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"Altum" (2001)

1. Revangelis
2. Blasphemer
3. To My Beloved One
4. Painless
5. ...Repent...
6. Into the Arms of the Night
7. The Lusticon
8. The Sinful
9. The Propheter of the Unenthroned

1. Revangelis

"Let those of you who deserted me, drown with me into the fiery pits of hell"

You took my hand
And we both were falling

You embraced me
And we both were drowning

Did I feel you here
Or was I only dreaming
Did I hear you sigh
Or was I only screaming
All is lost but pain I thought it would be fading

All is lost but hope of you arriving...

I woke again,
Arisen with the mornlight
And we both were falling...

Did I feel her now
Or was I only dreaming
Did I hear her sigh
Or was I only screaming
Don´ t let them turn
The knives deeper in her
And now I am forever falling...(falling...falling...)

How painful to feel
Her pain and emotion I heaved a sigh
Of poetic passion
She left again
Gone with the twilight

And now I am forever falling

2. Blasphemer

"Cursed be all those, who preach with a high voice for the benefit of their hordes. For they are the weakest in faith, and the darkest within their heart themselves..."

Blindfolded be the slumberer
For pain the blind eye turning
For in a nightmare wanderer
Seeks not to blame or hurt

Blessed be the blasphemers
For they are the sign of yearning
They are the true believers
They are for faithless burning

Let the fallen heart be strong
In death and woe among
Let the fallen ones dream on
With blasphemer's passion

But cursed shall be the seekers
Who feel the hunger for the truth
For he who holds the answers
He speaks with poisoned mouth

So what's to gain
In this mortal lie
Nothing but the pain
Witch we call life

And cursed be the ones who preach
They truly are the hallow ones
Empty are all their believes
Deeper words for shallow hearts

3. To My Beloved One

"How could I even speak of love, my dear, before I held ye in the arms of mine?..."

In thy beloved arms
I 'll drown myself to rest
And upon your ivory skin
My dreams will softly drift

No sweeter touch
From the angels wing
As the tender kiss
Yer lips gave to me

In thy beloved arms,
My dear
I 'll drown
My deepest fear

And as we watch
The sun pass a sleep
Nay sound from the forest,
Just a tender weep

Here, my beloved one
Here is my heaven
Angel beside me
And her eyes to drown in

In thy beloved arms, my dear
I kin I can't forever be
But this moment, how short the time could be
It is forever, a sweet infinity to me

4. Painless

"Let me drown within this river, let me drown in this deep silence...
...Where I will be forever painless"

What painful the chalice
She drank so calmly
There was his arms
Around her naked body

She still tastes his lips
With her mouth
A fragile rose
Was her heart broken

Still was the night
That peaceful night
When he arose
To walk away

You, speak to her,
Speak not of love
When all she had
Forever gone

Fall with her
Bleed with her
Betray her
Shred her soul

"Misera nobis
Dies illacrimo"

Still is the night
Silent the echoes
Iinto the void she drowns
Oh let the ocean devour her

5. ...Repent...

"To Save One's Soul, We Need Nothing More Than Regret, And This Shall Become The Fall Of Man"

I have cursed thy grace in heavens
For such torments given to my heart
Such pain to pay for feelings
What throne of thorns inside I've felt

"O lo´, as the morn breaks
And yon is the memory of thine warmth
O lo´, as the morn breaks
Deluge of tears upon frozen soil"

...but this one last night
Would I repent
Her thrashed innocence
For whence we fell

...but this one last night
Wish morn delays
Sole bitterness
For whence we fell

I have slept with fiends and serpents
For such pleasures given to our flesh
Such balefulness we all have felt
What dreadful deeds the night conceals

6. Into the Arms of the Night

"And she enter´d into my dreams, as I slumber´d in my cold loneliness. And fond were her kisses, as I slipp´d from life to mortal dreams...let me feel her, just one more time..."

Shiver, limbs, my shoulders
The coldness stroke through me
Awaken from my slumber
Her darkness spoke to me

The temptress in the dark
Just lay beside me
Come, torn my aching heart
Just let her breath through me

Driven from my eden
Bend, with shame as burden
As mornlight stroke it clear
And nought was left but fear

She spoke to me in pictures
Of night 'tis all her essence
What pleasure the night devoured
Shall thorns of light make mar

The temptress in the dark
As you lay beside him
Gone, torn my withered heart
Just let her dream of me

Into the arms of the night
To feel your touch yet one more time
Wither his heart, as withered mine
To feel your kiss, just one more time

Into the arms of the night
To feel your touch
Wither his heart, with mine
To feel your kiss
Just one more time

7. The Lusticon

"In these times, passion hath become more than any spirit, haunted or divine; flesh hath become the image; and our lust as the sacrament of it all..."

To feel lust for
For her innocence
Loins hurt for lust denied
Just by the thought of her
Betrayal in my eyes
Just by the sight of her

Come drown him with your naked skin
First to my god then into your grace

The more you want her
More dismay more slander
She will be crucified
For your desires
The seven sacraments
Of pleasures of the flesh

Oh come to me
-Who is this woman
Please touch me
-Deity of lust

Oh, kiss me
-She is your god
Just lay with me
-She is everyone

8. The Sinful

"If all of our sins can be redeemed, by the son of man, Then the chalice can be forfilled again, by one, sinful, man "

One, sinful man
One of all unkind
In the times ere gone
Wretched, was bound
No gracious wisdoms
Couldn't turn his mind
For regret and shame
He turned a blind eye

Let the disbelievers
Throw the first rocks
Their deeds shall not show
Stake burns for whores

In the children's heart
Feet aneath the earth
With bloody hands
And backs berend

Come let as gather to torment this man
For to sin he felled, of being humane

With one man's faith
Should all of his kind
Shrink on their knees
With humble mind
For one man's sake
Tell, my dear, if known
They'll build a stake
For one sinner's soul

For what is sin?
-blink of an eye
For whence once lost
Innocence, 'tis a lie

(So a triumphant death
He suffered proudly
We've lost purity
With his sinful blood)

Sic pereant omnes inimisi tui
Damnare suus spera nos

9. The Propheter of the Unenthroned

"And Now, My Son, Open Thine Eyes Wide To Behold. On Yer Crusade, Thou Have Become Infidel Thyself..."

In the times of my youth
The spirit spoke to me
Pay heed, and hear the truth
The signs art here to see

Courses of stars unscroll´d
For those who art yiel´d
The sight of time unpass´d
And the roar of battlefield

"Hark ye mortal, thou, who art yield
Bring forth for all mankind to hear
Forth, for all of the circle of the earth
These prophecies nine"
Hark mankind enthralleth false images of god
I shall reveal the crownless symbols of damned unfold´d

Behold, mankind enthralleth beneath the wrath devine
The signs of unenthron´d under the stormy skies

Hark mankind enthrallth so glorious in arms
Yiel for the unenthroneth in darkness so profound

"And the crowd dids't nougth but mockery..."

Behold, mankind enthralleth beneath the wrath devine
The signs of unenthron'd under the stormy skies

There is nine betrayed kings
And war for their revenge
There is nine of prophecies
Under the oath of silence

"Whence the sun aproach'd the western end of the world, my oath of darkness was filleth..."

And now whence the war is raging
And banners darkens the skies
See the unenthorned arriving
As all of the battlefield dies

So dreadful to behol'd
As the spirit turned to me
The darkness was unfold'd
O' propheter, it's me!!!

And now whence the war is raging
And banners darkens the skies
See the unenthorned arriving
As all of the battlefield dies


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