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Innocent God

"Innocent God" (2007)

1. Invisible Bright Man
2. My Warrior
3. Innocent God
4. Found
5. Who To Believe
6. Sea Of Detail
7. Slow Burn

1. Invisible Bright Man

(verse 1)

Invisible bright man
no sister slave on the marquee
my lord may seem a lifeless ghost
though he'll never be quite dead to me

(verse 2)

Invisible bright man
need a better script -rainmaker's storm
unveil the end game sizzle
do away with these pathetic norms
its time for my biggest season...
(verse 3)
I'm invisible bright man.
in lust with new misguided visions
weeping 'cause I want out
of mother's country...

The sky is divine, the crow is hungry Cherish my life 'cause its only a whisper...


The heavy axe
I see it falling.
Random acts
I feel them coming on...


Alter me
I've maimed the tablature
I've lost the guide posts
but I'm not paranoid.

I'll pass on punishment
just street worship the pain
Loosen my noose
while no one is looking
I'll just slip away...
and pound the end -pound it hard.

Pound the end - pound it hard.

I'm Invisible bright man.
Do I feel what I see?
a familiar place called home
as bad as bad can be.
Even a blind fool can move in these shadows
I'll pull up a chair and love the light
with my last breath...

Invisible bright man. No one else can see.
I'm invisible bright man. I'm where I want to be.
Invisible bright man.

2. My Warrior

(verse 1)

Lonely cries and crucified tears
Terror slices from darkened graves
The moon cries over desperate years
"every right" my warrior
devils run from my warrior.

(verse 2)

Prayers kiss this requiem
hunger grovels at feet gone before
no regrets - not these young men
"every right" my warrior
Devils run from my warrior.

(verse 3)

Jesus whispers in the trenches
Souls are summoned in a dark divide
guts and fists - a parent clenches
now my own is on his way
"every right" my warrior
devils run from my warrior

(verse 4)

Anguish sides with the innocents
rain engulfs healthy marrow
mortal secrets told in confidence
not this time, my warrior

(verse 5)
Sinners howl at the nothingness
spirits drink down a thirsty toll
Now its selfish I must confess
sweet twilight for my warrior
devils pass on my warrior

(verse 6)

Ambush waits - Raven's last chance
watch the crossfire -hold on one more day
bargains made in midnight penance
watch your back now, my warrior .
get your friends out, my warrior


No more time for their childhood toys
thanks to God, and these soldier boys
"every right we now enjoy"
keeps the eyes of heaven crying...
"Thousand yard stare" - grew up hard and fast
more flags are flying here at half-mast
Poured in blood - this hymn is cast...
"every right" my warrior
devils run from my warrior
"every right" my warrior
devils run hard from my warrior

(bridge &. outro)

Take me back to the simple years
you're too young to cry these tears
swallow back ' my growing fears
I'm at peace now my warrior
Fate just return my warrior
My child my warrior.
I'll just say "thank you" to my warrior.

3. Innocent God

(Verse 1)

She saw black plague and the civil war
fled the burning of Rome
atomic bombs and the holocaust
earth's timeless child is coming home

(Verse 2)

She saw massacre at Wounded Knee
felt the Mississippi burning trial
from the dust bowl to South Africa
She is powerless in her exile

(Verse 3)

She saw Darwin and the Berlin Wall
Utah Beach to 9/11
Science damns us now - one and all
Will her endless love stop my free fall?

(Verse 4)

On the world's stage "her good is last"
We're just victims of circumstance
hear this bad news travel fast
there's no changing the same old song and dance


King and Gandhi dreamt of a better day
but I'm no John Brown or JFK
Nature's grand design -be as it may
Her passion leaves a witness...


Child of an innocent God
"free will" sown to the wind
psalm of man fading and flawed
mother earth and daughter embrace again

Wearing the brand of Cain
hear this native's perfect cry
she's a daughter of the rain
just watching as the world goes by...

She is watching - always watching.
Mother earth - just watching.

4. Found

(Verse 1)

Drowning on land - howlin' at the moon
I am a neo native
Levees gone - Tribal storms
floods hide this legacy
Sacrifice coming
Black clouds bring the wind
rush to the higher ground
Native born -I have soared
Nature's fury cries a tear

(Chorus 1)

on my father's land
on his grandfather's land
all I see is an ocean
lost my motherís home
and a grandmother's hope
still I hear them pray for this neo native

(Verse 1)

Pale thoughts - Proud minds
Thunder rules the sky
Waiting here for those green painted faces
with giant wings they appear
A watery tomb subsides
We call this place New Orleans
Native born - families torn
With a grasp we can touch the sky

(Chorus 2)

So we prayed like job
What can one place endure?
Now all I feel is the water
As the night draws near
We're Americans here
Ivory towers hear our cry... "some are still alive"


No sight of our brothers - Help is too far away
Death surrounds us now - And it has for days

Open arms in Dallas - Red Cross refugees
"found", this knave... rescued at last from an empire's grave.

(Repeat both chorus)

5. Who To Believe

(Verse 1)

Hear the lawyer speak
all the words that he can say
till the truth slips away
but this same simple man
years of hopeless desire
finding straight answers
fought fire with fire

Too burned out now to be naive
A laugh up his sleeve
got a final reprieve


No one can see
who to believe?
Lost my faith in me?
I can't trust myself or anyone
There's something more...


Now its time to speak of it
though I can't see where it's coming from
but when push comes to shove
I'll listen to the spirit voice of reason
across the other side - I don't understand
yet somehow I know... who to believe
at last I know - who to believe.

(Verse 2)

So the priest gives in
to desire.- loving sin
let his flesh reign again
and hypocrisy rules
in the presence of fools
absolution his game
he needs someone to blame

Now anarchy washed him away
The devil to pay
He's a walking cliche...

(Repeat bridge and chorus)

6. Sea Of Detail

7. Slow Burn

(Verse 1)

I'm doing a slow burn
I passed "tired" three years ago
but its no cause for concern
I'm gonna fight this undertow

(Verse 2)

I've never been more alive
"All to lose and nothing to gain"
what a freak does just to survive
with the rhythm of the rain

(Verse 3)

A spiritual wasteland
I'm in one hell of a mess
Way too deep to understand
But its nothing more and nothing less

(Verse 4)

Dancing on my high wire
fool enough to think I've got a chance
love these dangerous desires
just to be cheated by circumstance


"feel" it in my bones
now I maybe lucky
gonna "fuel" the fire
take a deep breath
(and "feel" like a new man)


slow burn - tied to a totem pole
slow burn -keep it real and under control
slow burn -till I turn stone cold
I'm a slow burn - take it back
and don't tell a soul

slow burn - fused to my rib cage,
slow burn - lit it up at an early age slow burn fire - and I'm wild with rage I'm a slow burn casualty on the back page.


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