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Hour of Restoration

"Hour of Restoration" (1991)

1. Magna Carta
2. The Winner
3. Friends Of America
4. Union Jack
5. Another Burning
6. Just One Bridge
7. Breaking These Circles
8. Turning Point

1. Magna Carta

I. Magna Carta Overture (Instrumental)

II. Declaration

John The King of England
Duke of Normandy (Count of Aquitaine)
Spoke to all his subjects
Declaring freedom and reform in this present charter...

III. Status Quo

In the first place it is our will
Before we quarrel there are rights to instill
Upon our heirs, confirmed with grace
The English Church shall stand in faith
If any earl or baron dies
And owes us relief we will rectify
Our binding words to the sons under age:
"We'll hold it in trust - your inheritance is saved."

The guardian of the land will now answer to us.
Assignable for husbandry and wardship.
The Treaty of The Magna Carta will ensure this.

IV. Reform

City of London have all your liberties
Free customs and furthermore; petition counsel
That no assessment shall reach into the pockets
Of the common man
We respect the rights of the common man
We must respect the rights of the common man.....
No witch hunt executions to be held in the shadows
No trivial crimes shall condemn one to the gallows
All evil customs, warrens, sheriffs, shall be abolished
All hostages will be released
In the the final hours of this decadence we must defeat
'Cause it's not too late for the future
Stand back - look around
It's a time for peace not a time for war or for judgement
Summon all, listen to my order!
This fifteenth day of June in Runnymeade
All must coincide as The Magna Carta is ratified.....

V. Restoration

Should a man transgress this charter
We'll judge in fairness with law and order
Time for the kingdom to be granted all these things
Wishing betterment for allies, with security.
Liberty of conscience is finally restored as The
Magna Carta is moving forward in this restoration
From such a young man his great awakenings has
saved our homeland.....

In a modern world we still must fight to learn the
lessons that prolong our plight
The history of those before should help us now but
we choose to ignore
Explore the new ground - discovery
We know the answers but no one sees
We are so close but we stand so far
From the restoration - the nearest star
The Hour of Restoration is now upon us
We measure the time all history to the present The
Magna Carta
Trust of the ancient living.

City of London have all your liberties, free customs
and furthermore
Petition counsel that no assessment shall reach into
the pockets of the common man.
We restored the rights of the common man
We have restored the rights of the common man...

2. The Winner

Welcome these players to your stage
Progressive, we cleverly syncopate
These rhythms, in a key, in an overture
Directing our experience into yours.

Waiting here for a visionary
Imagine living the new possibilities
In a matter of time you're a
Winner/success at hand/it's all
In your future just take command.
Anyone can be a winner
We all want a winner
Everybody wants one -
We all want a winner.

3. Friends Of America

Friends of America
Where are you now?
Get up and do something for
America, stand up now.

Fly the flag
Put your hand on your heart
You can be assured
That you've done your part
Watch the nation bleed
From the comfort of your chair
And then you'll just become
A lazy bum sitting there

Friends of America
Where are you now?
Get up and do something for
America, stand up now.

FACE THE FACTS, we must practice
What we preach/let go of yesterday -
There Is an answer in our reach.
Someone lead the way, make us
Do the rest/we'll join together -
Sound the call/Now It's time to
Show them whose the best.

The world is a witness to the change
Of events in the rise of America.
Who are your leaders? And who are
Your heroes? In this America.
Stronger than ever we unite for the
Common cause of America.
Friends of America.....

4. Union Jack

Magic land so far away - was
It worth the voyage in these days?
The lives of soldiers thrown away
In medieval claims to yesterday...
Off the starboard bow/in the
Heat of the night/we visualize
Apocalypse in the fire fight,
The parliament says "it's necessary"
But Birmingham calls you home/
The neighborhood, the family, the
Mind begins to roam.
Ocean currents flowing/taking
Vessels to a war/whether right
Or wrong it's a moot point/as we
Hit the shore/a former king's
Residence/in the district of the
North/the crown of England is risking
All for sovereignty at Stanley Port.
The Mission. The Mission. Don't Forget
The Mission.
But there's no way out/I don't want
To stand here and fight anymore/
Please - couldn't we find a better way,
I just saw somebody die.
Waving the flag as he fell to the ground -
While the locals rejoiced in liberation.
So take those ice cold islands back -
Almighty Union Jack/a thousand
Victories will be behind you/in royal
Fashion the colonies, the land swept up
In the naval destruction out at sea.
No wire to the U.K. - no moral
Ground can prepare us to die at
Falkland Sound.*
So take those ice cold islands back
Almighty Union Jack/a thousand
Victories will be behind you/when will
We learn to cease the fire/my friends
In modern times - we need a better way.
Because this place belongs to all of us
Responsibility lies within each of us
The revenge we seek will not conquer us...
This place belongs to all of us
Responsibility lies within each of us
One earth, one mind can save us
My friends the end is near us.

5. Another Burning

Back in '61 to '65, their indifferences,
Could never hide the buried hopes
Of peace/that rest beneath them wearing
Grey or blue.
Did the burning of white mansions still
The fire inside their hearts to kill
Each other? The memories that lie where ash remains.
They marched all the fathers and sons
To a slaughter/
Then the widows and daughters knew
That no one would march back home.
Can you feel it? Don't deny that it comes from
Deep within your soul.
Can you feel it? Don't you see that this
Is something we can do together?
The intolerance bred ignorance and prejudice
But they possessed destructive powers
Making it too real for them to see
That their strength was an illusion
Fueled by dreams of glory writing
Their own story
Knowing that no man should be
Though it's hard to build on dreams again
We must fight the demon if
We're going to win.
One more chance to live again - to prosper the
Open land that God gave them. One more
Chance to live a new way - they sacrificed
Everything - they threw it away.
Hate must never claim the lives of our heroes
Again. Never can we allow another burning...

6. Just One Bridge

Walking on a still green sea-have you got the faith to let
it be?
Without falling through like an anchor tied - to your
weighted memories of guilty times.
Stepping on a bed of coals - does little damage to the icy souls
'Cause there's just one bridge between pain and hope
So keep mind sharp enough to stay afloat - while
you're here......

7. Breaking These Circles

When your mind stays awake and your body cries for sleep
Disillusioned from the pain you're in way too deep.
As the chains bind your soul and the sweat takes its toll
Don't submit to addiction - can't escape the whole world.
You're just looking for something - you can't find it in a bottle
You accelerate to the limit - Three more hits and the throttle
Will take you to the grave - to an early demise - don't
expect any mercy
If you live in disguise.
Preaching again to the multitudes end.Make a promise to
stop now 'cause
I can't even look in the mirror/A freak, a cruel lie/I've
been fooling myself
In the images that I've justified.
Breaking these circles surrounding me there's a great
white light at the
End/my life is worth living again and again-
Now I believe in the knowledge and now I'm in the light.
Breaking these circles - don't repeat all our darkest
The universal man/still in the same place his sin of
addiction began........

8. Turning Point

We must search together or united we'll fall
Standing at the crossroad - just the two of us.
Will you travel with me? I'll take the surest path
In this Hour of Restoration...


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