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"Split-Demo w/ Morgue Fetus" (1995 Split album)

1. Graveyard delicasy
2. The urge to splurge
3. Food
4. Process of disembowlment
5. Feasting on mankind
6. Immortal impact
7. Devour humanity (bonus track)

1. Graveyard delicasy

Licked her clit to an open cut!
Long enough to fucking gut!
Greasy whore needed to die, doesn't matter, I don't know why!
Vaginal center, innards decay, my cock inside of cum's on the way!
Curtains of blood flesh covers my walls, fucking them all, they're all dead...Beating them!

2. The urge to splurge

Wide awake in the night, I rip and tear with my knife
Hooks of steel, razor blades, blood run red, panic stray
Just past one I start my show, pretty soon the blood will flow
Gouging eyes, unborn shits, looking for a pregnant bitch
Stalking my pray, lie spread out, gripping it hard, for it's my life
Found my whore and she is sweet, waited long enough for this fucking treat
Oh so round and filled inside, my cock is hard, she is mine
I slit her as I fucked her nice wet pussy, I love to eat
Tied her up, show no mercy. You bitch die!

3. Food

Food!! I'm looking for food!
Nightly strolls turn me on, looking for food.
Evil tales of abattoir, butchers of human meat.
Stabbing my victims to fulfill their every need.
Systematic death, mutilated gore.
Bodies ripped apart, all you do is scream for more.
Grab her from behind, taking my knife I slit her throat.
Stick it deep, I carve away, total erect she is my prey.
Taking home the silent stump,
to broil and blaze for my fucking lunch.
Clean and cut to perfect chunks, butchered and froze, food for a mouth.
Her sweet ass I use for stew.
Silent stump, broil and blaze.
Butchered and froze to perfect chunks.
Food for a month. Her sweet ass I use!

4. Process of disembowlment

Gouging deeper (blood starts flowing),
pumping faster (in her anus),
twisting freely (gut the corpse),
I cut the whore (she bled like a stuck pig)!
Spewing blood on my face, chewing innards and mangled pieces,
blood flows down my throat like wine, choking on the vomit still contained within,
vaginal cavity still intact for now, my knife now shreds cold cunt, I cook and eat it!
Lying cold (gutted and hollow),
stored within (my horror chamber),
my perversion (sick and deranged),
locked away (can't get no more)!

5. Feasting on mankind

Feasting through my wasteland, greeting all who come!
Not knowing eternity, not till I'm done!
Soon this life will end, when the dead are dead,
coats of flesh and bloody stumps!
Lust and pain nothing to me!
I see your life, come on to thee!
Come into my room, a pleasurable treat, cock already out, doom!
Hear the wenches scream at night, who will be the first to knife?
Taking them one by one!
Cooking the vagina till it's done!
Crucify me for I'm your God, drive the spikes straight through!
Release your soul, and it will be mine, feasting on mankind!

6. Immortal impact

Weakened soul it's easy to see, possession and control it pleases me!
No holding back, the whore is fine!
I cut out her crotch, for it is mine!
Grasping my throat cold and wretched, breathless gasp, here comes asphyxiation!
The grave is calling to put me to rest, corpse lie rotting, maggots and flesh!
No holding back, the whore is fine!
I cut out her crotch, for it is mine!
Blasphemed despondent, re-creation of Heaven!
Fallin' angels ablaze, sorcerer of damnation, the weak shall perish, I spit on their grave...
the weak shall perish, I spit on their grave, pleasure in pain as bones crackin' in your mind!

7. Devour humanity (bonus track)


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