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Live in Rock Pub Bunker, 3.5.2003

Album: ''Live in Rock Pub Bunker, 3.5.2003'' (2003 Live album)
1. Spirit of the Fog
2. Warriors of Death
3. Dark Castle
4. Smrt pod branami hradu
5. Possessed
6. Furious War
7. Raping Ritual
8. Dharma Gaia
9. Troops of Doom (cover Sepultura)
10. Elisabeth Bathory (cover Tormentor)
11. Armageddon (cover Torr)
12. Freezing Moon (cover Mayhem)
13. Zombie Ritual (cover Death)
14. Black Funeral (cover Mercyful Fate)

Duse Prekliatych

Album: ''Duse Prekliatych'' (2004)
1. Intro
2. Duse Prekliatych
3. Sluha Bozi
4. Inkvizicia
5. Hnev
6. Svaty Mor
7. Sudna Noc
8. Smutocny Pochod
9. Hnev [live]
10. Sluha Bozi [live]
11. Sudna noc [live]

Krvave spomienky /promo/

Album: ''Krvave spomienky /promo/'' (2004)
1. Krvave Spomienky
2. Furious War
3. Ocista Zotrocenych Krizom
4. Hnisave Vredy
5. Instrumental
6. Christhunt

Prebudenie Smrtou

Album: ''Prebudenie Smrtou'' (2004 Demo)
1. Introduction
2. Spirit Of The Fog
3. Warriors Of Death
4. Dark Castle
5. Smrt pod branami hradu
6. Possessed
7. Intermezzo
8. Furious War
9. Smrtivlad
10. Perunova pomsta
11. Prebudenie smrtou
12. Sluha bozi/koniec falosnej viery
13. Smutocny pochod

Slaughter of the Fatstock

Album: ''Slaughter of the Fatstock'' (2005)
1. Porazka Jatocntch Zvierat
2. Svet V Slzach
3. Krvave Spomienky
4. Obesenec
5. Hnev
6. Ideal Svaeteho Muza
7. Necist
8. M.M.M.
9. Smrt Pod Branami Hradu



Moonfog is upstanding member of slovak death metal scene nowadays. The band was established in the end of the year 2000 by bands leading personality and guitar player Peter Hutyra with help of bassguitarist/vocalist Marek Mikudik and drummer Rudy Strhak. Vocalist Michal Paholik joined the band later, but soon was replaced by Peter Hija on this post. In this early days the band was deeply influenced by oldschool thrash/deathmetal bands as good as by northern blackmetal scene. We can recognize it in several first bands recordings. Many of them are live [Live in JAMBO's Rock club, 21.9.2002, Live in Rock Pub Bunker, 3.5.2003, Live from Infernal Fest I. (Drevaren 20.9.2003)� etc.] and the rest are rehersal recordings [ December's Fog /2002/, Death Under The Gates Of Castle /2002/, Awaken by death/2003/, Cursed souls /2004/�etc.]. This recordings was spreaded as unofficial demos for friends and local underground scene members. Next self-released promo CD in 2004 called Bloody Memories, was self-released and distributed by band in average 600 pieces

After several personal earthquakes the band finally found its own face and started to climb up. Current line-up is : Peter Hutyra on guitar, Peter Hija vocals and Marek Mikudik on drums. Last bassguitar player walked-out the band several weeks ago. New face of band is absolutely different from beginers attempts 4-5 years ago. The style we can entitle : sophisticated brutal death metal with soft oldschool breath and grindcore influences.

In 2005 was recorded material for album Slaughter of the Fatstock, which was released by german label Rebirth the Metal. This album is distributed by label and by band to this day. Songs for new CD is mostly ready to enter to the studio and will be released probably under the same label later this year.

Show activity is main scope for the band. Number of played gigs is close to 100 now! Many great names of the extreme metal scene was supported by Moonfog on their shows in Slovakia, Poland and Czech rep. since 2000, but we should be thankfull also for their own actions organized by band under name Infernal fest and many exchangeable actions for slovak, czech and polish bands.

Names of side projects of guitarist Peter Hutyra at last: Sickness, Bloodfeast, Lamented Despondency, Foeticide.

Thrash/Death Metal (early) - Brutal Death Metal (now)

death, gore, violence

Slovakia (Povazska Bystrica), formed in 2000

Ukragh Productions


Peter Hutyra - Guitar (Bloodfeast (Svk), Lamented Despondency, Foeticide (Svk))
Marek Mikudik - Drums (Bloodfeast (Svk))
Peter Hija - Vocals

Michal - Vocals (may2003 - july2003)
Vlado (Vladimir Kosut) - Drums (nov.2001 - june2004)
Rudy S. (Rudolf Strhak) - Drums (Bloodfeast (Svk))
Marek Adamicka - Bass
Dalibor Rucek - Bass


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