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"Deathsigns" (2003 Demo)

1. Keeper of the Undead
2. Haunted Be Thy Grave
3. Stained in Blood
4. Deathsigns

1. Keeper of the Undead

Walls constructed of their eternity
Death is, and is going to always be
This fragile peace now comes at its end
You at the place of the keepers

Again you'r swallowed by the darkness
Continuation from the past to now
Recycled through the gates of infinity
Thrown far away, again in the black

Face the keeper, the master of undead
Destiny's finally at his hands
To judge you no matter what you were
To shift to peace or return by rebirth

Shall you walk on the earth to the end
Or just stay in the world between
Time of the waiter can grow too long
Eternal, or a flash of the eye

2. Haunted Be Thy Grave

A final destiny, a revolution
A swansong for religions, the bloodthirst of the dead

It's the boundless power ending
Our mighty lord in chains
A blood-red prophecy of men
Bearing false witness down to graves

No freedom for believers
No haven for the blessed nor damned
Redeemer, deceiver
In flames the ground where you stand

Our fists are like hammers
Grinding your skin
The remains of thy kingdom
Scattered in the wind

Screaming makes you swollen, breathing makes You weak
The seeds you once bred now turns into defeat

"We'll raise amok and fear
The death will draw near"

No freedom for believers
A divine masquerade
Redeemer, blaspheme
A fucking hypocrite in vain

The final destiny, a revolution
A filthy escalation of your words and deeds

No freedom for believers
A heart-cold sacrifice
Redeemer, the painter
Of this post-mortem sight

The risen from the water:
"Lead your troops out of hell"

Open your eyes it's the end of your world
Look down from your cross it's your paradise that burns

You beg for a promise i cannot make
Haunted by thy grave

3. Stained in Blood

I cut your throat
Watch you twisting in pain
Break every bone
Eyes closed and in blood i'm stained

You fail to scream
I ripped off your serpent tongue
I thrust my knife
Through your heart and turn your insides out

I see the fear in your eyes
As this punishment falls through

Torture... tour holocaust
Torture... through the nevermore

You slowly die
Suffer these mortal pleasures
Taste the shovel's might
You're decomposing

The moment of death
With dawn it arrives
Your body...
Is dead, cold and still

Is it the reaper you see or is it me ?

Useless... you'll fail to scream
Needless... to cry to relief

Darkness... complete me whole
Darkness... take this sinner soul

Well sharpened steel and a burnt, boiling skin
The blade will whipe away your emptiness within

What will you choose, a noose or a gun ?
All the same, penetrate with this knife in your cunt

Take a walk through the nevermore

4. Deathsigns

I am sent to eliminate the poor
The weak, the young, the old
I descend from the irony clouds
From the fiery pits of beyond

I lead no shadow, i leave no marks
No one knows that i am here
Before the dead is cast on you
And my cross is yours to bear

Under thundering skies i hunt all who are left
I prowl through the earth 'til all remains dead

I have brought all diseases to the world
All the flies and madness and whores
From the left-overs i was born
A neo-antichrist and god

Under the surface there's agony for souls
Under the surface which can be called below

Calm and silent this earth will become
A dreadful place to live for men
After my brilliant work is done
Everything that walked is dead

There ain't no tomorrow, there cant be dawn
Just simple darkness and despair
The rivers flow cyanide
Reek of flesh has filled the air

At draggers drawn with life
With the hordes of midnight
Distain can't be denied
The art of dying your last rite

Higher...(above the)
Sky...soon to be black
Down to the basics of the wrath

Blame me spineless, blame me weak
Blame me of things you cannot see
Prepare to die, prepare to dry
Out of blood to bleed

At draggers drawn with life
The death sighing in your eyes


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