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Album: ''Deathsigns'' (2003 Demo)
1. Keeper of the Undead
2. Haunted Be Thy Grave
3. Stained in Blood
4. Deathsigns

Expectations Of Exhumation

Album: ''Expectations Of Exhumation'' (2004 Demo)
1. A Threat to End of Life
2. Demented
3. Post-Chaos Sundown
4. Dead Corpse Incarnation

Album: ''Exist To Extinct'' (2006 EP)
1. Dead Human Target
2. Raped Humanity
3. In the Void of Terror
4. Ascending to Hell
5. Plague Disgorger
6. Hate Brigade
7. Us Mere Beholders
8. Deathsigns



The story of the original Incarnate began in the year 1999. Lasse Löytynoja, drummer and passionate fan of Death Metal, decided to form a project to express own ideas and song writing. Löytynoja recruited his friends Jussi Yli-Korpela to play guitar and Markus Tavasti to help with the vocals. At those times they worked in the garage and recorded some demos but profile was kept low...

It took several years before things really started rolling. Löytynoja met guitarist Juha Kellokoski and they moved to better training facilities in the central of Kannus. After many jamming sessions in the late 2002, spawned the vision to create a solid and unstoppable band. They started to write devastating material and practice with obsession. After several months Jukka Kiviniemi joined Incarnate to play bass, adding his great experience. Soon it became clear that Yli-Korpela had no longer time to keep up with the band's schedule and was replaced by guitarist Kalle Niskala. Tavasti completed the line-up as a full-time vocalist.

The first published record "Deathsigns", medley of merciless thrash-beat and high speed riffing, received good feedback in many reviews. At those times ways departed with Niskala and Incarnate felt it was best to continue as a death-quartet. The band worked hard to hammer new songs and after many delays, the second demo "Expectations of Exhumation" was released. No doubt, this record took a major step in evolution with greater dynamics and variation, still keeping the old school aggression. “Expectations of Exhumation” received great reviews around the world.

During the year 2005 band wrote new material and entered Coffin-Studios to record self-financed EP titled “Exist to Extinct”. New recording is the most massive so far. It contains seven new songs and one re-recording from DeathSigns –demo. “Exist to Extinct” is released in the summer 2006.

The uncompromising music of Incarnate combines the elements of extreme Thrash- and Death Metal. Some influences are drawn from classic acts like Kreator, Slayer and Death, mixed with the fiery rage.

NOTE: There are few other bands with similar name, but this Finnish death/thrash band's homepage can be found here:

Incarnate the New Zealand thrash metal band formed in late 2005 with one goal in mind... ...Heavy Metal! Incarnate burst onto the local circuit in January 2006 and have since made a name for themselves by leaving a trail of chaos and carnage after every gig they play. The Incarnate sound combines the lead guitar skills of Mike Mitchell and Daniel Shea, the technical bass lines of Brendon Mchattie, the blazing double kicking skills of Hamish Gavin and is all topped off by Daniel's raw powerful unique and catchy vocal lines. Incarnate released a successful self-produced demo entitled "Mosgiel Metal" in 2006 but in 2007 with the release of their debut EP "Necessary Evil" only weeks away expect Incarnate to explode back on the live music scene with the intention of Global Domination.

The website for the thrash metal Incarnate can be found at

Death/Thrash Metal

Death, violence

Finland (Kannus), formed in 1999



Markus Tavasti - Vocals (Zombie Vomit)
Juha Kellokoski - Guitar (Zombie Vomit)
Jukka Kiviniemi - Bass
Lasse Löytynoja - Drums (ex-Ydin, Zombie Vomit)

Jussi Yli-Korpela - Guitar (Zombie Vomit)
Kalle Niskala - Guitar


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