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Parade Into Centuries

Album: ''Parade Into Centuries'' (1992)
1. Thoughts
2. Domestication of Wildness
3. Vanity
4. The Passage
5. In God They Trust
6. For My Soul, When The Dark Falls Into...
7. Immaculate / Enslaved By Need
8. Birth
9. Crying Out The Fear Within
10. Domestication of Wildness

Macabre Sunsets

Album: ''Macabre Sunsets'' (1993)
1. Odious
2. Precious / All My Love Is Lost
3. As Your God Is Failing Once Again
4. Macabre Sunsets / Love Song For A Black Soul
5. Bitterness Leads Me To My Savior Death
6. Mother Of All Gods, Mother Of Mine
7. Poetry Of Death
8. Enormaous / The Anthem Of Death
9. As Your God Is Failing Once Again (Previous version)

Athenian Echoes

Album: ''Athenian Echoes'' (1995)
1. Aye Azure
2. Armada
3. Ishtar (Celebrate Your Beauty)
4. The Vineyard
5. I´m A Daemond
6. Iris (And The Burning Aureole)
7. My Red, Red Moon (Emma O)
8. Monuments Of It´s Own Magnificence

Eons Aura

Album: ''Eons Aura'' (1995 EP)
1. Eroding
2. Ardour Was I
3. Until The Day Gods Help Us All
4. Thor (Manowar Cover)

Lesbian Show

Album: ''Lesbian Show'' (1997)
1. Lesbian Show
2. Aenaon
3. Dead Woman, Adieu
4. The Secret Admirer
5. My Own Troy
6. The Fleshmaker
7. Death Star
8. Cold Bloody Killer
9. Lashed Augusth Reign

Diva Futura

Album: ''Diva Futura'' (1999)
1. Master, Faster, Sweet Desaster
2. Sin
3. The Sheer Misfit
4. Diva
5. Licked One's Iced Lips
6. Picture Me
7. Some Deaths Take For Ever
8. Lowve
9. Ceaseless
10. My Traitor's Kiss
11. Pleasure

Anthems of the Night

Album: ''Anthems of the Night'' (1999 EP)
1. Diva
2. My Own Troy
3. Armada
4. As Your God Is Failing Once Again
5. Picture Me


Album: ''Electronegative'' (1999 EP)
1. Diva
2. The Sunless Smile
3. Dead Don't Need Revenge
4. Everything

I am Jesus

Album: ''I am Jesus'' (2003)
1. Death of Neira
2. The Senior Lover of Diamanda
3. I Am Jesus
4. A Pale Crescendo of Diamond Suns
5. Luciferin (What if Men Could Bear Masters?)
6. Muscat (Darkdark Road)
7. The Poor Us
8. I�ve Never Dreamt the Life We Share
9. Treasures in Aramaic Tears (Echelon)
10. Semana Tragica
11. Nightfall

Lyssa:  Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments

Album: ''Lyssa: Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments'' (2004)
1. Dark red sky
2. Swollen
3. Christless
4. Master of my dreams
5. The perfect li(f)e
6. The end times
7. Synastry
8. One of these days
9. Victimized
10. So(u)l invictus
11. Essence


Black/Gothic Metal

Dark Feelings, Mystical, Personal Thoughts...

Greece (Athens), formed in 1991

Black Lotus Records


George Bokos - Guitar (Rotting Christ)
Bob Katsionis - Guitar (Imaginery, Overlord's Perpetual, Star Queen, ex-Skyward (Grc), Casus Belli (Grc), ex-Septic Flesh, ex-Fatal Morgana, Zion (Grc), Mirage (Grc), Firewind)
Efthimis Karadimas -Vocals (ex-Epidemic (Grc))
Stathis Cassios: Keyboards
Kostas Kyriakopoulos: Bass (Nocta (Grc))

Chris Adamou - Guitar [1991-1999]
Jim Agelopoulos - Guitar [1997] (Snowblind (Grc))
Babis Stilos - Guitar (Ageless Wisdom)
George Aspiotis - Keyboards, Piano, Effects [1993-1999] (Raw Silk, ex-Spitfire (Grc))
Costas Savidis - Drums [1991-1999] (The Circle of Zaphyan, Septic Flesh, Septicemia (Grc))
Mike Galiatsos - Guitars [1991-1999] (Snowblind (Grc), Zion (Grc))
George Kollias - Drums (ex-System Shock, ex-Sickening Horror, Nile, ex-The Circle of Zaphyan, Extremity Obsession)
Mark Cross - Drums (on Diva Futura) (ex-Helloween, ex-Metalium (Ger), ex-Winters Bane, At Vance, God's Army, The Supremacy, ex-Casus Belli (Grc) (guest), Firewind)
Phil Anton - Guitars (On Diva Future)


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