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Ritual of Mortal Impalement

Album: ''Ritual of Mortal Impalement'' (1995 Demo)
1. Graveyard Delicasy
2. The Urge To Splurge
3. Food
4. Process of Disembowelment
5. Feasting On Mankind
6. Immortal Impact
7. Mortal Impalement
8. Immortal Impact (Live Reh.)
9. Food (Live Reh.)
10. Graveyard Delicasy (Live Reh.)
11. The Urge To Splurge (Live Reh.)
12. Tampered Flesh (Live Reh.)
13. Altar Pieces

Album: ''Split-Demo w/ Morgue Fetus'' (1995 Split album)
1. Graveyard delicasy
2. The urge to splurge
3. Food
4. Process of disembowlment
5. Feasting on mankind
6. Immortal impact
7. Devour humanity (bonus track)

Rejoice in Morbidity

Album: ''Rejoice in Morbidity'' (1996 Demo)
1. Tampered Flesh
2. Rectal Wench
3. Fetal Scabs
4. Orifice Reconstruction

Fetish For The Sick

Album: ''Fetish For The Sick'' (1997 EP)
1. Lacerations Of An Unclean Twat
2. Feasting On Mankind
3. Immortal Impact
4. Randomly Raped Rectum
5. Graveyard Delicacy
6. Pussy Lover
7. Brains For Lubrication
8. Devour Humanity
9. My Cock It Bleeds
10. Process Of Disembowelment
11. Rectal Wench (Balls Deep Version)

Show Us Your Tits

Album: ''Show Us Your Tits'' (1999 Live album)
1. Rectal Wench
2. Feasting On Mankind
3. Devour Humanity
4. Lacerations of An Unclean Twat
5. Graveyard Delicacy
6. Stench of Virginity
7. Process of Disembowelment
8. Pussy Lover
9. Orifice Reconstruction
10. Immortal Impact
11. Randomly Raped Rectum
12. My Cock It Bleeds
13. Brains For Lubrication
14. Fetal Scabs
15. Tampered Flesh
16. Rectal Wench
17. Fetal Scabs
18. Orifice Reconstruction

The Urge to Splurge

Album: ''The Urge to Splurge'' (1999 Split album)
1. Bloody Pit of Horror
2. The Urge to Splurge
3. Stench of Virginity

The Age Of Clitoral Decay

Album: ''The Age Of Clitoral Decay'' (2000)
1. Oozing Vaginal Discharge
2. The Urge To Splurge
3. Chamber Of Bone
4. Anal Action Wife
5. Stench Of Virginity
6. Food
7. Dismembering Her Lifeless Corpse
8. Bloody Pit Of Horror (Impetigo Cover)
9. Sodomy Ritual


Album: ''...'Til Only The Sick Remain'' (2002)
1. T.L.C. (Tight 'Lil Cunt)
2. Coated With My Semen
3. Unrelenting Homicidal Obsession
4. A Woman's Place Is On My Face
5. Second Cumming (Pussy Lover Part 2)
6. Snack Size Tits
7. Anal Autopsy
8. Fetal Scabs
9. Conception Through Ingestion

Used, Abused, And Left for Dead

Album: ''Used, Abused, And Left for Dead'' (2006)
1. Raped for Rent
2. Gore Epitomite
3. Seven19
4. Deviant Pleasures
5. The Cumming of the Trilogy (Pussy Lover pt. 3)
6. Exhibition of Carnage
7. Used, Abused And Left for Dead
8. Hero of Dementia
9. No Time for Lube
10. Stench of Virginity (Sonic Version)
11. The Urge to Splurge
12. Bound in Skin
13. Phallic Beat Down



LIVIDITY: Cum Soaked Torture Grind...
“Music to fist your neighbors mother too!!”

Lividity began as a 1 man project in 1993 with Dave, victimizing the underground with his first 3 song promo '94 recorded on a Yamaha 4 track recorder and a drum machine containing 3 songs... Altar Pieces, Mortal Impalement, and Spewing Chunks!! The ideas were dark and dismal, yet heavy and torturous!! As you will hear influences taken from such great bands as Hypocrisy, Bloodfeast, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Paralysis, Dismember, Suffocation, etc... molded into what will become Lividity!! Tommy Davis joined in on drums and vocals, adding depth to the mix and recording a rehearsal demo titled, "Ritual Of Mortal Impalement" '95 with 9 songs like Graveyard Delicacy, The Process Of Disembowelment, Food, etc.. 6 of these tunes were released on the split cassette from Illinois' murder junkies, Morgue Fetus in '95!! After the split of Illinois' death squad, Desecration, we joined forces with Matt (guitar / backing vocals) and Aaron (bass / vocals) Summer of '95! Went to Private Studios (IL) and recorded the 4 song demo, "Rejoice In Morbidity" '96 through Immortal Records (Pol.)! Containing the classic cuts of Orifice Reconstruction, Fetal Scabs, Tampered Flesh, and Rectal Wench.... Aaron had left the band and we hired Mike Smith on bass from thrashers Avatar (IL), and Matt moved to vocals!! We went to Sinewave Studios (IL) and recorded the 11 song CD, "Fetish For The Sick" '97 through Ablated Records (OH)! This sparked off such twisted anthems as Pussy Lover, Lacerations Of An
Unclean Twat, and My Cock It Bleeds as well as rerecorded versions of
"R.O.M.I. " demo songs!! Tommy had left the band and we hired Nick Null, Nov. '97.... While we were writing music, we released a Live CD titled "Show Us Your Tits" '99 through United Guttural Records (IL) with bonus "R.I.M." demo at the end plus on cassette format through D.I.Y. label Maniacal Brutality Prod. in Latvia (Europe) titled, "Anal Action Live" '99!! We went back to Private Studios (IL) and recorded a 9 song CD titled "The Age Of Clitoral Decay" '00 through United Guttural Records again! Also was licensed to Erebos Productions (Slk) on CD, cassette, and t-shirts in September 2000... licensed to Extreme Souls Productions (Indonesia) on cassette May 2001... bought / licensed with Apidocere Records (Fra) August 2001.... Lividity used 3 of the songs to complete the split 7" with German gore whores, Profanity.. released through Cudgel Agency (Ger) February 2000!!!

