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Lyssa:  Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments

"Lyssa: Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments" (2004)

1. Dark red sky
2. Swollen
3. Christless
4. Master of my dreams
5. The perfect li(f)e
6. The end times
7. Synastry
8. One of these days
9. Victimized
10. So(u)l invictus
11. Essence

1. Dark red sky

To the sphere of darkness
I send my self to spread my race seeds
Enter into nothing
Inside a body made of evil deeds
Blame it all on you
The one who knew
That each day that passed
Gave birth to the age of rust
I am the one to save no
Dark Red Sky
It's so beautiful
Such a beautiful day to die
Why dying feels so good
Wonder what for we all stood
Destroy your symbol of trust
Come along to the cosmos of cerebral lust
I am the one to say
Shut your eyes begin to pray
As your life fades away
The only icon that remains is the
Dark Red Sky

2. Swollen

Empty soul in an empty place
Have forlorn your adorable face
I know the one close to me is not the one you wish to be
Shut the door remain alone
Cold and ice, what perfect lies
I know the one close to me is not the one you wished to be
Father I got more to tell you, wait
I can only blame you for keeping away
The secret of life since birth of time
Rapid though again in front
All alone, tremendous fall
I know the one close to me is not the one you wish to be
Shiny face off left for good
Touch the deepest fade of blue
I know the one close to me is not the one you wished to be
Happiness, I wanna feel how it feels like
Misery takes on me each time
I try hard to resist
But seems I am already in the belly of the beast

3. Christless

All the truth you told me it could assist
In that endless journey in the mist
Disappeared when I asked for it
And revealed my cruel nudity
Feelings do escape from deep within
Like mice do from the sinking ship
No one would ever dare to stay in
Where are your clothes my fallen king?
I don't believe in jesus Christ when see this place slowly dies
I don't believe in jesus Christ when all my life I have to fight
Face your life through the centuries
An endless race to fill in your emptiness

4. Master of my dreams

Deep within the world of dreams
True desires reveal their will
But tell me why can I see
No more beauty in my dreams
Master of My Dreams I don't believe you
I am an absolute dreamer
Don't go too close to such a sinner
I hear they say to children attracted by my smile
I hear they say to children in search of true lifetime
I know you know we all been drow
But have to escape before the dawn

5. The perfect li(f)e

Every time I look at you I know something you hate
Every feeling by your touch becomes a deadly sign
Everything I know
Everything I do
Everything I know
Becomes so fucking low
The perfect li(f)e I've been always working for
Ask me not to tell you why
Such need for perfect life
It's the way been grown up
Walking away from stinky mud
But through the days I killed
To catch the moral dream
I realise all in vein
Was the effort and the pain, for
The perfect li(f)e I've been always working for

6. The end times

How many times you considered life
Seriously, truly not just to kill time
How much I loved you you'll never know
How many times I dreamt of you you'll never know
All those momment there unite
All those momments stand to remind
Of the faces that cursed you sometime
But anger turned into generous vibe
I know you like staring at the sky
Lettin sun to blid your inner sight
Pray for you
Pray for me
Together we have
To take the trip
All the way down
To the magnificence sea
As life goes on feels like riding on a wild horse
Into your fields of eternal pleasure amd sweet dreams

7. Synastry

All those pure springs
Those liquid rings
On the mountain side
Are dedicated to your light
Shake off from the fears
The heritage of tears
Drenched the soul of mine
With the sweetest wine
Days reveal nothing but you

8. One of these days

Pain, so much pain I can smell it everywhere
Love, where's that love by my mother had been told
One of these days father will come to take you
Run as fast as you can to avoid these days rush
Try to come back when this world again will be a piece of art
I know we are trapped to endless nothing
But just to remind you we have to hold onto something
Anything you feel satisfies the true meaning of our lives
As time passes by there's no room for the true meaning in your life
That sweet thing once you disliked

9. Victimized

Grab hold of the godsend pride
| Try to swallow his solar life
| A giver is so gentle to be
| But have to have something to give
An icon so strong
A dark feeling so bloody cold
A day without light
A greeting never told
Give me pleasure, have no faith
Give me more I feel true pain
Give me pleasure I am not insane
Give me more for once be straight
I have faith in my life
Where's your bloody smile
I am the burning aureole in the sky
Where's your moral pride
I can't stand looking at these eyes
I am truly paralysed
All these words, the secrets that you hide
All in all being victimized
Right through, right through I tell you
Lock the target, deep breath,shout it loud, let it out
You've got the victim in control
You are the master you are the lord

10. So(u)l invictus

Freeze the moment under lunar light my dear
Displace such view from the book of fear
Nail a lie that caused so much
Nameless spirit now dives in lust

I feel almighty, I am almighty, I am god
I am on fire, I am desire, I am the Sol Invictus

Share these moments of absolute glory
Never again for others feel sorry
Wait, wait my line have to finish first
I can feel I tell you your spirit's thirst
Rail at you nothing else can do
Rain gifts upon those who come true

11. Essence

Time to believe to the essence of the meanings
Time to come back to the roots of human learning
I call the winds to stand by me
Isolate my weak feelings no more to bleed
Hide the morning star, the hope from their eyes
Let them wait their son to rise
Never shall believe all truth is said
Never shall believe there is no end, to the pain they feed you
| Try to expand the limits of your mind far beyond the logic's circle
Glad to see the motion in your eyes, so deep within
Analysing words that mean so much
You become a master of an ultimate art
You become the one and only
To tear apart theories once so solid


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