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Hour of Restoration

Album: ''Hour of Restoration'' (1991)
1. Magna Carta
2. The Winner
3. Friends Of America
4. Union Jack
5. Another Burning
6. Just One Bridge
7. Breaking These Circles
8. Turning Point

Impending Ascension

Album: ''Impending Ascension'' (1993)
1. Estadium Nacional
2. Waterfront Weirdos
3. Songsmith
4. Virtual Reality
5. No Time For Words
6. Storms And Mutiny
7. Under The Wire

Test of Wills

Album: ''Test of Wills'' (1997)
1. Gameface
2. A Social Marginal
3. Walk Fast, Look Worried
4. Test of Wills
5. Bully Pulpit (part 1)
6. Jacko
7. Crucible
8. Preaching The Converted

Hundred Year Flood

Album: ''Hundred Year Flood'' (2002)
1. The Great Goodnight
2. Family Jewels (instrumental)
3. Brother's Keeper

Impossible Figures

Album: ''Impossible Figures'' (2003)
1. Gorilla With A Pitchfork
2. Killer Of Hope
3. Bach 16
4. Late For Church
5. Confessor`s Overture
6. Hymn For A Heathen
7. A World Groove
8. Counterpoints
9. Feel The Cross

Symphony for a Misanthrope

Album: ''Symphony for a Misanthrope'' (2005)
1. Symphonette (instrumental)
2. Why Water Weeds?
3. Wisdom
4. Cranium Reef Suite
5. Pianissimo Intermission (instrumental)
6. Doctor Concoctor
7. Every Bullet Needs Blood

Innocent God

Album: ''Innocent God'' (2007)
1. Invisible Bright Man
2. My Warrior
3. Innocent God
4. Found
5. Who To Believe
6. Sea Of Detail
7. Slow Burn



Magellan represents the second wave of sonic explorers, those who sailed in spirit with the most storied of the prog rock pioneers (e.g., Genesis, Kansas, Rush, Yes) during their youth and now seek to make the journey in practice. At the helm of Magellan are brothers Trent (vocals/keyboards) and Wayne Gardner (guitars), who with bass player Hal Stringfellow Imbrie released their debut album : Hour of Restoration, in 1991. (Their debut led off with a five-part suite entitled Magna Carta) An historical concept album about England, it was followed by the similar-sounding Impending Ascension.

Magellan returned in 1997 with Test Of Wills, which represented a slight departure from the band's original sound (though the group, which now includes drummer Brad Kaiser, remained intact). In 2002, the Gardners released the ambitious Hundred Year Flood, dedicated to the brother they lost in the Vietnam War. Though not a prolific band, Magellan's well crafted and ambitious efforts have made them something of a flagship among prog rock's second armada of artists.

Progressive Metal/Rock

History (early) Faith, emotions, philosophy (now)

United States of America (San Francisco, CA), formed in 1990

InsideOut Music


Trent Gardner: Vocals, Keyboards, Trombone (Mullmuzzler)
Wayne Gardner: Guitars and Bass


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