June 1999, the Europe nation welcomed Lividity as we set off to play 3
countries with fellow demons, Fleshless (Cz) and Sanatorium (Slk) w/ special supports Godless Truth (Cz), Perversist (Cz), Intervalle Bizzare (Cz), Appaling Spawn (Cz), Amorph Pneuma (Ger), Demented Retarded (Cz), 4 Seats 4 Invalides (Cz), Monolith (A), Grind 6.4 (Cz) amongst others!! We trudged through Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia....

On a sad and tragic note... we have had the opportunity to excel and write some of the best music we could conjure up from our blackened souls with the creative help from Nick Null!! His life was taken from us July 2000 with a fatal heart attack and didn't recover, so our thoughts and love are with Nick everyday and his family!!

James Whitehurst started slamming the skins for us April 2001 and is a machine and helped solidify this unit... We entered Mercenary Digital Studio (IL) in March 2002 to create a landmark release! "...'Til Only The Sick Remain" hit the streets August 2002 through Morbid Records (Ger)!! Contains such songs as Coated With My Semen, Snack Size Tits, T.L.C. (Tight 'Lil Cunt), The Second Cumming, Fetal Scabs, Unrelenting Homicidal Obsession, A Woman’s Place Is On My Face, Conception Through Ingestion, and more!! Lividity has signed a 2 album deal with German label, Morbid Records!! We have been grateful for the support Carsten and the rest of the Morbid crew has given the Lividity camp and appreciate their hard work ethic and longevity of their company!! Morbid Rec. has been very supportive to Lividity for the past few years and makes this deal a special one!!

Lividity set out to do the unthinkable in March 2003, do a full fledged 4 week headlining tour through Europe!! Was a smash hit while on the road with metal comrades Master (Us), Mastic Scum(A), and Damnable(Pol)! Trudged through such countries as Germany, Holland, France, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Belgium! This was a positive mind-set for the band due to there was a world war going on and we needed music and friends to keep our spirits up!! Thanks to Bruchstein Records and Morbid Records for the great adventure!

Aaron has departed ways again and we wish him the best, so we have hired Chris Campbell on bass. We are working hard to create some crushing tunes that will be more mature in structure yet unrelentless brutality in true Lividity fasion!! Some song titles are Raped For Rent, Deviant Pleasures, An Exhibition In Carnage, Bound In Skin, No Time For Lube, and title track.. Used, Abused And Left For Dead!! Hope to have this monu"metal" experience out by late 2005!!

The re-issue of 1997’s “Fetish For The Sick” has been unleashed once again at the Central Illinois Metalfest 2004 in August, through Comatose Music (Usa) and contains an additional 45 minutes of bonus live trax taken from the European Tour 2003 while in Germany!! Relive the classick that brought you Lacerations Of An Unclean Twat, Graveyard Delicacy, Brains For Lubrication, Rectal Wench, My Cock It Bleeds, and the anthem Pussy Lover!!

With the loss of James Whitehurst and the addition of Jordan Varela (aka The Violator) on drums plus the latest transformation of Matt Bishops’ departure and the hiring of Von Young (Deaden). The next orgasmic onslaught, “Used, Abused And Left For Dead” is under way again and there are 12 songs, goal is to have it out early Spring 2006 and continue our quest for world domination!! A definite improvement all around the board for the band… I think we will surprise a few of you!! You will hear Jordan’s work on the other killer acts he plays in, Lust Of Decay, Domination Through Impurity, and Debodified!!!

Cum support the band that supports the scene!!!!!!!!!


Sluts, Whores, Porn, Gore

United States of America (Champaign, Illinois), formed in 1993

Morbid Records / Epitomite


Chris Campbell - Bass
Dave Kibler - Guitar, Vocals
Von Young - Vocals, Guitar (Deaden, Putrefaction (US))
Garrett Scanlan - Drums (CorpseVomit, Cumchrist, ex-Kommandant, Evil Incarnate, Rosenguard)

Matt Bishop - Vocals (Human Artifacts)
Tommy Davis - Drums
Aaron Heath - Bass (Human Artifacts)
Shaun Lacanne - Guitar (Putrid Pile, ex-Num Skull)
Nick Null - [R.I.P. 7-23-2000] - Drums (Waco Jesus)
Jordan Varela - Drums (Lust of Decay, Debodified, Domination Through Impurity, Carcinogenic, Epic of Empyrea, Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement)
James Whitehurst - Drums (Black the Sky)


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