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Klych besodii

Album: ''Klych besodii'' (1998 EP)
1. Âî Òüìå
2. Âåñòíèê Çèìíèõ Õîëîäîâ...
3. Êàéäàíè
4. Êëè÷ Áåçîäí³
5. Ìîãèëüíèé ³òåð

Palayuchi Obriļ/Burning Horizons

Album: ''Palayuchi Obriï/Burning Horizons'' (1999)
1. Polumya Slavi (chastina 1)/Flame Of Glory (part I)
2. Polumya Slavi (chastina 2)/Flame Of Glory (part II)
3. Popil Viyni Tisach Bitv/Ash Of The Thousand Battles` War
4. Nemaye Pravdi/There Is No Truth
5. U Dalechn/Flight Into The Remote Places
6. Pid Plinom Chasu/ Under Influence Îf Time
7. Burya Zi Shodu/Storm From Orient
8. V Inshe Nebo/Into The Other Sky
9. Zgasayuche Polumya/The Quickest Burning Flame

Klich Bezodny

Album: ''Klich Bezodny'' (1999 Demo)
1. Predvestnik Gibely
2. Vo Ime
3. Vestnik Zimnikh Volodov
4. Bind i repel
5. Kaidani
6. Klich Bezodny
7. Mogitngi Viter

Among Eternal Chills

Album: ''Among Eternal Chills'' (2006)
1. Echoes From The Khud
2. The Wind's Tale
3. Kingdom Of The Ice
4. On My Wings Of Dreams
5. Among Eternal Chills



KNELL were formed in the beginning of 1997. Originally this musical formation had been called BLACK HARMONY consisted of two musicians:

Denis Verba - guitars, vocals;
Nikolay Banin - keyboards.

The base style direction was chosen black-metal popular on that time.
The beginning of activity became the debut demo MC "Kenotafiy/Otkryt Vrata" ("To Open Gate" for english ) in summer 1997.
In 1998 the musicians had recorded "Klych Bezodny" ("Call Of Abyss" for english) album then there was the decision to rename BLACK HARMONY to KNELL. This album was issued in MC version. The album deserves weight of positive responses and reviews in the majority CIS newspapers and magazines illuminating metal music.

For 20-th century last KNELL work is "Burning Horizons" album issued in 1999.

In 2001 Nikolay became ill. Sadly, his illness prevented him from staying in the project altogether and KNELL went to ground. Not much was heard about KNELL until 2003 but it was far from idle. In that time Denis Verba starts to record new music material tentatively entitled "Tales Of Woe". This forthcoming KNELL CD album entitled "Among Eternal Chills" was released by Griffin Music on November 2006.

Black Metal

Ukraine (Kyyiv), formed in 1997

Griffin Music


Denis Verba - vocals, guitar, drums and programming (ex-Black Harmony)

Nikolai Banin - keyboards (ex-Black Harmony)


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