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The Urge to Splurge

"The Urge to Splurge" (1999 Split album)

1. Bloody Pit of Horror
2. The Urge to Splurge
3. Stench of Virginity

1. Bloody Pit of Horror

Bloody Pit Of Horror

Stench of rot and filth prevails.
You fight against the iron chains to no avail.
Strung you up in my of torture and sin.
Naked and sweating, let the beatings begin!
Warm up the tongs in the fireplace.
Press the searing metal against your innocent face.
Break out the whip, put you to the test.
Pour molten hot oil on your quivering breast...
My body count continues, you're just another bitch.
When I'm finished I'll dump you in a ditch.
Strap your welted body to my wooden rack.
If you're lucky you'll die of a heart attack.
The horrible bed of nails could be too much for you.
But if you don't like it, I've got a mask of spikes for you!
Vice grips crush your breasts in a screaming fit.
I'll nail your fingers to the table, make you eat your own shit!
And when I'm through you'll be begging for more.
And I'll rape broken body in my bloody pit of horror!!!

2. The Urge to Splurge

The Urge To Splurge

Wide awake in the night, I rip and tear with my knife
Hooks of steel, razor blades, blood run red, panic stray
Just past one I start my show, pretty soon the blood will flow
Gouging eyes, unborn shits, looking for a pregnant bitch
Stalking my prey, lie spread out, gripping it hard, for it's my life
Found my whore and she is sweet, waited long enough for this fucking treat
O so round and filled inside, my cock is hard, she is mine
I slit her as I fucked her nice wet pussy, I love to eat
Tied her up, show no mercy. You bitch die!

3. Stench of Virginity

Stench Of Virginity

I will rape you from behind, stench of your virginity overwhelms!
Forcing my cock to mouth!
Suck it you worthless whore!

Grinding, pumping, ripping, tearing, raping til' you're dead!
Make you vomit feces, all over my dick!
Fucking in both holes, pleasure to me, sacred act of killing!
I will rape and fuck you til' there's nothing left to rape and fuck,
then fuck some more!

Ignore your screams for mercy!
God can't save me, my mind is bound, crucified!
My guilt is laid upon the cross for all the world to see!

I will slit you up your crack, aroused by virgin blood,
cumming on your bloodstained tits!
Both chicks, dead by now!
More I need, man, my dick is stiff now!

Reach back and lick it, never will I miss the stench of shit that overwhelms all of my sense of reason!
Fucking your ass 'til your body turns numb!
You will cry and scream, as I pump in your ass!
Beg for me to quit!
All of the pain that I've inflicted, why don't I just kill you now?!

Cry and scream as I pump in your ass! (x4)

The pain goes on!
To dine on flesh, and beat the corpse into submission!
Prosthetics decay as I rot in the bowels of disease!


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