oath unbreakableI've reached too far, in darkness dwelledCould I be saved, saved from myself?Did I miss the point of no return?Is this the light, or strength I yearned?Set your fate in my hands and we will prevailYou'll rise to the throne of lands, for you they shall hail Come take my hand...

15. At the Cabin

Hickson: You both all right?
Prudence: Yes Hickson. Thank you. You may leave us now. My carriage will take you back to town
Hickson: I' d better get going then. Good nite sir. Good nite miss.
Prudence: Now then, feeling any better hmh?
Antracon/Scoria: We are there when you dance with the shadows. We are there when you mock the
mirror. We are there when you spread your legs...
Prudence: god what has happened to you
Antracon/Scoria: I shall claim your soul. Every whore shall burn... Every whore shall burn every...
Prudence: Any better now that you've bathed clean from that filthy sour stench? What happened to
you? Nobody knew where you vanished after providence anchored in southampton. I was worried sick.
Antracon: Where am I? Prudence?
Prudence: Come here and hold me
Antracon: Prudence, I've seen a terrible dream. An endless nightmare...murderings and...i
can't...was it a dream
Prudence: Were together now everything will be well again, I heard such terrible rumours of you.
Especially from count Tenheim.
Antracon: Count Tenheim? The noble count himself?
Prudence: What's wrong my love?
Antracon/Scoria: Every whore shall burn!
Prudence: No, Antracon. No...
Antracon/Scoria: Their eyes so hollow so hollow.

16. Beyond

Her innocence lay
Shred with a lie
Sweet lips decay
Forever mine
Grandeur of hilt
Do not bear guilt
Eyes wide to see
Your madness in me

In the lanterns pale and sulphur air
My senses frail, no longer mine.

Solace of rage, blinding embrace
My sweet heart to bleed apart
Foil too painful, shent and wreakful
To hear or bow to any god's law

Their eyes so hollow so hollow
Their words so shallow so shallow

Her innocence ravished, by whom is this done?
Such cowardly curse, second to none
My demons ensnared me with torture and strife
And now it all ends here by god or a knife

I'm beyond horizon, on the ocean of flame
I'm numb and paralysed never feeling the pain
No one can hurt me now, I've left all behind
Beyond of all hope and fear, this void so divine


Antracon: Prudence?...What? Blood! By god...Prudence!
Scoria: Well, well...I can see your true nature has finally reached you
Antracon: You! You devilish fiend... you're behind this all. It's all nightmare again. I'm on my
ship and Prudence is faithfully waiting ashore..god, wake me from this lie.
Scoria: Such a terrible noise from what you have done most willingly. This is the truth, here and
now...the only thing that's not is that you imagined the worst to be true.
Antracon: No... Prudence.
Scoria: Take her hand, it's yours now. after all, she remained ever faithful to you
Antracon: did this... this is all your doing you demon!
Scoria: I merely opened your eyes. She's all yours now, like all those whores we have killed.
Antracon: My Prudence is dead. all is lost.
Scoria: Lost? Come Antracon, this is just the beginning. This is humanity at its strongest. To rule
the life or death of others, to feel no pain, no pity. No mercy or compassion. All the great deeds
of human are inspired by their lust. Lust for power. Fame, fortune. The only thing binding man
down, suffocating him is guilt, shame and pity.
Antracon: This is madness, madness. By shall all end here.
Scoria: Antracon, fool! What a terrible waste. Another greatness tossed away. Oh you
mortal fools. Short is their time here. And they are so eager to cut it even shorter. Well, my chosen
one, sweet dreams. I'll bit you farewell little ones. I'll claim you at the end.

Their eyes so hollow...hollow.


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