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Lesbian Show

"Lesbian Show" (1997)

1. Lesbian Show
2. Aenaon
3. Dead Woman, Adieu
4. The Secret Admirer
5. My Own Troy
6. The Fleshmaker
7. Death Star
8. Cold Bloody Killer
9. Lashed Augusth Reign

1. Lesbian Show

Years are passing but nothing fades
Idols shattered but she remains
She's the life, the life of me
Though, for two decades she's forgotten me

Along with fate of mine
They both have left me, asinine
In love they fell, together shine
No place for me in this world of mine.

Lesbian show
Welcome to our...
Lesbian show
My world has turned into a...

Years are passing but nothing fades
Idols shattered but faith remains
She's the life, the life for me
I hope someday she'll come back to me

Along with fate of mine
They both have left me, asinine
In love they fell, together shine
No place for me in this hell of mine.

2. Aenaon

Across those bridges far beyond
Once upon I walked, but never more
To Roads of marvel some say they lead
Bitter humans who patiently bleed.

I recall the thoughts my mind captured
As from the bridges high I stared the world seemed raptured
My teeth rapidly moved as skin turned red blue
No cold then raped me but the bloody time's crew

I stared at sky, no can't be true
I kissed the earth, no can't be true
I released my will, I thought I knew,
I thought I knew,

Life, slowly fades as the reader turns the page
For this bible of vain morals pray
Life, slowly fades as the reader turns the page
Like a peace of paper in reign.

Live loner and then die
The lands you dreamed, so you will find
The voice inside me wisely spoke
Hell, vanity's statue my gyues I broke

In state of pleasure now I walk
No saviours doors I'm forced to knock
My fate is built upon my own
Fools grasp the thorns, I keep the crown.

Life, ...

3. Dead Woman, Adieu

I've standed between east and west
I've made friends the south and the north
The charmy sea now I call as a nest
The precious ground offers me strength and growth.

One God, No Godess
On eground, no sea
Death jealoused your beauty
And stole you from me.

Strange nature, cold as ice
So warm for me, your touch, your eyes
White in black and black in white
This furious spirit once has my bride.

4. The Secret Admirer

I admire thou naked neck
Its sight makes me shred
How the hell its holder should feel
With Such a treasure by hear seal

Tragic things surely turn me on
And that's the reason I stay forlorn
It is for that nature of mine
You avoid my look, you wish me to die ?

Shine as a brand new hawk
Your eyesight makes me cold
As far as sun folds the mortals' earth
You're the colour of my breath

Those servants and their commun likes
Sunblinded, dead all lie
Unable to see the light
It's hidden they claim, in fat inside

I wonder, thus my self... I ask
Is my temptation the moral's mask ?
... my nature I kiss, this beast within
My passion peaks, real life grows in.

5. My Own Troy

I want to dive in a cold lake
I want to kiss her lips
To reborn by her liquid womb
Deep within in hazy mist.

My life I'm dying to finnish
In this dream I can't resist
What I've adored, it left me by
Like child I cry...

Loving you at the edge of madness
Missing you in a spark of sadness
Drowning me in full blast sorrow
Love affair in horror.

Hate hangs me, I cannot weep
Love left me but still I dream
Breath on mirror stinks it black
Alike the sperm of mine my soul you sucked

More of what I've known
I want to know now
In muddy waters I've been drowned
New life... calls me now.

That lovely face I need to see again
That milky neck I want to break.

6. The Fleshmaker

Tell me, have you ever touched the edge
Upon the highest top, there where life really ends
Wind to kiss you like a seaman does the whore
As life leaves you like wave does the sea shore.

Passion for passions and vanity remains
Quest for tranquil space, panakea for pains
Somebody calls but body is one with the wind
Somebody cries behind but you don't bleed.

Finally I approach the port of my desires
Faces of strange attitudes look so bizzarre
Nothing seem the same to lands I've reached before
Misery's queen falls in comma as you pass ny door.

Not far from what I was looking for you seem
The point of no return I step and conquer my dream
I'd hold my ships course until the unknown end
In promised lands, my oath was, my self to send.

The crown of the immortals now you wear
The throne of this bloody land you share
With millions and millions old brothers' fate
Hail to you and this glorious state, of death

You don't need
You don't bleed
You don't feel
You don't breath
You don't live
You don't dream...

7. Death Star

Ask me to draw you one million suns
Why your eyes remind me of the rain it comes ?

It is that sky that folds you
It is his strength
It is that promise I gave you
Forever hold your hand.

Feathers die as crow shot down
But the soul remains
My dreams are made to pass away
As on morals' happyness I seize.

Death star let me blast with you up there
Let me touch at least your breath
Let me be your flaming rear
Let me fold our end.

Is for the dusk your life always lies with
It is the life it self that ruins your delicate dream.

Enough, enough, ...

I played with life
She played with me
"I love you" said, then kissed me
I wanted more, I wanted more
But life refused to teach me.

8. Cold Bloody Killer

Hey old man, can you read my lips
I shout to you, here I am, among the sheeps
For that stone of happyness I am looking for
I'm young, yet no innocent and ready to fight for...

This place that mortals call paradise
And for a whole life they suffer
This place that no worms from ground rise
They've all been shattered

In this so called "heaven" I want
To build my own black mansion
Leather for walls, flesh and bones
Bleeding throats to feed my passion.

Blast my will would be
As I reach the mortals' dream
End of hope, that's growing dim...

Here where I cried but no one could see
My tears have frozen, I'm no longer bleed
Red scripts I make, none's blood is waste
Me pen dives in red, quarry lies dead.

I'm now the holder of your soul
The one to whom your life's being sold
I'm now your sun, your flesh and blood
Your own God, Lay down and suffer.

9. Lashed Augusth Reign

Bright as the wedding dress
My future never was
I'm not the man you used to bless
I'm a man with heart of thorns.

I'm an actor in life
My scripts I dream and play
King of my nightmares
Master of the masquerade...


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